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Take time and relax and dont let the bugs bite



"We take a lot for granted in our lives and its not until those things become difficult to do that when you come down to earth. Being disabled is when you come down to earth with a bump. 1 turning the tap on. ****************** That is one of the things that I found most difficult especially when you have grandchildren who turn the tap too tight. I have new taps now which makes life a bit better. 2.Reading ********* You may say, "but ..." Read review

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10 Things I Can't Do - i try so hard!

AdvantagesNo advantages because i cant do them!!!

DisadvantagesI CANT DO THEM!!!

"...annoying. Below i shall list 10 things i cant do, that others can. 1) ***Whistle in tune*** - i don't know what the problem is! I could whistle fine until i got a fixed brace, and the bloody devil sent invention ruined my musical life forever. Whilst enduring the painful months of having a brace, coping through the nights of pure terror and pain after having it tightend by my EVIL orthodontist, i realised not only had i developed a lisp but i ..." Read review

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The Mind says YES, the Body says NO

AdvantagesI still have to try

DisadvantagesI still have to try

"...here since there are only 10 available slots, so in third place goes to Playing football. It's that old co-ordination thing creeping in again. It just isn't there in the feet either. I nearly always end up arse over face. It's pitiful really to watch me trying to play this. The fact that I get knackered pretty quickly doesn't help much. Fourthly I'd just love to be able to draw or paint some small masterpiece. Sure I can doodle the same as anyone, ..." Read review

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