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published 04/01/2010 | Renza
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Mar 2014 - Did not expect to win a prize for the current issue cafe! Thank you so much! I surprised myself by being able to produce a review that was under 1000 words ;-) x
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"I'll keep dreaming in 2010!"

Dreams get better when my life gets crapper - simple as that!

Dreams get better when my life gets crapper - simple as that!

I know my life is incredibly dull when my dreams get all more extravagant and interesting. It's like my mind is compensating for the lack of stimulation in my waking life. Hence my reluctance to get out of bed when I was quite comfortably in my dreams being entertained by the handsome and quirky Colin Morgan and Bradley James from the TV series 'Merlin'. Colin Morgan smooches me; Bradley James cheekily pinches my bum as I pass by him and I tell him that just because he's Prince Arthur he just can't go pinching anyone's bottom. Mr Morgan then gives him disapproving looks. Yes, I truly am a sad, sad individual, quite in love with an unconventionally attractive Irish actor (Morgan of course). As I have said, I believe that the reason my dreams have been so fantastic as of late is the fact that my life has been so incredibly mind-numbing. If I was to make a line chart of this year you'd find that my dreams were rather exciting between the months of January and May and between late September and the very end of the decade (I have even provided a little dreams versus reality graph below should you ACTUALLY be interested in corresponding excitement levels in chart form). Nobody personally significant was born and nobody personally significant has died (thankfully). Unlike some, I have not felt any grief as a result of celebrity death since the deaths of Heath Ledger and Steve Irwin. MJ - whether you were 'black or white', whether you were a 'smooth criminal' or not, I was not really that bothered about your personal life. You made legendary music but I am not grieving now 'you're out of my life' (Ah, cheesey song references whilst expressing my apathy towards the 'king of pop' himself - Apologies - I couldn't resist).

This year has been a mixed bag and I'm still not altogether happy. Why? Really I am just dying to get back the life that university stole from me. University is quite possibly the most overrated experience ever and I can't wait to escape it. I actually want a real life job with real money. I want the opportunity to take up new hobbies and regain old hobbies that I miss. Sitting with my head in a musty old book all the time is quite frankly, highly depressing.
It hasn't been altogether miserable this year. On 1st June I embarked upon one big adventure and possibly one of the bravest things I have done in a while considering my insecurities. I spent a whole three months in a foreign land - the USA - which is actually more intimidating than you might realize. I took up an offer to work at a Girl Scout camp in Ohio, working with horses and children - a difficult combination in itself. Working at camp was both brilliant and challenging. You were around children 24/7 and at first I was without a day off for as long as two weeks. I did love it a lot of the time. It was at camp that I found my niche in the world - that I was good with kids and that I may very well make a great teacher one day. I loved the trail rides, I met some brilliant kids and made a few lifelong friends amongst the staff. At times I was ready to breakdown and go home. There were a couple of children that I almost wished I could stick in Trunchbull's 'chokey' but it wasn't the children that annoyed me. Children are children - that is almost an excuse for misbehaviour itself. And there were no real problems. However, there were a few staff members I really would have shoved in the 'chokey', if such a thing existed at the cheery world of camp. At camp, there was a common phrase that went around - 'Stealing someone's sparkle'. Not only did a few staff members steal my sparkle - they wrenched it off of me and spat on it! And that can get really hard when you're working with someone every hour, every day for long periods of time. I remember that for two whole weeks I was nearly crying myself to sleep and my only saving grace was the children and even then she belittled me in front of them - That 'damn sparkle stealer', in her little miss important Cowboy boots, nearly led to my early departure from camp at the end of June. Thankfully, I remained. Teachers may hate another teacher but at least they don't have to be around each other all the time. For camp counsellors, it's a different matter.
My summer was saved by three beautiful people at camp - the wonderful Venus, Pixie and Luna (Actual human beings with non-camp names disclosed) Pixie was a sweet counsellor-in-training who proved to light up my day in the weeks she was at camp; Luna was a shoulder to cry on who let me stay at her house for two weeks and Venus is my American sister - a new best friend, who is unfortunately separated from me by the Atlantic and unaffordable plane tickets. If anyone's behaviour could merit celebration in 2009, it would be them - Not only are they beautiful people but wonderful camp counsellors too. Venus, I never liked at first. She looked like one of those bitchy pretty girls who didn't really care about anyone but herself. That is quite possibly the reason why quite a few staff disliked her at camp. She was the youngest staff member and could come across as rude. However, she opened up to me and I got to know her and she actually turned out to be a lovely, caring person, with a wicked sense of humour and the kids and myself loved her. She really was my saving grace and really knew how to have a good time. Then there was Luna and her family. Her family took me in for a fortnight. They were such warm-hearted people and despite contrasting political leanings (they were Republicans), I grew to love them. Let's just say I had some teary goodbyes!
After camp and my stay at Luna's house I then embarked upon a two-week trek that took me through 9 states. The brilliance of this trek is just too great to write about here (You'll just have to read my Trek America review to hear about my trek adventures).
Things got a bit 'ho-hum' when I returned to Scotland and started university again. I was no longer the fun-loving Phoenix of camp and became the reluctant academic recluse as I tried to bump up my grades. On top of that, I must have spent somewhere over £1500 on my American escapade! Lack of money can make life a little drearier. Of course, this endless stream of monotony has been punctuated by a couple of thrills - a Halloween night out when I attempted to be a sexy Red Riding Hood, another warm fuzzy Christmas with the folks and a fun Hogmanay house party full of eccentric party-goers (namely my friends). In addition to that, there were was music and film to brighten up my year...


~I Belong To You - Muse (Just a beautiful song.)
~Don't Stop Looking - Alex Roots (A much underrated, little heard of singer whose rock-pop songs pack a punch and are very catchy)
~I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (This just reminds me of my trek, as it was played so often in our van as we travelled around the States)


~Merlin (Season 2 was utterly brilliant)
~Being Human (Vampires, werewolves and ghosts and a witty script - love it!)
~Doctor Who Finale (I was disappointed with Doctor Who since 'Voyage of the Damned' but was glad to see that the two-part finale brought the show back to its previous standards - it became watchable again for me).


It is infinitely hard for me to say just what was ultimately my favourite film of 2009 so I'll provide a selection of enjoyable movies...

~Dorian Gray
~Sherlock Holmes (Both Dorian Gray and Sherlock Holmes were brilliantly gothic, Victorian, thrilling and with talented and handsome leading men).
~Up (Anyone who didn't tear up even just a little during the 'Married Life' montage officially has no soul)
~17 Again (Zac Efron surprised me - what a great actor and a funny film!)
~500 Days of Summer (The anti-love story of the year if not decade).
~Zombieland (Hilarious. Truly the 'Shaun of the Dead' of American film, although Shaun of the Dead remains better).
~District 9 - Unexpectedly brilliant!


I just felt I should express my annoyance at films that could have been so much better than they were...

~New Moon (I know that this film is all about pain and heartbreak but the constant misery and moodiness of this film, namely the two main characters is too excruciating to bear - A little humour or even a smile from Bella at the start or end of the film would have been nice. They are a pair of emos!).
~Nine (Not quite the musical extravaganza the trailer suggested. Let down by flat, dull and uninteresting songs and a superficial plot).
~Fame (This could have been excellent but really missed the mark. Although it was at least better than 'Nine')
~Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (A rather convoluted mess despite its talented actors).


~Obama's Inauguration~ I'm not just trying to jump on the Obama-mania bandwagon. I heard about this man when we were discussing him in Politics class at school in 2005. I love what he stands for - his policies and the type of man he is. Wish we had a Prime Minister like him!

~Susan Boyle~ Another bandwagon I could be accused of jumping on but I love her just for how down to earth and how funny she is. She reminds me a little of my late maternal grandmother in terms of her attitude (although my grandmother was not quite so mad). I love the fact she is so successful and has such a gorgeous voice (just listen to her rendition of 'Wild Horses')

~Nick Griffin on Question time - A highlight of the year as it showed up Nick for exactly what he was - an ugly man through and through, in appearance and at heart. Tried to come across as a poor wee bullied sprog in a political playground - the equivalent of a sad whimpering cry and tantrum that his bigoted ideals failed to permeate the Question time audience and, I hope, the majority of the British public.

~Rage against the Machine, Christmas Number 1 - I jumped up and down when I heard this on Radio One (and might I add, this was the first time I'd listened to Radio One in a long time). Nice to see a little excitement injected back into the Christmas Number 1 race!


~Fred Goodwin's Retirement Package - The Royal Bank of Scotland ex-chief gets a princely retirement package despite his royal screw up. I hated bankers anyway!

~Katie Price and Peter Andre - I couldn't care less about what they both do. I just wish the media would stop shoving their private lives in my face every time I read a paper.

~Jade Goody - Media's reaction to her terminal illness was pretty much exemplary of the media's fickleness. Anyhow, why should I celebrate the death of a woman so talentless and undeserving of fame? May she rest in peace but I just don't see why her death should have beckoned national mourning.

~Swine Flu~ Do I even need to explain?! More people die of normal flu. The media does nothing but excite us into a frenzy!

~MPs Expenses~ Quite possibly the most shocking story of the year. MPs shamefully milked our tax money when it could be going towards more deserving causes.


So there you go - A reflection of my own personal and shared public experience of 2009. And what do I hope for the future?

~Entry into the Edinburgh University PDGE primary teaching course - So I can become a teacher - Yes, a real life job!

~Holiday to Pierrefonds Chateau - Boyfriend or no boyfriend, I would love to visit the set of Merlin and possibly meet the cast, namely the male lead.

~Marriage to Colin Morgan and obtainment of the flying red beast from Avatar - No? Do I ask for too much? Oh well...


*~Thanks for reading ~ Also published under name Renza_e on Dooyoo, January 2010~*

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