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Say farewell to your Jelly-Belly!

AdvantagesLoose weight quickly.

Disadvantagesmakes you go to the loo!

"Adios has been on the shelves of pharmacies for several years now and seems to be here to stay. Being a girl, and prone to the occasional yo-yo-diet, you name it I’ve tried it! I first got Adios a couple of years ago when I met my (now ex) he wanted this perfect size 8 girl that he could be proud of to take on his motorbike, but liked my personality. So, being a vain 17 yr old I decided I was going to loose weight for him, if that wasn’t love I ..." Read review

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Adios to those extra pounds!

Advantageseasy to take, taste ok

Disadvantagesyou may be sensitive to the ingredients

"...I saw an advert for Adios about 2 weeks ago. I had heard of them before so I read up on them and decided to give them a try. They are a herbal product that speed up your metabolic rate and promote weight loss when you eat sensibly and excersise. After 10 days of taking them I have lost 7lb. They have gave me the kick start I needed to get the rest of this weight off. I take one 3 times a day with food and I am still sticking with my healthy eating ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mints4merlin


Adios Weight Loss Pills

Advantagestaste nice, help lose some weight

Disadvantagesdon't work, have side effects, quite expensive, slow to work

"...messy bedroom and hides her Adios Pills under some pants. You may also be familiar with the packaging. They come in a green and yellow square box and are avaliable almost everywhere, from Asda to Tesco, from Boots to your local Co-Op. I purchased mine from Tesco, and paid £6.45 for a bottle of 100 pills. I decided to purchase them as I had decided summer was a time to expose a little more skin and losing a few pounds wouldn't harm, but actually ..." Read review

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start some healthy diet and say ADIOS TO ADIOS Diamond review

Advantagescan't think of any:P cheap maybe?

Disadvantagesdon't work, need to take 3-4/day

" self! So I've seen Adios in Boots. What is this adios anyway, I thought? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's a herbal remedy traditionally used as an aid to slimming. The ingredients in Adios help you to lose weight naturally by speeding up your body's metabolic rate and stimulating fat metabolism. Adios Slimming Tablets I'd thought they could help in a way, who knows! Where did I got them from? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I didn't got ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Sal4Mike


AD-DI -OS? Who's 'ad- the-'orse?? Review with images

AdvantagesLose the flab!!

DisadvantagesMaybe Not lose the flab!

"ADIOS - A natural aid for slimming. I have seen two reviews on this - one favourable one totally against it. So as I have already bought some I am writing a review of my experience of it. It normally retails about £9.99 for 100 tablets, but I managed to get it for £8.95 in Superdrug! The leaflet states not to take it if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients which are: Butternut, Dandelion root, dry extract of Boldo and dry extract ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Logan33


Anyone need the toilet???

Advantagesyou will lose weight in the short term

DisadvantagesDiarrhoea, tiredness, chronic dehydration, headaches

"...want to lose weight and Adios will help you right? here are a few things to consider..... I have worked in the health and fitness industry for many years, I also studied nutrition as part of my degree programme at Southampton University. Being interested in all things health related, I studied diets and dieting products and would like to share a few thoughts with you. Firstly the named product which hundreds of people I train have used. Adios. ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


These are not so good Review with images

AdvantagesThey are easy to swallow

DisadvantagesThey are not really very good and expensive

"...around my stomach. My friend suggested Adios tablets, which I bought from my Chemist and they cost me £6 for 100 little tiny white tablets. I was a bit worried about taking them at first but then I thought I would try to see if they worked. I checked with my Nurse at the surgery and I think it is wide if you do this beforehand just in case they interact with any other medications you might be taking, especially as you get older. If you have a thyroid ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tammyjo


Does it really works Review with images

AdvantagesThe sweet coating on the pills

Disadvantagesuntold side effects

" so I came across Adios one day when I was out shopping in Asda, I did not buy the pills at the time but since I have seen it, I came across an advert on the television about it (Adios) which was impressive so I thought I would go and get a packet. Without any solid research about the product I started taking it. During the first week of taking this product every thing seems to be ok, I didn't seem to be loosing or gaining weight. So I continue ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pennypete


I said Adios to my weight and so can you

AdvantagesThey help you lose weight

DisadvantagesThere are side affetcs

"...experiences of Adios. First things first, Adios is a weight losing aid. It comes in the form of little tablets that is advised to be taken 3/4 times a day at mealtimes. They are a natural aid, containing, butternut, dandelion root, dry extract of Boldo and Fucus. There are 100 in a tub, so a months supply and can be bought in many high street stores, like Boots, Tesco, Asda, Superdrug. and is usually in the region of £9.99. It says it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Squeezy


It worked for me

AdvantagesWeight fell off

DisadvantagesHasn't stopped yet

" a good idea. I saw Adios advertised in a magazine, they claim to increase the rate at which your body metabolises food, so I thought I would give them a try. I was put off by the price at Boots (£9.99) but when I saw them in Asda for £6.49, I thought I would try. That was three months ago. Two weeks ago I was able to buy a new pair of jeans size 10! I never dreamed I would be this small again and was over the moon. I stopped taking the tablets ..." Read review

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Say Adios to your money and hello to your weight!!


Disadvantagesno effect, expensive and just generally not good!

"I saw the adverts for these on the telly quite often a few months ago and i thought i would give them a try. I am quite a fan of natural remedies and wondered if they would be any good. So i wandered down to boots and brought a box for £9.99 - which i thought was a touch pricey but i guess diet things always will be. They come in the form of very small brown tablets - about the size of an asprin tablet. The ingredients for the tables are Butternut ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sallyanneb...



AdvantagesChubbies little helper

Disadvantagesstay near the loo

" friend began to take Adios as a helper on the path to slim. The tablets, you take one with every meal, seemed to make them visit the loo and pee like a racehorse all day and often at night. But the weight did start to come off all of us at quite an impressive rate. By the time March came we had all lost around two stone each! We were doing the whole green day or red day slimming world diet and stopped living on chocolate and crisps. In fact we ..." Read review

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Community Level 1annam0787


ADIOS Review

AdvantagesI've lost some weight

DisadvantagesHyperactivity and a change in bowel movements

"...friend and I started taking Adios 2 weeks ago because we need to lost a bit of weight for a party! We're not overweight; we just want to lose about 4-5lbs each so that our dresses fit better. We're taking 3 tablets a day, with meals. Neither of us have changed out diet and exercise plans at all -we are both fairly healthy eaters and do regular exercise anyway, but I'm still eating the occasional chocolate bar /crisps /chips etc. Now for the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1huggybeejo



AdvantagesTaste nice and only need 3 a day tops


"...with sweeteners and have bought Adios to help me along the way, and its great! I have also being walking and running a bit more (only a little bit though) which helps. Its daft to think tablets work on their own, you have to eat good too and excercise a little, but the results are great. Ive also stocked up on these little 80 calorie weight watchers tuna, herb and tomoto tins at work in case I get hungary in the late afternoon- much better than snacking ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Natassia


Adios - effective weight loss

AdvantagesLost weight, discrete, easy to take

DisadvantagesSlight constipation, Expensive

"...pounds I needed to shed. Adios come as small orange pills which claim to aid weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and with only using natural products. After checking the label I deemed them safe and began taking 1 with every meal. They are easy to swallow and didn't require water (if you are able to dry swallow pills). Anyway I dropped 3lbs in the first week and it carried on by a further 2 pounds each following week. I owe a lot to those small ..." Read review

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Adios herbal tablets 100

Adios is a licensed herbal medicine traditionally used to aid slimming It is for use as ... more

part of a calorie-controlled diet The product is
for use by adults (16 years and above) and the
elderly The natural herbal active ingredients in
this product are fo...

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