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Recipes for Special Health Needs

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Gluten and Diary free One of my favourite pastimes is cooking and entertaining guests at our home. Over the last number of years we have been entertaining people with special diets and are unable to eat certain products. This has presented a challenge which I was not expecting. The major ... Read review

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Just as good with or without the extras

AdvantagesCan be eaten without or withour the extras, and taske just as good


"...way. These are tried and tested recipes and work very well either with or the tasty extra. Hope you enjoy Mark ©Mark Montgomery 11th October 2004 ..." Read review

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Community Level 7babajane32


Dairy,soya and gluten free, recipes from me...

AdvantagesNo dairy, no soya, no gluten and with adjustments suitable for vegans.

DisadvantagesMore limited ingredients

"...together a small collection of recipes that are suitable for those who cannot have dairy, Soya or gluten rich foods. Whilst some of them may seem like obvious choices, it can be hard when faced with a limited source of ingredients to think of meals, snacks or puddings that are suitable or than can provide a balance diet. If you chose to leave out the optional meat products these recipes are also suitable for vegans. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Main courses ~ ~ ~ ..." Read review

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Community Level 4elinor.z


VEGAN, Diet for Alergies?Simple-Tasty-Quick & Easy

AdvantagesIts always good to have a few more.....

Disadvantagesnot many, meat eaters CAN enjoy these too......

"Vegetarian, Vegan and Special Diet Recipes can be a pain. Especially when in the supermarket trying to find the few items needed for your health in mind. So what do you do ? Get right out of that supermarket....... Head for the Health Food Shop, the local Farmers Market , Farm Shops and anywhere else that sells healthy foods. Various diets for various reasons......No one recipe will ever suit all..... Every menu has to be varied to suit individual ..." Read review

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Community Level 4unixgirl


Vegan Chocolate Indulgence Cake

AdvantagesEasy to make

DisadvantagesNot all supermarkets stock vegan friendly products

"I prefer baking my own biscuits and cakes as then I know exactly what goes into it and it means no E numbers! I had a challenge though before christmas as a friend was coming to dinner with her new partner who was vegan. The main course was the easy bit, the dessert a little harder! So after enlisting help from another friend we came up with the following recipe. Ingredients:- 125g soya margarine 300ml unsweetened soya milk (split into 250ml ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Get your gnashers into these little beauties!

AdvantagesHealthier recipes


"...give you a couple of recipes from this book. Especially if you have to watch your salt or sugar intake, and of course your cholesterol. TOMATO & PASTA SALAD Ingredients ~ 175g/6oz dried pasta shapes ~ 1 yellow pepper, halved and deseeded ~ 2 small courgettes, sliced ~ 1 red onion, thinly sliced ~ 125g/4.5oz cherry tomatoes, halved ~ salt ~ fresh basil sprigs, to garnish DRESSING ~ 4 tbpn olive oil ~ 2 tbsp red wine vinegar ~ 2 tsp ..." Read review

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