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Resident Evil 2


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Since Iíve never been much of a fan of Sony, the Resident Evil hoopla was always something I heard about, and never tried. When the one and only RE for the N64, RE2, was released, I decided to check it out. At first, I abandoned the game for 2 reasons; first, I couldnít figure out what to do, and at the time I never liked to use guides for games...big mistake. And second was the controls and camera angles. Most can relate. The trademark controls and camera angles have always been frowned at. After boring myself to death with all my other N64 games, I decided to give it one last chance, this time with a guide. As I was finally able to progress, and get used to the quirky controls (easier than meets the thumb), I saw that the camera angles were making me feel strange. After a zombie kill, my pants always felt a bit heavier. Camera angles were the only reason these games were so famous when you think about it. No other type of angle, whether it be first-person or second-person could captivate the crimson head coming at me, where I couldnít see him. Since this was my first ever RE game, I feel this review is quite special. Anyways, with the previous RE and RE Zero for Game Cube exclusives, I couldnít wait for Nintendo to come up with the rest of the series. Under my very nose did they finish them. I was expecting the last on, RE3: Nemesis, to come out at the end of 2003, so when I saw both of them up at Blockbuster, I was instantly thinking something had gone wrong. I was expecting 2 things, lower quality graphics, and lower quality sound. When I looked at the back of the box, the graphics did look inferior to the previous GC titles, so I decided to have a look-see for myself. For some reason, RE2 was apparently testing my faith. The graphics look great. I regularly donít care much for graphics, but with the eye-spectacles from the previous GC RE games, I was really hoping for no less.

Still, the graphics were kind of inferior, but Iíd say that the graphics measure up to 9/10 of what the previous 2 brought. The RE story continues, after the unfortunate happenings in Raccoon City. After the S.T.A.R.S. team escaped the confines of Spencer Mansion, and the horror of the Umbrella Laboratories, the case is apparently closed. However, after a new recruit named Leon S. Kennedy, for the Raccoon City Police Department enters the ghost town, he is immediately put into a whole new picture. As the rookie enters the city, he finds much more than 1 of the terrible creatures from the first game overrunning the city, and in all the commotion, he runs into a woman named Claire Redfield, Chris Redfieldís sister, who is looking for Chris. Anyways, the 2 separate after a wreck, and decide to meet up at the police station. This is where the story starts to unfold. In this game is where we actually see Raccoon City in the flesh. As you move deeper and deeper in the conspiracy, you go into the underground tunnels of Raccoon City, and finally into the labyrinth of Umbrellaís Laboratories. This was the ďoriginalĒ sequel to the story, but Capcom made differently. After the original RE was made, RE Zero was published, which was the same time and setting as the first RE, but instead of playing as S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, you fold out the experience of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, the first team to investigate. Anyways, we needed the story to keep on unfolding, as to answer the origins of what happened, who was responsible, and what the virus is. The setting in Resident Evil 2 is different. Instead of starting out at Spencer Mansion, you begin in the abandoned downtown of Raccoon City, and almost immediately move into the police station. The Police station is like the Mansion for RE2. After renting this game, and only have gotten half far with only one character, I am sure to buy this game. Iíve been saving up my money to pre-order the new Zelda and Ocarina remake, and saving up for the new Pokemon Ruby, I couldnít buy the RE Zero game. I was also saving up for the SP but that, along with RE Zero, and RE2, my budget is just too tight. Good thing is my reviews number will soon be above 40 with all the new stuff coming out. Anyways, this game is sure to please any RE fan, and here is why.

My first Resident Evil game was, oddly enough, the second Resident Evil game, so I never did really understand the story. Having never owned a Sony PlayStation, I was quite happy to see the RE2 for N64 come out, so with that said; this was my first RE experience, and having it remade for the GameCube was compelling. Resident Evil 2 closely follows the story of the previous story, and introduces us to 2 new intersting people; Claire Redfield, who is desperately looking for her brother Chris after the unfortunate happenings, and Leon Kennedy, who drives by at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The two continue to answer questions about the origins of the T-Virus and what happened, so itís suffice to say that this game is a must-have. I really complement this game on itís wonderful follow-up story and ingenious setting, wonderful graphics, sound, and scare level.

Most surprises from the game are from the creepy camera angles, because you just canít look to see around the corner for the vicious dogs or rabid cannibals. When I bought RE2 for N64, I was scared out of my wits because I had never in my life seen a game with such horror, and camera angles to make it all the more creepy. Surprises are a-plenty in this, as well as all the other RE titles, more so in the GameCube remakes because of the highly improved graphics. Incredible cinematics, graphics, and sound make this a visually stunning game.

Graphics were brought up to a whole new level when the Resident Evil remake for GameCube first came out. Please name me one game that had graphics that could compare as such, prior to that masterpiece of a game. Resident Evil for GameCube was always my favorite GC game, until StarFox Adventures came out, and it was my first review. Resident Evil 2 follows up, and comes out looking a little differently. For some reason, I find the graphics to be slightly inferior to the previous 2 GC titles, and if anyone can see this the way I can, please tell me. Nevertheless, the graphics in Resident Evil 2 are 5 star, and Iím sure the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis title will be no different. Iím happy to see Capcom show such interest in Nintendo, and itís quite a pick-me-up after Rareís leave. Resident Evil 1, 0, 2, and 3 show 2 things: First, it shows what compelling visuals and sound effects the GameCube is capable of, and it shows that Nintendo is not just peaches and cream, the long held stereotype that has always haunted them. Graphics in detail, and in carnage deserve the standing ovation.

Sound is just as well done as in the previous games. The bullet sounds, effects, and echoes throughout the game are quite well done. RE has never had that much luck with the voice acting, but I must say that the voice acting has improved slightly from the RE and RE Zero. The voices are well fit to each character and theyíre passable.

Game design is the big factor here. From my first review Iíll pretty much sum it up right here; Many people will tell you that the controls and camera hurt you more than the zombies did, and they are wrong, wrong, wrong! The controls take about 2 minutes to get used to, and the camera makes it to where this is one of the most movie-like games out there. This unique and innovative game design makes this a wonderful renovation and alternative to your raging and undying angers; ďAll I see is the back of the dudeís head!!!Ē or ďYou know, Bond is leaving greasy hand streaks on that gun...Ē With this new design, you can see with detail-your character at all angles. Thank God for whoever came up with this. There are some things I wish they would have fixed. First is the arsenal. When it comes to weapons, the game does make it realistic. It has a range for up to 10 different weapons, but thatís not enough. I wish they would have added new types of weapons for RE2, a comment I would be making long ago, had I played the previous RE with the way-back-when PlayStation. Anyways, the arsenal, however small it may be, is still good. Iíll add some things here, I forgot to add before in my RE review. The game works differently than most. You donít ever see how many bullets youíre carrying, what gun is equipped (aside from the fact that you can see it on your character), what youíre life is, or a map, anywhere on the game screen. To view all these statistics, you need to open up your character log. Here you can see your characters life, and what items you have in your inventory. The problem with this inventory is that itís rather small. In the original RE, Chris could carry 6 items, while Jill could carry 8, and the same variation occurs here, but I donít remember which character a number applies to. One thing I could never understand is how is it that a shotgun took as much space in my inventory as a key. If they could have a more expanded inventory I would be happier, but Iím not so sure they ever changed it, even in the Code: Veronica title. Anyways, you basically run around your environment, solving puzzles, and killing enemies as you progress. The camera angles and lack of any in-game statistics in the regular game screen, make this game exceptionally similar to a movie, and I think thatís what makes these games famous. When you see an enemy and want to make an attack, you need to do 3 things.

First, you need to have a weapon equipped. In the game, you find weapons like knives, handguns, revolvers, shotguns, and I think a crossbow. Along with your weapon, you need to have bullets. If a gun is empty, you need to go to your inventory, find a collection of ammo, and use the combine command, to put them in your gun. When you have the gun loaded, you quip it onto your hands and it can fire. Second, you need to activate the aim toggle. In the GameCube this is done by a press and hold of the R button, and when you have it in aim, you press A to fire a single bullet. If there are 2 enemies in range, but are aiming at the incorrect target, press the R or ďAimĒ toggle again, and this changes the target. You canít fire unless you have the aim toggle activated, and if you run out f bullets, but have some available in your inventory, simply double-press A and your character will automatically reload; take heed, your character takes a few seconds to reload, and in some situations is more dangerous to do than to equip bullets in your inventory. Pretty simple, once you get used to it, and quite fun. Most of you are already familiar with the tricks of the trade, but I add this for anyone new. As you make advances throughout the game, youíll need to save. This is where making actual progress and effort comes in. Instead of pressing start and save like this is some kind of ďNightmare on Sesame StreetĒ childís-play crap like most games insist, RE forces us to advance before we can save. To save you first need to locate an ink ribbon. These are common, and are found throughout the game. After you have an ink ribbon in your inventory, you need to find a typewriter. When you activate the type writer it will ask you if you want to save. If you decide so, youíll lose 1 ink ribbon. Since there are limited ink ribbons and few typewriters as you progress, effort is what makes this game compelling. As you progress, you will find save rooms. These are rooms where you find a typewriter and usually have several things: an Item Box (where you can store unlimited collected objects you donít want to equip), items such as herbs, ammo, and lots of times, ink ribbons. In these save rooms you are completely safe from enemies. Youíll find an average of about 15 throughout the game, and some of them have things others do not. Learn the game well, because dying is not fun, and you lose any experience you didnít save with a typewriter. Learn quickly.

Great graphics, sound, fair voice acting, great follow up story, wonderful trademark controls and camera angles, new weapons (from the older versions), and cool characters.

Any multi-player value. I wish that this game had a training level, where you basically ran an obstacle course and teaches you how to play.

The ending doesnít end here my friend. Iíve never had the chance to play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on any system, so I couldnít really tell you any more into the story. As soon as I can, Iím going to try out Resident Evil Zero, which I STILL cannot find, and Resident Evil 3, and bring you some reviews. With my relatives coming to visit me in the end of February, Iím going to be out of work time. As March nears Iím going to purchase the Wind Waker and Pokemon, so expect some activity in March. As far as the Resident Evil hoopla goes, itís ended. Capcom has made all 3 remakes, and the new RE Zero exclusively for GameCube, so itís kind of disappointing to have the anticipation end. Resident Evil is a crucial bridge between the story, so any newcomers need to try it out. Hopefully, new Resident Evils come out, and hopefully for GameCube only. Something strange is that I havenít seen the ďGameCube Only TabĒ on the gameís box, but I havenít seen it for PS2. Anyways, RE2 is another great remake that any gamer should try. Fear Canít Kill You But...

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DBZKing 06.02.2005 22:55

Nice review!

MotoAthan 26.12.2004 16:55

i absolutely LOVE the RE remake for GC!!!! It is still my fave GC game!!! I also said that the graphics were the best ever and it caused some controversy in my review of it, lol PS2 and XBOX fanboys crack me up always getting defensive! LOL! Havent played this one on GC yet, but have it on PC. Great OP!

hippykiller 23.11.2004 15:22

resident evil 2 is a game i have never played thanks i may never buy it now :)

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