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MAP READING YOU CAN'T GET WRONG Diamond review Review with images

Advantagesdirects you to your destination smoothly, great if you are on your own, no more trying to map read and drive, makes your journey safer

Disadvantagessometimes gets the speed limit wrong, severe weather can make it slow by interferring with the satallite reception.

"ACER N35 GPS HANDHELD POCKET CHAUFFEUR My darling hubby bought me this about a month ago now, he was concerned as I have to travel around the West Midlands to different Spiritualist Churches, worried that I might loose my way when I travelled on my own, so he bought me a sat. nav. I'm afraid I am not a techno buff, so this will be my experience of using the Satellite Navigation System not the technical side. *** OUR SEARCH *** We had ..." Read review

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Community Level 2clairearcher


Well worth a second look

AdvantagesGreat value for money

DisadvantagesNot as higher spec as others

"...Ebay I came across the Acer N35 advertised as a PDA / Satnav combined. The concept of a combined unit appealed somewhat as I could also use the device as a pocket diary. PRICE ********* The recommended price for these is around the £200 mark. However, Ebay usually being good for a bargain, I bought a factory reconditioned unit for under £80. WHAT YOU GET ******************* Basically a PDA (pocket PC) and a satellite navigation system all ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Juancruz


PDA and GPS, all-in-one Diamond review

AdvantagesGreat value for the money.

DisadvantagesNo wireless connection

"...The Airis 509 and this Acer N35. After reading a lot of forum about GPS and PDAs, I found that both models were more or less the same quality, and their processor were similar in power. I finally choice the Acer because it look better built than the Airis. What about the PDA? The first though is that it's pretty bulky. It's the price you pay for the GPS, and a pretty big screen. Once you try for a while you realize is not so big, and you can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wmspillett


Excellent GPS package at great price

AdvantagesExcellent sat-nav package at low price, well-spec'd handheld computer

DisadvantagesAdvertising unclear: hidden costs of full European package

"...satellite navigation system; and the Acer n35 is not only the cheapest GPS-equipped handheld, it's actually cheaper than most dedicated sat-nav systems, so the fact that this device functions as a computer with numerous other facilities is a pure bonus! You can easily pay £400 for a dedicated portable sat-nav system like the Tom Tom Go, and similar amounts for sat-nav equipped handhelds, but the Acer can be had for as little as £240 brand new with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mizz_dave_...


As a Sat Nav...

AdvantagesCheap Sat Nav, looks nice

DisadvantagesQuite slow needs resetting lots

"Well! I searched for a Sat Nav hoping to find something under £150 and was shocked to find this at £100. Really cheap price and seemed to come with a lot. I read that the Sat Nav included 'Points of Interest' such as hotels, restaurants and petrol stations and thought this was a great price to include all these features as well as the Microsoft Office package on the PDA. I was a bit bothered when it arrived though that it only came with ..." Read review

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Community Level 15621josh


Incredible value usable navigation

AdvantagesIncredible value usable navigation Size/weight great!!

DisadvantagesOccasional idiosyncratic turn directions.

"I was going to buy a Tom Tom Go on the basis of the rave reviews, so this was something of a leap in the dark, as I couldn\'t find too many reviews. But I am glad I took the risk, saving myself £150, and getting a PDA into the bargain. The device is very small and light, the fold-away antenna for the GPS being a neat idea, and makes it genuinely pocketable when it\'s not in the car. The cheap price isn\'t reflected in the build design and quality ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lofty88


GPS?PDA Combo. Good idea?

AdvantagesLooks nice, good value for money!

DisadvantagesSometimes crashes for no reason, a bit slow to react.

"Well, i bought this since i needed it for my job (i'm pretty useless at directions), got it off of eBay for a tad under £170, this was about 3 months ago. The first thing i noticed when picking it up was that it was very light, although it still felt very robust and capable of dealing with what is required! Did as per the instructions and charged it up fully. This is my first niggle. The data cable has to be plugged into the PDA, and directly into ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Alpha07


Acer N35

AdvantagesLight Weight Compact unit with no wires

DisadvantagesNeed Microsoft Outlook to syncronise data (ie calender, contacts etc)

"I bought this unit from Amazon for £249.99 including Destinator Software, because I did not want any wires cluttering the car. The craddle can be placed on the windscreen or dashboard at a convenient place for you. So long as the antena is not obsturcted you will get a clear signal every time. Worth mentioning if you have a new car with one of those blue tints that repel UV light then you may find it hard to get the signal and have to purchase an ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pehorts


not hard enough for me

Advantagesdestinator software

Disadvantagesnot very robust or hard wearing.

"i have used the acer n35 hand held computor for over 12months. the destinator software is satisfactory and does get you from a to b without any fuss but is not as good or as durable as some of the other navigation software titles. the destinator maps can be viewed in 2d, 3d or birds eye view, i found the 3d view to be the best as you will see where your going much clearer but to get the street names to come up on screen you will need to see the ..." Read review

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Community Level 0babarali_i...

Quick review of Acer N35 GPS 256 MB

"I have n35 GPS but i cannot find his software to use it as GPS systerm, so can any one provide me GPS software for Acer n35 model. my email is "Baber.ali@v-techs.com" please send me. Thanks and Regards in advance.

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Battery Acer N35, N35se, Li-ion, 1600 mAh

Battery Acer N35, N35se, Li-ion, 1600 mAh

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