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Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application) is a good quality game
Review of Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application) by Sameermunna

Advantages: The application doesnt get bored or irritated, its very interesting.
Disadvantages: The application only supports for the smartphones

Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application) is a good quality game which is played by everyone. The application can be downloaded for the smartphones and it supports only for the android. The game runs faster on the latest version of androids. Its developed by lates ... Read review

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Needs more information for a higher rating by euphie
You've only decribed it, I need to know what's the point? How do you play? Any different modes of play? Any add ons? Any special features to the game? What's the cost? Your favourite way to play the game ect. I won't rate it just yet, I don't want you to have a bad community score, you've got a good way of writing but you've got to imagine being the buyer, you wouldn't want to be told all the facts about it from wikipedia, BUYERS EXPERIENCE, just in case you skipped most of my comment. Message me via guestbook to let me know when you've edited it, welcome to ciao, and then i'll rate with a H, VH or even an E, but hurry I've only got 3 e's today I might give them away! :) by DodoRabbit

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somewhat helpful

06.07.2014 07:16
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