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Regga - Christopher Hilton

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Regga: The Extraordinary Two Lives of Clay Regazzoni - Christopher Hilton

Regga: The Extraordinary Two Lives of Clay Regazzoni - Christopher Hilton

Clay Regazzoni is a cult figure in a glorious period of motorsport history. After he ... more

crashed badly at Long Beach in 1980, the
indomitable Swiss-Italian went on to compete in
adapted vehicles. This biography aims to reveal a
man of heroic temperament who continued to relish
adventure, delight fans and terrify co-drivers
right up to his death.

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This title includes a foreword by Sir Frank Williams.

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Biography
Title Regga
Author Christopher Hilton
All Authors Christopher Hilton
EAN 9781844254798
Publisher J H Haynes & Co Ltd
ISBN 1844254798


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