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AdvantagesLearning nadsat, making use of the grey matter!

DisadvantagesDisturbing violence

"...that Burgess turned writing into a fulltime occupation. This was because he was diagnosed as having terminal disease and given only a year to live. In this groundbreaking year he wrote five brilliant novels, and thankfully (for us) he discovered he had been misdiagnosed. This spurred him on to produce an abundance of quality works and 'A Clockwork Orange' has to be the most prominent and notorious of the lot. ==PLOT (the non-spoiler kind)== A 'Clockwork ..." Read review

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Community Level 4emmaewok


Sex, Drugs and....Beethoven???

AdvantagesMakes you think

DisadvantagesNot the nicest subject matters ever

"...read it. Although it is not a very long novel, the reader who is new to "A Clockwork Orange", will probably find themselves faced with somewhat of a marathon ahead of them. Anthony Burgess demands more of a reader in this one book than in any other of his works, or anybody else’s for that matter. The language the narrator speaks, a mixture of made up words, Russian, English and more common slang, will either be the making or breaking of you. Although ..." Read review

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Can you pony this..?

AdvantagesA marvellous language and a wonderful concept...

DisadvantagesNot for the faint-hearted...

"...about Nadsat, so pour yourselves a long cold peet of breakfast moloko or a steaming chasha of chai to go with your eggiwegs and soldiers and I’ll begin. Do you think Kirsty1 has gone a bit bezoomny? Well you may be right. But before you ookadeet entirely cheeching “gloopy chepooka” let me tell you chellovecks something: I make no appy polly loggy for chumbling along in genuine Nadsat. What’s more I won’t be giving you a polyclef for every single ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Alex6655321


What's it going to be then, eh...

AdvantagesInnovative and thought-provoking.

DisadvantagesUltraviolent. Language may prove inaccessible.

"...John Anthony Burgess Wilson displayed a high level of interest in literature and music from an early age. He served in the army for six years, and then occupied several teaching and other educational posts whilst writing books in his spare time. It wasn't until 1959, when he was diagnosed as suffering from a terminal disease and given 12 months to live, that Burgess turned full time to writing in order to provide some financial security for his wife ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cobadee


Kupet this book or receive a tolchock.


DisadvantagesSlang will make many put this book down immediately.

"A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess is probably my favorite novel of all time, yet I rarely find myself recommending this book to my friends. With other favorite books of mine, like Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five and King's Misery, I found myself recommending them to everyone. Why won't I recommend A Clockwork Orange to everyone? Well, it takes dedication to read. The book is only about 200 pages yet it will probably take you about as much time ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rose_of_sh...


Clockwork Codswallop

AdvantagesAs literature, immensely entertaining…

DisadvantagesAs philosophy and science, infantile.

"...miscegenated Russian and cockney, of a juvenile delinquent called Alex who wounds and rapes for kicks in between worshipping at the shrines of Ludwig V. and Wolfgang M. After many bloody adventures with his droogies, he is caught by the police and conditioned by government scientists to respond with nausea to the merest thought of violence. Unfortunately, because the films of concentration camps and Japanese atrocities with which they condition him ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lewman


Possibly the most importnat book ever

AdvantagesA really great read


"...tells the story of Alex, a teenager who robs and pillages, rapes and commit's acts of ultra-violence with his band of friends. This continues on a daily basis until he is eventually caught during one such incident. He is then put through a therapy that will undo his maniac intent, but at what cost? This book surveys the messages of human nature, whether we as people are right in controlling one another. It is as satiriacal today, as it's ever ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mrbibbly


Beauty Born From Chaos

AdvantagesVisionary,original and well written

Disadvantagesthe language can be tough going at times...

"...yob culture. It centres around a 14 year old delinquent called Alex,who brutally rapes, commits "ultraviolence" and generally terrorises all the public that he meets. It is written in a bizzare spoken language, with Alex as the narrator. The book details about his exploits with his gang (droogs), his eventual set-up by the gang and arrest. After his arrest he agrees to a radical treatment that will prevent him commiting any more brutal acts; to ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gayleb


Really makes you think



"...the book is written in a strange language with words such as "rookers" for hands. However once you really get into the book the language is no longer a problem you quickly pick it up. The book is pretty addictive especially when you get to around the middle and end of the book. The story is unpredictable which keeps you reading and has plenty of twists and turns to hold your attention. The theme of the book is about freewill and this is highlighted ..." Read review

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Community Level 1munky7


Clockwork Orange Rules

AdvantagesHard to put down

DisadvantagesMay be to violent for some readers

"A Clockwork Orange, published in 1962, is probably Anthony Burgress's best known novel. The story takes a first person look at the protagonist's journey from teenage hoodlum, to model citizen, back to an improved hoodlum. Burgess uses his command of language to tell the story of Alex, the leader of a teenage gang, whose nights are consumed by pure violence. Alex and gang steal cars, rape women, beat and rob stores, fight rival gangs and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gavvys_girl


Rule 1--Keep Reading

AdvantagesDefinitely a classic

DisadvantagesHard reading at first

"...go on. Now, I consider myself a fairly good reader, but I let this book intimidate me because it was written in a style unknown to me. It's written in a combination of English and Nadsat *vocabulary of the future* which is based on a series of languages including Russian. There are various indexes on the Web that can help you decipher the language at the beginning of the book, but you'll that the more and more you read, the more and more you'll ..." Read review

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Community Level 1matt_the_p...


Burgess's masterpiece amongst monstrosities

AdvantagesReading one of the most sensationalist novels known to man.

DisadvantagesNot being able to put it down!

"...the events that unfold. In a brutal indictment of the autocratic soceity in which Burgess pereceived he lived, your perception of morality will be challenged as the actions of Alex and his 'droogs' is starkly juxtaposed with the corruption of the state. However, crucial information for anyone considering indulging themselves with this amazing work is a follows. - 'A clockwork Orange' is written in Nadsat, a combination of Russian, cockney rhyming ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chocolatec...


The fragility and stupidity of the youth

Advantagesa compelling novel with vivid gruesome descriptions

Disadvantagesmaybe the descriptions were too vivid

"...of the book I had a full understanding of this juvenile language and it had become second nature to me and I no longer needed to translate the words, I even by accident used this words in my speech for a week. The story line is based around a group of well-off boys, who make their money through armed robberies, pick pocketing and every kind of moneymaking opportunity that comes their way involving violence. The self-appointed leader of the pack ..." Read review

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Ultraviolence and Milk Bars

AdvantagesSkillfully written

DisadvantagesThe language used is hard to understand

"...book as it seems such a bland word to apply to a work so great. But classic it is - a novel of unrivalled insight and full of thought-provoking discussion. The story begins with the motley crew of four youths of which Alex is the leader. They regularly reek havoc on the people around them, committing heinous crimes like kicking to death an old man and attacking a couple in their own home. Their wickedness finally culminates in a brutal attack on an ..." Read review

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Community Level 2doctor_gonzo


More relevant now than ever

AdvantagesShocking and very relevant


"...of the film gifted it a certain notoriety that has meant that it is more remembered for the violence (which is all too often glamourised) than the real message of the book. What is the message then? Well my own interpretation is that firstly it is obviously a warning note sounded against the development of a culture of youth violence. In the book Alex and his Droogs rule their housing estate with the terror that is ultra-violence. Burgess description ..." Read review

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