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RICHADA - THE DARK SIDE Review with images

AdvantagesWelcome Back RICHADA

DisadvantagesOh NO! He's having a moan again…..

"...ticking over waiting to pour 10 litres of cheap fuel into their tanks? Idiocy or what? 6) THE ELECTRICITY AND GAS COMPANIES ……OK, petrol and diesel prices have come crashing down at a speed that has left most of us breathless. How about it electricity and gas providers? You kept on telling us that your prices were allied to the cost of a barrel of crude when it was going up and up, you are staying awfully quiet now. These are however ..." Read review

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Hate's too strong a word - except for celery. Review with images

AdvantagesReveals my exceptional dislike of celery

DisadvantagesI'm not really very annoyed about most other things

"...keep it down to just 10 things. I imagine he'd drawn up a festering list of hundreds of possibilities and couldn't work out how to get the short-list down to less than about 25. So I started thinking about what really annoyed me and I struggled. I really could only think of one thing I really disliked enough to use the H word. There were a few things I didn't like much but only one thing whose total annihilation and removal from the face of the ..." Read review

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And first against the wall will be.....

AdvantagesI'm a bloke, and I like doing lists

DisadvantagesYou might not be, and might not

"To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, it's not a good idea to look into the dark side of yourself, because all the while the dark side is looking into you. And nobody ever wins a staring contest with their dark side; just look at the folk who've tried and failed. Kurt Cobain, Vincent Van Gogh, Kevin Carter, Nick Drake, Tony Slattery. The list is endless. But hey, a little venting is ok, isn't it? I try to be a glass half-full person. It's just that ..." Read review

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Oh I love a good rant.....

AdvantagesThere are no advantages to things that annoy me

DisadvantagesThey annoy me!

"...rank order!?!) are the top 10 things that really annoy me (or at least the top 10 that came to mind at the time of writing…): '''1. Stupid comments from strangers. This includes:''' -Strangers who pass me in the street and say "Cheer up love, it might never happen" I'm sure I'm not the only person who finds this annoying, but when complete strangers come up to me and say this it really makes me question their intelligence. Firstly, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cladach29


I make Victor Meldrew look like Mr. Happy Review with images

AdvantagesWill make your own hates and prejudices seem like mere trifles

DisadvantagesA deeply disturbing insight into the mind of an overwrought Ciao-er

"...narrowing it down to just 10 will be a struggle. I hope this review will not be excessively long, but just in case it runs on, make sure you've been to the bathroom before you read it and have a hot cup of tea to hand. Anyway, in no particular order, here goes: 1. Mobile 'Phone Texters ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ More specifically, those individuals ..." Read review

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Community Level 4num13er


Welcome to the fiery depths of my hatred, enjoy.

AdvantagesVenting anger thus leading to a more calm, serene existance


"Its beyond me why its taken so long to actually do this particular review. I've vented frustration in so many ways, asked angry questions about the world around me and the things that simply confuse me. However to really know yourself and indeed another person well you cannot rely solely on the things they love in life. Rather its the things that really aggravate an individual that can define their character too. Whilst i have mentioned things that ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Dudo_Perudo


Bugger Review with images


DisadvantagesEven less

"1) Christmas….Bah Humbug! To be fair this is not about the Pagan festival that was bastardised by the Christian leaders in a bid to stamp out any challenge to "the Church"... I love Christmas…I love the fact that it can be shortened to the word Xmas and offend lots of religious people, I love the fact that Santa is an anagram of Satan, I love the fact that it forces people together who don't want to be together into a small place for an uncomfortable ..." Read review

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Community Level 7karimkha


I'M "SEEING RED" (horrible colour)!

AdvantagesI get these out of my system.

DisadvantagesYou might be offended by my choices.

"...things that really annoy me? 10 things only? I can fill pages and pages of seriously annoying things. When I was younger I wasn't that picky nor even got upset easily. Now, everything seems to annoy me (even writing this review is getting me annoyed). So to choose just ten things, I had to think carefully and explain why these do so, because you may not find any of these annoying at all (after all, we are all individuals and our tastes and opinions ..." Read review

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A Moan Free Zone Review with images

AdvantagesEverything I say is true!!!

DisadvantagesMe moaning...

"...brother tells him about a 10 pound bet he'd won on the horses, he's mate would go completely over board and say 'I put a 10 pound bet on a 77-1 shot and it came in' I would stand there and say 'there isn't a 77-1 you berk! Then he would come out with aload of cobblers saying 'I went through 22 cans of lager, 15 cidars, 11 vodka's last night and almost didn't make it' I would say to him if you had all to drink in one night you'll be dead. Even though ..." Read review

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Community Level 6baby_uk


Time For A Moan!

AdvantagesIt's good to get things off your chest

DisadvantagesMoan, moan, moan...

"...a moan! Here at the 10 things that are really annoying me at present: 1. Brits on holiday and other annoying tourists... It was on my skiing trip last year that I learnt why British tourists are sooo disliked by other nations! In the Alps there were a mix of nationalities, yet it was only the Brits that would sit there barking orders in English to the waiters and waitresses. Did they make an effort to string a few foreign words together? Did ..." Read review

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Community Level 3allmodcons


I'll try to keep it down to ten…

AdvantagesMy pettiness on full display

DisadvantagesThe fact that I've barely started....

"Yes, I do know there are real problems in the world, but these are the petty, trivial things which have got right up my nose lately. If you're easily offended, please ignore this one, as I will undoubtedly demonstrate my limited vocabulary by swearing, which, coincidentally, is something that doesn't annoy me in the slightest… 1. Public Transport. You try to do the right thing; you know there are too many cars on the road. You know it's better ..." Read review

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10 things I hate about...everything



"If you're offended by random swearing and vitriolic outbusts, then this probably isn't the thing for you. Feck away off and do some knitting or something. Today has been a crap day. For one thing, a journey to the shop which should have taken 5 minutes took nearly an hour, because some stupid people put deckchairs across the road to watch a bonfire. Glancing briefly at a bonfire I can understand. Actually setting up camp, with provisions and umbrellas, ..." Read review

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Look what I've started...


DisadvantagesI'm all annoyed again...

"...I just hate other drivers. === 10 - People who are constantly on their phone === If you are at a restaurant, the last thing you should do is to have your phone out, ignoring your friend and instead constantly text your boyfriend. It is bad manners to say the least. What did people do before the mobile phone?! I just can't stand it when people use it as an act of defiance either, such as in school. You're not that important that you need to check ..." Read review

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Community Level 6BadCompany77


Tis An Art To Being Pissed Off

AdvantagesIt Drives Me To Drink

DisadvantagesI Get Drunk

"Tis An Art To Being Pissed Off OK what can I say, it's Friday and very little annoys me on that day but in general some things do annoy me so let's all go take a look. People that let their dog shit on my Driveway !!! Ok before I start let's get one thing clear I am a dog lover, for gods sake I even ended up marrying one, anyway that is a tale of woe for another day. There is this woman that continually used to walk her dog ..." Read review

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Take a deep breath and count to 10. Or 20.

AdvantagesCheaper than therapy.

DisadvantagesI sound like a whinger.

"There are a few things which make me a bit tetchy - when women clack their false nails together, people that draw level with you and cough in your face, people who get right up your backside at cashpoints and why it's always the heels of my pricey LK Bennett and Hobbs shoes that find the gaps between paving slabs and not my cheaper Ravels ones but really, these are piffling little matters. With the exception of Number 1 which is quite serious, ..." Read review

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