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published 17/07/2002 | Golden_groin2001
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Yes thats right! I'm back once again! Riding the kick of the Lucozade Solstis I decided to take a little look at its most fierce rival! Everyone (In Europe Australia and some of America) knows or has heard of Red Bull I'm sure, but not as many as you think have tried it! Most people think its merely a placebo used to make money...but those of us that have tried it should know and think otherwise!
Well, enough of boring you, I'll Dive right in!

Ahhh the classic blue and silver can split into four quarters with the words 'Red Bull' across the join in a bold red typeface! Just looking at the can gives me a tingle down my spine anticipating the contents! The picture of 2 bulls locking horns is there on the front and depending on how modern/old your can is there could be the words 'Stimulates both body and mind' underneath that. The back is crammed full of information about the drink but as I said last time, more on that later.

TASTE TEST(Well....Sorta)
You would not believe how incredibly difficult this section is on energy drinks! They DO NOT have a distinct taste, other than 'like Red bull'. Seeing as this is Red Bull describing it like that wouldn't be of any assistance at all, now I have been informed it tastes like bull piss...but how or why anyone would find this out is beyond me.Other than the fact it tastes like many other energy drinks I can't explain the taste, so I'll fill you in on some Red Bull knowlage.
Did you know:
Red Bull was first released onto the market in 1987.

It was created and released in Australia then slowly spread around nearly all European countrys.

Dietrich Mateschitz used Asian energy drinks mixed with his scientific knowhow to develop the drink.

In 1987 one million cans were sold...In 2001 over one billion!

Red Bull sponsor many sporting events such as canoeing, bike racing and motorsports.

You will be quite surprised to find that there are not as many wierd ingredients in this as there are in 'spin off' drinks from it. I can only assume they were trying to better it and didn't quite succeed. Once again I feel the more strange ingredients in this drink need to be listed in case of allergies etc.
Here they are:
Taurine-A natural Ameno acid of the body. Is lost but can help in situations of high Stress or physical exersion.
Glucuronolactone-Another substance found in the body. This deals with harmful substances.
Caffeine-Everyone knows this one. Each 250ml can of Red Bull contains the same ammount as a filtered cup of coffee.
Carbohydrates-Sucrose and Glucose-Main Energy sources.
B Vitamins-B6 and B12. Manage normal bodily functions and help keep physical stamina high.
**The website assures me red bull is NOT made from bulls testicles. So there you have it**

In my opinion Red Bull is the best energy drink on the market today in terms of effect. They are near on instant(for me. Can take longer in different people) and last for a good while. I owe the fact I stayed awake in all my exams down to this drink, because I was getting around 4 hours of sleep a day. This drink has been known to induce twitching but I am assured it is not addictive so thats a plus. When mixed with alcohol the effects of Red Bull can be made weaker or even non-existent, so mixed with vodka is mainly only for the taste aspect although with some people(me) it can have the same effects(As some of my mates know).

This is where Red Bull really lets itself down badly! Because it is such a popular and well known name...and no one else has managed to match it the big executives feel they can rip off the customers because they don't mind paying for quality. This must be true because it is still the most popular drink in its market. You can expect to pay upwards of 89p in supermarkets like ASDA or Sainsburys and an extortionate 1.50 in some welcome break motorway shops!
You can find this in cheap shops for a low 59p, but just check the date on the can before purchasing...I speak from experience!

I just threw my can out the window and so don't have the address:( Stupid me! But you can check the handy website for all your quiries and comments. Simple as that!

As I sit on my stool much in the Style of Jerry Springer...and a little green triangle with 'J's final thought' appears in the bottom left of my monitor I have this to say:
Red Bull is the best energy drink available on the market, it looks good, it tastes good and above all IT WORKS (and isn't made from bulls testicles)!
It is, However, sadly let down by its price tag, but as they say 'you pay for what you get' or 'you get what you pay for'.

Thankyou for reading and sorry I was so vague on the taste.

Cheers J

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  • magicloudz published 15/05/2003
    This was the op that started me on ciao. Cheers:) -Jon
  • manunas22 published 16/08/2002
    Have not tried this yet and 89p wow think I will stick with me coke''
  • aaron published 30/07/2002
    Vodka and Red Bull goes down a treat!
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