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published 18/02/2013 | danielclark691
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"Redex Fuel System Cleaner"

Redex Fuel System Cleaner

Redex Fuel System Cleaner


When I bought my latest car second hand I thought I would find a product that would clean the fuel system and injectors as I wanted to freshen it up and get off on a good foot with my new motor. I am not usually fooled by gimmicks, though the occasional one will always catch me out and Redex is the latest product to do this to me! There are a whole host of 'magic' engine solutions in Halfords, and each one has its own set of ridiculous claims. I didn't realise this until after using the treatment, and the internet is littered with explanations as to why such products do not work. However, I set out to buy a product that I assumed would refresh the engine on my newly bought car and maximise the performance. I were unsure of the MPG I should be expecting of my car, though 30mpg did seem quite low, even though it has a 2 litre engine. How great would it be if we had a product that we could add to the fuel tank and improve performance?!

First impressions

The packaging is reasonably eye-catching, and the bright red colour of the treatment ensures it stands out due to the clear plastic bottle that it can be seen in. The plastic bottle has a very long and narrow neck and has a small screw cap on the top. The long neck allows you to easily pour it into the car through the fuel filler cap, and it is therefore well designed in that respect. There is a sleeve over the neck which contains information about the product and the main advantages to using this product as a fuel additive. On the front of the bottle itself we can see a label with the Redex name on and a large 'X' which covers most of the label. All the label indicates is that this is a fuel system cleaner and is for the petrol injector. The information sleeve on the neck of the bottle goes into slightly more detail, and this product is designed for petrol, injector, turbocharged and intercooled engines, it is also safe for catalytic converters. I think overall the look is quite smart, and it were professional enough to convince me that it would treat my petrol engine in a respectable manner.

My experience

The rear label indicates that this 500ml bottle of treatment will treat 4 full tanks of fuel, and that it should be added to a full tank of fuel. For this reason I keep the bottle in the side pocket of my drivers' door, so I can simply add it as and when I fill the car up with fuel. The claims of this product are that it is a fuel system cleaner. This suggests that it should clean the entire fuel system of unwanted deposits, though in all honesty this isn't something I can really test myself, and we are simply trusting Redex that this claim is proven. The second claim is that the treatment will clean the injectors. This is something I am again unsure of, though I could understand if it were to be true, as I noticed my MPG increased slightly after running the treatment through a number of tanks of fuel. This could easily have been down to my style of driving and the types of roads I used, but perhaps it were not just a coincidence. Redex also claim that this treatment will reduce exhaust emissions. I am unsure if there is a direct relationship between fuel economy and emissions, but if there is this would be a perfectly reasonable claim based on my findings of increased fuel economy. Redex then claim that the product will restore performance and increase fuel economy. I have already agreed that my fuel economy has improved, but I would say that if engine performance has improved then it isn't nearly enough as to be noticeable.

I think the claims of Redex are all well and good, but I imagine they would need proof that they are true otherwise I wouldn't think they could print them on their products. The additive is very simple to use, and though I have noticed an increase in my MPG recently I wouldn't say this is necessarily down to the additive and perhaps more to do with my style of driving. Once you get used to driving a car you understand the engine better and the response, so I would say you drive in a more efficient manner once you become familiar with a car. Redex do range a wide variety of fuel additives for different types of engine and each one claims to improve certain aspects of the running of the car. If you are considering cleaning the injectors on your car then I would advise to simply do just that, and not go out buying expensive fuel additives which claim to improve most aspects of your driving experience! I reckon that a lot of people that claim this product work wonders for their car are either dreaming or it is having a placebo effect on them and they 'think' that the additive is having a positive effect on the running of their vehicle.

Fuel companies add a range of treatments to their fuel, and this negates the need for a specific product to be bought separately. I am sure people will still go out and buy this and think it does their engine some good, but in reality it is probably either putting off the inevitable or simply fooling them into thinking it is working. Due to my findings I cannot suggest you buy this product. My fuel economy MAY have improved, but it would take a while longer for me to be able to draw any conclusions yet, and it is just a case of whether I want to keep throwing money away to find that the claims are simply untrue. Stick to filling the car up with petrol and continue to benefit from the additives already given to us by the fuel companies - we already pay a high enough price for fuel without having to shell out for additional additives.

Price and availability

Expect to pay around the £6 mark for a 500ml bottle. This will treat 4 full tanks of fuel. It is available widely in most auto stores. I bought mine in Halfords, though I noticed my local Tesco Express store also stocks it at a slightly cheaper price. If you must buy it then I would advise you shop around.

Final thoughts

Overall I am most disappointed that I could not draw any positive conclusions. I imagine these types of products do fool many consumers, which is why they are still available to buy. Fuel already comes with additives, and if consider buying Redex then I would advise that you buy branded fuel as opposed to cheap supermarket fuel, this way you will know that it is generally of a better quality, and if you 'think' that Redex may work then I would suggest you get the car seen to by a mechanic as opposed to buying this 'snake oil'.

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  • RICHADA published 08/03/2013
    Redex is as old as the hills and I'd therefore not categorsie it as a "gimmick" - having said that I agree entirely with your summing up here. R.
  • thedevilinme published 19/02/2013
  • AnneLorraine1 published 19/02/2013
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