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published 11/06/2017 | catsholiday
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"RECLAIM - but don't re watch"


This is film we came upon when browsing through either Netflicks or Amazon Prime one evening recently and it sounded quite good and we like John Cusack so it got a vote of approval for a watch from us both that night.

~~~&&&~~~ FACTS ABOUT THE FILM ~~~&&&~~~

LENGTH :1h 36 min
GENRE : Action, Adventure, Crime
WRITERS: Luke Davies, Carmine Gaeta
DIRECTOR: Alan White
STARRING: John Cusack, Ryan Phillippe, Rachelle Lefevre
TAGLINES: “Reclaim What's Yours.”

~~~&&&~~~ THE STORY ~~~&&&~~~

A young couple arrive in Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic ( it is filmed in the former but may be meant to be the latter ) to collect the young child they are adopting. They spend some time on the island waiting for the company to sort out the legal paperwork and getting to know the young girl.

Strange things begin to happen, the husband is beaten up and arrested and then the young girl is kidnapped.

The couple go to the police and them spend some time trying to locate the young girl and get her back .

Is this just a random kidnapping or is it something much more sinister and bigger ? Will they get the young girl back and is she going to be okay? You will have to watch the film to see for yourself.

~~~&&&~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~&&&~~~

The setting is beautiful with perfect blue skies and great scenery. The couple Steven, played by Ryan Phillippe and Shannon, played by Rachelle Lefevreare the perfect couple, excited to finally get a child but the little girl, Nina played by Briana Roy is very quiet and seems to be taking a while to accept them.

While waiting for the legal paper work they meet a young man, Benjamin played by John Cusack who was obviously not the friendly neighbour he pretended to be right from the start we thought something was fishy about him.

The film has some good actors with John Cusack, Ryan Phillippe, Rachelle Lefevre, Jacki Weaver who plays the adoption agency co -ordinator and Luis Guzman who plays a policeman.

Cusack plays the nasty in the film and dos an okay job he has a couple of a side kicks who do an average enough acting job but certainly totally forgettable.

The film is apparently based on real life events which is quite horrifying considering what happened in the film. Such a shame the script writer didn't do a better job and give the actors something to work with as it was just so predictable and poorly acted by all. I do quite like John Cusack but he didn't have much to work with and struggled to make much of his role. The rest of the cast were poor and you could almost predict their next move.

The plot had a lot of potential but somehow it turned into stupid car chases and people emerging from situations that were highly improbable. People doing things that no normal person would be able to achieve without training for years and one particular scene was so unlikely and impossible to see anyone ever getting out of , in fact there were a few situations like that which started to make us roll our eyes and it think we were watching a fantasy rather than a thriller.

Time and time again the couple made stupid choices that even the most idiotic human would not make . It was a really frustrating film to watch as you could just see what was going to happen as they made stupid decision after idiotic one.

There were some tense scenes but because the 'goodies' seemed to be so completely stupid and some events so predictable the frustration level grew while we watched. I know it is only a movie but as it is based on a real story you would think they could make it that bit more plausible.

The film is meant to highlight the human trafficking of young children but as this couple had paid a lot of money to 'buy' this child who was apparently parent - less after surviving the hurricane in Haiti I am not sure this is trafficking, It was certainly not totally legitimate and at the end of the film there is a notice to say that 1.2 million children are trafficked throughout the world each year and they are invisible. If this film was supposed to highlight child trafficking then the end of the film is slightly questionable. Is it trafficking if a child is adopted legally to have better life and money is involved? I don't know the answer. I'm just thinking as I write about what is adoption and what is trafficking and does this film actually muddy the water rather than enlighten us?

The music was forgettable and I felt that camera work could have been snappier too but then the entire film needed tightening up as it was loose and lacking focus, had huge plot holes and a series of very unlikely escapes!

~~~&&&~~~ WHAT THE CRITICS SAID ~~~&&&~~~

“In the end, a thousand stunning wide shots of seaside vistas can’t elevate the film above your average straight-to-video tosh.”

“Cusack, as he has tended to do of late, overplays madly, exuding bad vibes from every pore. (The e-cigarette he puffs is now officially the accessory of choice for movie bad guys, it would appear.) Lefevre and Phillippe generate empathy as people with a troubled past trying to make a nice future for a suffering child, but the screenplay by Luke Davies and Carmine Gaeta make the characters such hapless dupes that audiences eventually throw their hands in the air over such guilelessness.”

The New York Times :
“This isn’t activism; it’s by-the-numbers suspense.”

The Hollywood Reporter :
!And to be fair, Cusack doesn’t phone it in. He gives the part his all, displaying his usual expert deadpan comic timing while delivering the weak quips in Carmine Gaeta and Luke Davies’ screenplay. But it’s disheartening nonetheless to see him working so hard to enliven such inferior material.”

~~~&&&~~~ AWARDS ~~~&&&~~~

Needless to say this spot is empty. It was pretty much panned by most critics.

It has a metascore of just 26

It scored a big fat zero on the tomatometer with ten reviews. The audience score was 27% so patently others felt the same way as I did about the film.

~~~&&&~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~&&&~~~

Well it was averagely entertaining, rather frustrating but the scenery was very nice. I certainly would not pay to watch this and was pleased it was free as had I spent money on it I would have felt cheated.

I has seen worse films and have also switched many off. We did watch till the end and it was an okay watch but not one I would watch again or commend to anyone really.

Thanks for reading

11th June 2017

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