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Excellent game, slight bugs and lag issues
Review of Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application) by awesome1231

Advantages: Fun, exiting, doesnt get boring.
Disadvantages: slightly laggy, a few bugs

From my point of view this is an excellent, fun filled game. It has slight lagging issues especially when you get third party notifications such as texts or tweets. The game has a variety of modes and is a good game that you can just pick up and play when ... Read review

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You've kind of rushed it a bit, even if you're not giving headings try to get a structure: General facts and info; Levels ect, difficulty for different ages;Features and then who would you recommend to and why, what isn't so good and improvements. You've chosen something that is hard to talk much about but you've done a alright job, message me on my guestbook and I'll check whenever you put on a review, check out my reviews they may give you some idea of how to structure reviews in the future, or even devilinme, he lays it out very clearly! by DodoRabbit
Indeed-y. by 1st2thebar

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somewhat helpful

02.07.2014 18:07
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