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Keep off the smoked horse
Review of Sheraton Hotel (Tashkent) by Vodkaboy

Advantages: Nice rooms, Pleasant service, nice lounge bar
Disadvantages: Mediocre restaurant, smoked horse made me chuck

...2003 and stayed at the Sheraton each time. I did have a preference for Sheraton (a Gold Starwood card helps) and despite one bad experience I have always stayed at the Sheraton in Tashkent rather than the other ... Read review

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Sounds 'interesting'. Great review as ever! Marc by unnameable
Horsemeat eh? **shiver**. Rups had goat tongue on a cruise in Budapest one evening, I don't think he ever got over the shock of being told what it was ;) xx E. by ElizaF
very helpful

28.02.2004 20:27
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