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Asda Thick Bleach - Just As Good As The Leading Brand

Advantagesshaped bottle for those tricky corners, childrens safety cap


"the first time I bought this bleach was because it was in a pink bottle and on offer at two for £1. I always think that it doesn't matter too much what bleach you use and when domestos is more than twice the price then this is definately a bargain. The bottle has a twisted neck with a red child safety cap that has to be squeezed at the sides and screwed off to open. I like this because it means that if for any reason my little one was able to get ..." Read review

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Asda thick pink bleach

Advantagesgood price, works well for my needs

Disadvantagesnone for me really....though it isn't pink ;)

"...When I was shopping in Asda though I saw a pink container with bleach in and this was enough to swing it for me as I love anything pink and so I bought it and took it home. As I said the bleach comes in a pink plastic bottle which looks like many other bleach bottles in that it has a curved part in the middle which makes it easier to hold and a kind of pointed nozzle at the top where you squirt the bleach from. This particular ..." Read review

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In the Pink

AdvantagesCleans well, good price

DisadvantagesStill has that bleach smell

"Bleach is not someting that I use very often in our house as after doing a course at work I found out just how dangerous it can be, a lady had to be taken to hospital when she had used toilet cleaner and bleach and they hqad reacted together and burnt all her throat. Occassionally I like to give the toilet a really good clean and for this I do use bleach although I am nopw really careful that I haven't used any other products on it at the time. ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Prefering the Pink, I think

Advantagesworks great and not dear

Disadvantagesnone at all - see review

"Asda make a few different 'flavoured' bleaches and their Pink & Lavender creation is a lovely scented bleach in a crimson coloured sturdy plastic bottle with child-proof safety top which you have to squeeze and grip to open. It is hard to open the first time you use it though. The bleach is like the others in Asda's own range, it is cheap at 75p a bottle but you can very often get it cheaper when it is on offer. The bleach is of a great thick ..." Read review

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