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Asda Mobile, My Only network from now on:)

AdvantagesGreat Prices, Great Coverage, Fantastic Sevice,

DisadvantagesInternational Calls can be expensive!

"...from the T-mobile to the Asda Mobile network due to the poor service I was receiving from T-mobile. Also finding that I was spending over £100 a month!! I thought of all the lovely products I could go out and buy to review here on Ciao and decided.. Something must be done about it I was on a search for a new network until I went to buy some bananas. Network information? ****************** One day I was in Asda looking for bananas when I saw ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zahravius


ASDA Mobile -- Save As You Go

AdvantagesReally cheap tariff, Great customer service

DisadvantagesNone but probably not cheapest if you need a gazillion minutes and texts

"I recently switched to ASDA Mobile Pay-As-You-Go after spending a hellish 18 months on a contract with O2. I have never been a heavy user of my mobile but I was tempted into the contract by a shiny new phone at Phones4u - my mistake I admit that. ===Why did I choose ASDA Mobile?=== The main reason was the price. 16p for the first 3 minutes each day then 8p 10p for the first 3 texts per day then 5p a text And this applies to any network ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Helenconrad


Asda Mobile lie. Asda Mobile don't look after customers.

AdvantagesLooked good on sales pitch, but soon exposed as false claims and lies

DisadvantagesAsda Lies. Phones network locked (website says they are not). Uncompetitive see GiffGaff, Tesco, 3

"Asda Mobile lie. "All ASDA phones come unlocked, so if you ever change to another network you won't need to worry about getting your phone unlocked." http://www.asdamobile.com/help/faqs.html (13th March 2011) In reality the phone is locked, I found this out after believing the sales pitch when they decided they didn't want my custom and 2.5% of other Asda Mobile customer. Asda Mobile offered a tariff, launched 6th September 2010 called "Unlimited", ..." Read review

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Community Level 2deputydawg


Ground-breaking pricing

AdvantagesStrong network, all low prices, low, low Internet pricing

DisadvantagesIf you have a thing about the ASDA name...

"ASDA mobile is definitely now my top recommendation for pay as you go. Four reasons. First, it sits on the Vodafone network, which where I live and travel seems to be the best signal. Second, it's good value across the board with no dodges. 8p calls and 4p texts with no commitment. If you like spending £15 every month you can do a bit better, but if like me you sometimes use the phone a lot and sometimes a little, this is truly great value. Third, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1samela


The best PAYG on offer with ASDA

AdvantagesCheap calls and texts


"...impressed with the charges on Asda mobile PAYG - 8p a minute to any network, mobile or landline, anytime and 4p for texts. It's the best deal out. It was easy to get started. I bought a sim for 48p put it into my own phone and off I went - I could have kept my original number but I decided to make it even easier for myself so I changed ny number and simply sent a text to everyone with my new number - at 4p a text it wasn't an expensive way of doing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dave99588


ASDA Mobile customer service - not very good

AdvantagesPolite customer service

DisadvantagesCustomer service can't help

"Switched to Asda after being with O2 haveing been tempted by their very good rates, but that's where the fun ended. Port took 2 days to go through so no service. Have ongoing problems with voicemail - can't get messages. Have called more than 10 times but still can't get a fix. An email I sent was ignored even though their system replied. Seems like it may to be too good to be true, these cheap rates. Where is the service? On a plus point the coverage ..." Read review

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Steer clear of these cowboys. Asda Mobile PAYG

AdvantagesNo need to put my phone on silent

DisadvantagesDoes'nt work

"...porting your number across to Asda and be prepared to be unable to make or receive calls for 48 hours plus. Customer service promise to call you back with updates - but never do. Asda blame it on 'a technical fault' and 'it has the utmost priority'. Allegedly Vodaphone technicians are working on it. I think that if Vodaphone was working on it, then it would have been resolved a lot quicker - unless they are giving it 'Asda priority' i.e. cheap and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SteveJ2010


Was Good, But 2 Months In Asda Go Back On Their Word

AdvantagesWas Good

DisadvantagesNow Expensive. Bad Customer Service

"...I had been happy with Asda Mobile until this month where they have decided to no longer support the tariff. In pervious contracts when networks have changed tariffs they have allways run the original deals for existing customers but don't allow new users to sign up... This has been the case ever since my first mobile phone back in the days of "one2one" the London network that offered free calls to 0171 and 0181 (London 0207 and 0208 landlines). ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kelvinl


Better than Asda payg....

AdvantagesThe cheapest I can find, unlimited mobile internet and txts with 250 minutes for £10.

DisadvantagesYou need your own phone.

"ASDA offer a great package with cheap calls and texts, but I think I've actually found a cheaper pay as you go deal. The calls are still 8p and texts 4p, but MMS is 9p cheaper and you get Unlimited mobile internet usage with no Fair usage Policy, so you don't get charged all those extra 20p per MB. You also get unlimited texts, with free same network calls for 3 months every time you top-up with £10. So each month now my bill is only £10, which gives ..." Read review

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