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Just don't bother.... Review with images

AdvantagesGreat when it works...

DisadvantagesExtremely poor customer service.

"I have been a customer of 123-reg for about 2 years now, when I first decided to set up my own business working from home. I saw some reviews last year on here and thought 'that hasn't been my experience' and made a mental note to write a positive review in support of them, as at that point I hadn't had any problems at all with them and felt I'd received a good service from them. Obviously I kept forgetting to do it! The services they offer aren't ..." Read review

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It works for me

Advantagescheap web design

Disadvantagessome names are taken already

"...with a name and 123-reg.co.uk was recommended to me. When you log onto this site your taken to a page which shows you the prices of registering for a domain name and for web hosting or search engine submittance. You can also check to see if anyone else has used the site name you want and can choose another if they have. You can also build a site with 123-reg for 4.99p a month. I think it's better just to make your own web page then register ..." Read review

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Community Level 1deykamol


123-reg; like shopping for one thing and buying the whole shop.

AdvantagesAesthetics, ease of use, services, bandwidth and disk space.

DisadvantagesPrice, downtime, customer service.

"I recently designed a website for my mother, who uses 123-reg to host her business. Initially, 123-reg seems to be a very attractive bargain, boasting clear aesthetic quality, several pre-made layouts which can be customised at the user's will, amongst many more features. It certainly appears to be a very good host. What it doesn't tell you, is that you have to add all of these on for a cost. Now, my mother knows very little about webhosting, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 5clanmac4


Internet Millions Sir

AdvantagesA good service at a very reasonable cost. A simple site to use and you can easily maintain your domains.

DisadvantagesNon that I have found yet.

"~~ I am Off! I will have fond memories of Ciao and its membership, especially those in my Circle of Trust and those of course who trust me, that is the ones in that trusting circle who still write, read and rate! ~~ Memories….. I shall remember the community spirit and the funny comments on even funnier opinions. I shall remember Cujimmy and his car opinions – He is a taxi driver in Dublin, did you know that? I will also remember ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Steven.Ben...


.co.uk for 7GBP Worth it just to deal with spam

AdvantagesCheap, very controllable and free transfer away

DisadvantagesPoor web forwarding options

"...providers. The disappointing side of the 123-reg.co.uk service is the web forwarding. The idea is that you use www.yourdomain.co.uk as an alias to the web space (with an unmemorable address) your ISP provides. Only the main page is forwarded, so www.yourdomain.co.uk/directory doesn't get forwarded to /directory on the ISP's server, instead it comes up with a 404 not found error. Even a custom 404 page would be an improvement to this. The framed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TheNutter


Quick, easy and cheap

AdvantagesCheap, excellent service, does what it says, no catches


"I had been looking around for a domain name hosting service, and 123-reg seemed to good to be true. When you first go to the site it looks like there's lots of statements to which you think "What's the catch", but there isn't one. It only took a few minutes to go through the registration procedure, get a domain name and setup some email forwarding addresses. It can take a few days for the domain name to be replicated to all DNS's, but that's the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AndyGray2k7


123-reg is as easy as abc

AdvantagesVery Cheap, Reliable and Fast Website

DisadvantagesCustomer Support

"...now purchased three domains from 123-reg.co.uk and don't regret it at all. And in the 123-reg members area you can sign up to the 123-reg.co.uk affiliate programme, to make a bit of money from your website. So i did that, i had nothing to lose, but i did gain some cash... I have now made over £50 with there affiliate programme! So i'm obviously going to be very nice and loyal to 123-reg ;-) SUMMARY Number 1 for buying domains, all at very competitive ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ayanayuk


Easy as 1 2 3

AdvantagesCheap as chips, useful tools

DisadvantagesLayout can be a bit confusing at times

"I first ran into 123-reg.co.uk about 3 years ago. I was running a retro-gaming site that was dealing with ZX Spectrum computers and I needed to register a domain name that had both e-mail and web forwarding to some webspace that I already had. I looked at their prces and as I wanted a .org.uk domain I decided that I couldn't really go wrong at just over £7 for two years. So I filled in all the boxes, put the ticks where ticks needed to be and proceeded ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lostsworld


123 reg as easy as 123

Advantagescheap, reliable, easy to use interface

Disadvantagesnot sure of any

"Was looking for a domain name mainly to play about with and build a website. I went for a .co.uk domain name but went elsewhere for webhosting due to cost vs what it will be used for. The hardest part of registering a domain name with them was between the pc desk and the chair - yes me ! I spent a good 30 minutes deciding which name to choose. Once decided off I went filling in the details and in no time at all registered with my own web name. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Damon


3 Steps to Hell

AdvantagesEasy to set up, cheap domain prices

DisadvantagesNo Customer Service, expensive web hosting

"Step 1 I started using 123-reg.co.uk for web hosting in February 2006 and found it easy to register my domain and set up the hosting. Step 2 I increased my Web hosting space from 250Mb to 500Mb. The money was taken but my space wasn't increased. Emailed Customer Service - no response. Contacted again and again. Three weeks later a standard 'we are very busy' email, without a solution. Step 3 Cut losses and move web hosting to another company, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gemmahall


InstantSite 123-reg.co.uk

Advantagessimple to use

Disadvantagesvery limited and very poor service

"If I had known the problems I would experience with 123-reg InstantSite, I would not have purchased their services. First up - the templates are pretty badly designed and there's not as much choice as I had been lead to believe. Secondly, once I had finished writing my website, I went to publish it and a message appeared saying 'congratualtions, you have successfully published your website'. However, this was not the case and it was not up ..." Read review

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Community Level 1roncurtiser

Quick review of 123-reg.co.uk

"I paid extra for their pro site, but Ignore the gloss as the product is rubbish - the site only fills half the page and had banner ads which I had not expected . Worst of all their support never answers questions - even if you get a response a week later it's still of no actual help, I've been trying for over a month to get some sense - you might do better phoning the help line but that costs 50p/minute.. and they made me hang on for 40 minutes - no kidding!!!! The promised free PPC Google adwords etc have never been made available - support won't say why. Really, really disappointed. Don't touch this horrible company with a bargepole.

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Community Level 1nicoliyah

Quick review of 123-reg.co.uk

"I have been with 123 reg for about 4 years and have recently decided to build and host my website with another company. I was slightly alarmed after reading reviews that the process of transferring my domain away would be really difficult and complicated. However i was pleasantly suprised. The support number is fairly expensive and I had to make a couple of calls to get the problems resolved, but I was never on hold for more than five minutes and staff were polite and helpful. The only negative thing i would say is that the instructions on the help pages could do with updating as they are difficult to navigate and have some mis information.

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123-Reg.co.uk: reliable, cheap, but watch out for the auto-renew.

Advantagescheap, quick, easy to use, reliable

Disadvantagesauto-renewal is very difficult to stop

"...only. I've been a customer of 123-Reg.co.uk for several years and have bought over 30 domains from them, which is a clear indication of how good their service is. The price of domain names is one of the cheapest available; registration and payment are both quick and easy. Payment options currently include PayPal, debit card and direct debit. The search to check for domain name availability is accurate and the control panel is fairly straightforward ..." Read review

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123-Reg.co.uk Hosting & Service is a complete joke!

AdvantagesCheap domain names but that's about it!

DisadvantagesVery, very poor customer service and pathetic hosting service

"I have been a customer of 123-reg for many years and have bought a lot of domain names from them in the past so when it was time for me to choose a hosting provider I naturally presumed that 123-reg would be the best people to go with. Boy, was I wrong! I wanted to host multiple sites from one web space so I purchased the service that allowed me to do this. I was soon facing connection issues (DB timeouts) with my site (even though it wasn't even ..." Read review

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