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Great super mini undervalued
Car review of Lancia Y 1.4 by vampireinthemoonlight

Advantages: Comapct, stylish, reliable, cheap to run
Disadvantages: Its a lancia

Ok people listen up...forget the fact that this is Italian...and then forget that old crappy Delta or Alfasud you used to own that made you remortgage your house and sell your kids into slave labour. Lancia is back...and they intend to stay here for a ... Read review

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Hi, If anybody is interested I'm selling my Y 1.2 LS Blue. You can view details on the www.auto-italia.co.uk web site. The car is a personal import (meaning I owned it in Italy and then moved to England). Bye Maurizio by Mauryuk
I would have liked to learn a little more about the car. by WISHES

11.05.2002 20:42
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