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Dispelling The Myths (A PAYG & Contract Review)

AdvantagesReasonable costs

DisadvantagesNo more than any other provider

"3 mobile are owned by Hutchinson Telecom, the largest mobile phone supplier in the world. Hutchinson as well as owning the mobile phone network they also own one of the largest health and beauty franchises in the world, one that we will all be familiar with Superdrug, this is why you will always find 3 mobile in Superdrug stores. 3 Mobile launched in 2003, planning to make the biggest notch in the mobile marketplace. This of course was never likely ..." Read review

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Community Level 3iloveshoping


Best Network 2005?

AdvantagesCustomer service, cheapish

Disadvantagesbad coverage, £15.00 min top up

"...are much the same: To other 3 mobiles cost 10p , uk mobiles, 20p and texts cost 10p. It is really frustrating that you are governed by what you can spend the money on, ie splitting it, i would just prefer to have £15.00 to spend on what i like ie calls and texts. You can buy add ons but you need to be in credit at the time. Example of an add on is 75 texts for 5.00 Now all this is based on a pay as you go basis, so i find it quite expensive ..." Read review

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Community Level 4peterkinxl5


About as good as it gets for PAYG

AdvantagesCheap good quality phones (at least in my experience...) AWESOME Value-for money, range of advanced services

DisadvantagesPer minute billing, top up lost after thirty days, variable coverage and network quality (though this has improved recently),0800 and 0845 numbers NOT included in your regular allowance.

"...first had a brush with 3 back in January 2004 when I purchased a Motorola A835 on Videotalk 500. It was a mixed experience and to cut a long story short I terminated my account with them. Well things change and due to absolute necessity, I purchased an NEC e616v on 3 PAYG and I've been pleasantly surprised by the major improvements I've experienced. I joined a queue of about twenty in my local Superdrug store just before Christmas and purchased ..." Read review

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Community Level 1swf_kent


Bring on the 14-day return policy!

AdvantagesDecent phone, and it seemed like a good price...

DisadvantagesConstrictive Top-Ups, horrid ring-tones, no games... no credit refund!!!

"...pay to rent (50p for 3 days) or download those (about £5 each). However... I haven't downloaded any games yet, or even used my phone to make any calls or send any messages announcing my new number, because I am really unimpressed with the Top-Up structure. I understand that it works out about the same as for contract customers, but so what! One of the things I like about Pay-as-you-go is that if I make less calls than usual, for any given time ..." Read review

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Welcome to our network.....

AdvantagesPotentially very cheap, easy and fast to top up, and the 3-live service is excellant

DisadvantagesDoes not come with free games, reception is generally poor, and unless you have a debit card the above are not true

"3 is the tariff I have had with my last two mobile phones; the NEC e313 and the Motorola A835 (Both of which I have also reviewed if you fancy taking a look-see?). It is, so far, the best tariff I have seen so far. As I am too young to have a contract phone, I have to go for the pay-as-you-go services. I wanted a camera phone, which is what 3 is famous for providing. So I went for it. Unlike most pay-as-you-go services, 3-pay offers bundles ..." Read review

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Community Level 5james564


ThreePay - The Pay As You Go Tariff From Three

AdvantagesGreat services, fairly good coverage, range of handsets

DisadvantagesCan be pricey.

"...example all the entertainment on 3 is video based. This means that you are also able to make video calls so you can see the person you are phoning. You may find the stuff on 3G a little expensive thought but it is worth it. -Handsets- Three handsets are available quite cheap now and generally quite nice models. Some of the handsets include the Motorola E1000, LG U8120 and the Motorola C975 (my handset :P) They all include the same simple button ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ayanayuk


Three me from this madness...

AdvantagesCan work out cheaper

DisadvantagesCustomer support, the way the top-up works

"...as you go service from 3. Part the reason was my little bro talking me into it and partly becuase I wanted a camera phone (see my revew on the NEC e313). I've now decided that this was sheer madness on my part. 3 have one of the worst top up systems I have ever seen. With most of the other network providers you get a nifty little swipe card to top up with. Being slightly concerned with the environment I like to make as little waste as possible, ..." Read review

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Attractive offers and good calling quality!

AdvantagesThe cheapest mobiles, good coverage, free internet, cheap calls


"When I first went to UK as a student, I was looking at the most widely known networks to buy a mobile number. I initially joined Vodafone but they were too expensive for international and local calls with Pay As You Go programmes. When I decided to buy a new phone I was thinking about changing my network provider as well. My two English flatmates proposed the “3” network and after a quick research I found the mobile phone that I wanted in the best ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Arora


3's contract


DisadvantagesWeird billing with unfair charges

"...the top position in every 3 handset with some short key. Now, look at the gimmick. This number is not a free number like a normal 3 customer service number (333). It's a paid number and guess what..You will get charged about £2 for even 1 sec (as the minimum call duration is 1 min). So what can easily happen is if your mobile's keypad is not locked (which is an usual case with most of the people), a short key can be presssed anytime (something ..." Read review

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Community Level 2steven37


3 pay as you go services

Advantagesno worries about bills


"...allowance to spend on any 3 services. Or a combination of text messages, voice calls and credit to spend on any 3 services you like. Whichever you choose, you're getting the same great value as customers on a contract. Top-ups give you an allowance of voice minutes and / or text messages, plus a credit to spend on any 3 services you like - £5 credit for each £15 top-up and £1.50 for £25 and £35 top-ups In addition, add-ons let you pay for any ..." Read review

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Community Level 1faridj2005


how lo can u go with Three pay as you go

Advantagesthe best wap service,easy top up options

Disadvantagesbulky phones,confusing tariffs

"...You can spend it on 3 services or use it for phone calls,messaging,video messaging The top ups are available on £15,£25,£35 price plans. In a nutshell,this network is worth every penny spent provided they upgrade their services. ..." Read review

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We love mobile, we dont love our customers.

AdvantagesCould save you money

DisadvantagesCould cost you a lot of money and time.

"...take out a contract as 3 had some excellent special offers available and I felt that it would be much easier to keep in touch with my parents who I had recently moved away from. When I contacted 3 they offered me the latest handset at the time (LG8130) and 1000 minutes plus 500 texts per month for £35 per month. This sounded perfect (although a little too good to be true). But they had more! They would also give me free line rental for 6 months ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mattdarbon


Too good to be true

AdvantagesVERY cheap phones, video calling and 3G services

Disadvantagesmin. top-up is £15, very hard to understand, credit vanishes after 30 days

"...as not many people have 3 phones yet. the £5 free content is good but a music video is £1.50 a time so that doesnt last very long and the £5 credit which i used for texts is about the only joy you get out of it really, and even this dissappears after 30 days no matter what. Coverage is VERY hit and miss, you dont have the luxury of travelling somewhere and guarenteeing you will have signal like with the other major networks. You can give 3 some glory ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mike1111

Quick review of 3 ThreePay Pay As You Go

"Hi, My datacard that I pay 50 GBP / month for, stopped working and there is nobody to assist me with that I have been trying for a week now. I am actually now calling THREE network for the fifth time today and have been redirected between two departments like 8 times. This is a nightmare Don't be lured by these few pounds less because this is nothing compared to what You are likely to go through very soon By the way, I had THREE phone before and returned it 5 days later. The prices of services were ridiculous Thanks for listening Mike

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Community Level 1bob.northo...


3 network-don't touch them with a bargepole!

AdvantagesNone I can think of

DisadvantagesSee the review! definitely wouldn't recommend anybody to use them.

"...I would say that the 3 network are an absolute nightmare to deal with. We've had network problems locally with problems being duplicated on two separate 3 network phones.Customer services in India who (a) seem to have a very poor command of the English language and (b) seem to be very poorly technically trained seemed to think that it was a problems with the phones themselves rather than the network.My girlfriend relies on her mobile as she has a ..." Read review

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