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... After much deliberation, I decided eventually on Revels. I pulled them out the carrier bag on off I returned to the television set clutching my bag of Revels. I settled down and placed the packet on my knee for closer inspection. The bag has changed in recent years, I Cant remember ... Read review
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Everybody likes to be a revel. Review with images

Advantagescoffee and orange cremes, rasins, versatility

Disadvantagesmalteasers, amount

"...the stripes is the word REVELS in large white block capital letters. The white writing in margained with a orange-ish/brown outline, and this all adds to the "standing out" and appeal of the bag. Lifting up the bag ready to open, I suddenly got quite depressed. I hadn't noticed how light the bag actually was, and so I turned the packaging round to look for the actual weight. Well it didn't appear to be too light- in fact the bag was 35g, a ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Jordan2493


Revel In It!!!...

AdvantagesSweet, Taste...

DisadvantagesA Few Weak Flavours...

"...large 175 gram bag of revels when I thought " I must have a taste of these", and that's exactly what I did. So I took the bag to the living room, sat in front of the TV with my tea and sweeties and tucked in. Yum... ===What Are Revels=== Well some of you might not know that revels are a chocolate covered , flavoured centered chocolate confectionary which are part of the Mars brand who also make sweets such as Maltesers, Minstrels and Bountys... Revels ..." Read review

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Community Level 6jammy_banana


More balls than Wimbledon Review with images

AdvantagesLovely chocolate, good vareity

Disadvantagesmost people will hate at least one

"...I know who has tried Revels and I am the only person I have ever seen buying revels. Bizarrely though I have seen Revel bags discarded on quite a regular basis. I am going to presume that Revel eaters operate the same stealth policy employed by Topic eaters. To be fair, though, Revels don’t strike me as the kind of chocolate product that would appeal to children. I knew of them as a child but I avoided them for two reasons. First of all I believed ..." Read review

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Fun filled revelations!

Advantagesfun to eat

Disadvantagesno coconut ones!

"...So now you know. Despite this, Revels are the one packet of chocolate things that I could happily eat a full bag of, and look for more :-) DESCRIPTION """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""""""""" Revels are chocolate coated confectionery with assorted centres. There are six different sweets in this one pack -malteaser - honeycomb ball coated in chocolate. (Yep for me these are my least favourite. A bit on the boring ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Simoncook1


Lots of chocolate balls and nuts

AdvantagesGood variety, generally good quality

DisadvantagesSome poor flavours

"...addiction. On opening a bag of Revels you never really know what you are going to get. Generally you get an assortment of different chocolates, but once in a blue moon you may find that special pack of revels that only has one type of chocolate in it – I found this once and to my disgust had a bag full of coffee centred revels! If you are lucky you will generally get an assortment of the following: Orange Centre – the orange center ..." Read review

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Type Chocolate Sweets
EAN 5000159001335; 5000159336086; 5000159414173


Listed on Ciao since 26/02/2002

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