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Reporting the Twentieth Century - John Simpson

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Through many decades of groundbreaking journalism, John Simpson has become not only one of the most recognizable and trusted British personalities, but has transferred his skill to books with multiple bestselling success.

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Title Reporting the Twentieth Century
Author John Simpson
Publisher Macmillan
All Authors John Simpson
ISBN 1405050055
EAN 9781405050050


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Interesting from a historical point of view, some good ideas
The world's moved on, much of it has long since caught up (*)
Fantastic Philosophy to an important word movement,
Quite short, doesn't go into the detail of Das Kapital (*)
Step-by-Step, Very informative, enjoyable
Not in-depth (*)
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Some genuine insight far beyond the sales environment
None (*)
Clear and accessible writing, Some useful guidance on wealth accumulation
Some parts too US-specific to be useful to a UK audience, Repetition of key points gets tiring (*)
Some eye-opening statistics; good material for supermarket opponents
Very one-sided; poorly put together (*)
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