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Suddenly I see!

AdvantagesComfortable, reasonably priced


"...the optician recommended I try Acuvue two-weekly lenses and gave me a trial. I found these comfortable and stronger in their tear ability than my monthly ones so happily swapped. The price difference was not too much although I did have to purchase solution on top of that. The exact name is Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear by Johnson and Johnson and are intended to be replaced every two weeks. The small cardboard box is white and sky blue with the ..." Read review

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Stop me bumping into stuff!

Advantagescomfortable and less flimsy than dailies

Disadvantagesnot for really long-term wear

"Well, no - I still bump into loads of stuff, but contact lenses can only fix your eyesight, not ingrained clumsiness! ;) Jokes aside, I have been wearing contact lenses since 1995, and this particular brand since its launch c.2004. Acuvue Advance are fortnightly-disposable lenses for daily wear: I moved from monthly ones, back in the days when most contact lenses were bought at huge expense for a full year of daily wear! I was always too ..." Read review

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These are a sight for sore eyes

Advantagescomfortable; easy to clean and use

Disadvantagescan tear; not as air permeable as some

"...they instead gave me these acuvue advance lenses, which are fortnightly, rather than daily. The first thing to mention, then, is that these are quite permeable. I can't give you an exact percentage, but they do let in far more air than the dailies I was using. Apparently they're made of a 'unique silicone hydrogel material called galyfilcon A' so maybe that explains it. Who knows! All I know is that this means I can wear them for about 7 hours ..." Read review

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The most comfortable lenses I have tried

AdvantagesVery comfortable


"...give me a trial of Acuvue Advance and asked me to return in a week to discuss how I had been getting on with the lenses. ==What are Acuvue Advance?== The full name of my contact lenses are Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear. They are made by Johnson and Johnson and are a two weekly lense where you change your lenses after two weeks of wear (if you take them out at night). If you choose to sleep with the lenses in then they must be changed weekly. ..." Read review

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Comfort for the Eyes

AdvantagesVery comfy, don't dry your eyes out

DisadvantagesNone really

"I've been wearing these contact lenses for over two years now. I suffered with many problems with other types of lenses, such as dry, tired & itchy eyes. My optician recommended these at the time because I was wearing my lenses for 12-14 hours a day and also staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day at work. And these lenses are designed for extended wear as I think they allow your eyes to 'breathe' I've noticed the description next to ..." Read review

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Community Level 4levenite


I can see clearly now

AdvantagesWear for 2 weeks then replace so always feel like they are new

DisadvantagesNone that i can think of

"The Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Advance are the best disposible contact lenses that i have tried, (and i've tried a quite a few). They come in a blue and white little box with a contact lens plunging into water on the front cover with the words Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear written on it. There are 6 individual lenses all of the same prescription inside, each wrapped seperatley in its own little plastic case with a bump in the bottom of it that ..." Read review

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Community Level 2silver-sarah


Great quality contact lenses

AdvantagesVery comfortable and easy to use

DisadvantagesNot the cheapest on the market

"...from my optician and chose Acuvue Advance. These lenses are licensed for continuous wear, so in theory they could be left in the eye for the full 2 weeks before needing to be changed. My optician explained that this is because they allow a lot of oxygen to the back of the eye, so the lense does not need to be removed to allow the eye to 'breath'. However, it is healthier to remove the lenses and clean them, keeping them in a storage case over night. I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MuhammadRaza


Beats all the competitors

AdvantagesLasting Time, Ease to put in

Disadvantagesas with all except dailies the hygiene required

"I was new to contact lenses and after taking a monthly lense for half a year moved to another provider who recommended me this lense. I find this lense is brilliant as it lasts the full time, rarely do i have trouble putting them in nor do I feel it itchy in my eye. Furthermore for the price I am getting them its value for money is terrific. After experiencing and researching several different providers I found that money wise and through the ..." Read review

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No Glasses For me

Advantagescomfortable, easy to wear

Disadvantageshigh maintenance as with any other contact lense

"In my opinion, Acuvue has the best and most comfortable contact lenses. I have been a loyal user for many many years. I like that I can wear it all day without the discomfort that I had encountered with the other brands. I started using Acuvue when my Optometrist recommended it when I complained about my dry gritty eyes when I wear contacts. I also suffer from astigmatism so the Acuvue Oasis is a great find. The accuvue oasys for astigmatism contacts ..." Read review

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Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Advance

Acuvue« Advance« are designed for exceptional comfort over periods of long wear. The ... more

unique HYDRACLEAR« Plus technology means lenses
are ultra smooth with refreshing in built wetting
agents and high oxygen delivery. These lenses can
be worn continuousl...

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