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Renault Kangoo 1.9 D

MPV - Diesel - Available Trims: Rapid

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published 22/06/2002 | olley
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Pro very cumfertabl van a enjoy to drive
Cons lack of storage space
Road Handling
Fuel consumption

"Nice van shame about the dealership"

I have just got myself a Renault Kangoo van second hand W reg 14,567 miles on the clock quite low milage for the year. It cost me just shorte of 7,000 pounds from the local Renault dealer not a bad price.
Well the van its self is not bad, good road handerling, handels well with and with out a load which is a pluse as some vans i have used did not have the sabilaty when thay where not loaded. As small vans go its got a good load space and plenty of hight in the rear so that it can take a decant size pallet.
The maine proberlem is that there is no storage place for my meany maps of all the towns that i deliver to. There is a side pocket in each of the doors and a place in on the front passanger side that is just big enouth to put my glassers case. Other than that there is no space to store things as if you put stuff under the seats if you have to brack hard it ends up under your feet. Which is something you do not whant to happen as this can give you some very scery moments. As you try to brack and can not as there is a london A to Z under your brack peddal.
The fuel consumption at the moment is around 45 mpg but as a rule i notic the you dont start to get your best risults till the veh as done about 30,000. I am hopeing to get at least 48 mpg when it as run in.
I have had this van now for just over a month and its now got 25,657 miles on the clock and it as been enjoyabl puting the miles on the clock.

Well so much for the van on the pluse side good road handerling, good visabilaty, plenty of room for the bigger driver, good load space and all controles easy to hand

On the minuse side not nearly enough space for storeing all my maps

The probelem is that as with all veh you bye there will be some teathing proberlems that is why you get worrenty( if you are byeing a veh wether new or second hand have a good look around and make a list of things that need sorteing out and give a copy to the sales asistent and make shoure that thay will sorte them out fore you. You are best asking wether thay will give you a curtersy veh if thay need to keep yours in. If the anser is no then look some where else to bye your veh as the last thing you want is to be left with out transport when you have spent thousends of pounds on a veh )

Well my list of falts befor leaveing the show room the roof felt was lose, no spear tyer, back door cach missing on the near side, nut missing on the cach for the off side, clicking sound comeing from under the dash, cigeret tray lose, some warning lights did not go out and the heater speed selector did not work.

It took me all of five mins to fined the falts, spear tyer was sorted strat away befor i left the show room. Thay noted all othere falts and promesed to sorte them out with in the nexed few weeks.

So far i have been in the last 3 saterdays first time thay seid thay would sorte out every thing that needed doing. Thay glued the roof felt but by the time i got home it was lose againe not enough glue used. Thay sorted out the warning lights no proberlam at all a few lose wires was the problem (one sorted). Thay seid that a part needed to be orded to sort out the clicking and i would have to bring it in the folowing week. When i looked round i found out the only things thay had done was the roof felt and the warning lights. Well there was always nexed week wasent thay.

Week 2 part arived to sorte out clicking under dash good that was sorted (two sorted). I do not know how much glue thay used but the roof felt is now up and by the lookes its going to stay up (three sorted). I was informed that thay needed a part for the heater why could thay not have oreded it the week befor ?. They booked me in for the folowing week. I looked around againe and yes thay had not done enything else. But there is always nexed week.

Week 3 i had to go out some where in another van so i had someone take the van in for me and pick it up. When got back i found out that thay had orded the rong part and it was going to take about 2 to 3 weeks to get the right one and you guessed it nothing was sorted that week. That was 2 weeks ago thay say that when the new part comes in that will give me a curtisy veh and have my veh in for a few days to sorte out every thing.

We will see i will put a full reporte on what happens as and when it happens but i am still happy with the van

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  • sawnoff published 28/07/2003
    i work for renault and this is the sort of thing we need. information about dealerships that dont fix the faults first time. there is a system in place for dealerships and it is called "right first time" this is covered by a customer satisfaction survey. is the garage open all day on saturdays? if not this would explain the reason for your return visits. in my dealership if there is possible cause for the jobs to not be completed on time, we would call and let you know and also arrange for a courtesy vehicle for you to use during the time that yours is in the garage. off the record , go in and give them hell, threaten them with a letter to renault customer services (this works a treat)the last thing the dealership needs is to have a rep from renault keeping an eye on them as for the part taking 2 to 3 weeks then this is a bit much unless it was a plip for the central locking, though these usually only take 7 to 10 days from france. everything else can be ordered on VOR and be delivered overnight please email me and let me know how you get on my email is as follows
  • chunka published 22/06/2002
    I know nothing about vans mate so I'll have to take this and trust you on what you say, but I doubt be ever buying a van! Chunka!
  • LostWitness published 22/06/2002
    Good product information but an awful lot of typing and spelling mistakes that detract from the quality of material.
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Product Information : Renault Kangoo 1.9 D

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MPV - Diesel - Available Trims: Rapid

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Body Type: MPV

Fuel Type: Diesel

Available Trims: Rapid

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