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Magic Magnum..! Review with images

AdvantagesWorks exceptionally well - Fantastic value - Economical purchase - Easy to use..

DisadvantagesNone for me..

" == ~ Aldi Magnum Washing Up Liquid ~ == I will usually purchase a washing up liquid from a well-known brand such as Persil or Fairy, but have been tempted into trying out a few supermarket-own branded products in the past. I had heard great reports about Aldi's "Magnum" washing up liquid, and was aware that this Aldi product had actually beaten the Fairy brand in the past, in consumer testing by the WHICH? Company, apparently knocking the Fairy ..." Read review

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Aldi Magnum Washing Up Original Liquid: One To Celebrate!

AdvantagesEffective, long lasting and cost effective.

DisadvantagesNone for me, though for some: lack of aroma

"...to me trying out this Aldi product. I can’t deny it: a lot was down to Aldi’s own advertising which stated that consumer reviews rated it highly. Another was the opening of a new Aldi store very close to where I live; it’s almost become my corner shop. Then our household size diminished, as did the family income and the amount of washing up! So, in the spirit of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ I decided to give it a go. At 59p there wasn’t much ..." Read review

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The liquid that made the headlines! Review with images

AdvantagesHas won awards, variety of versions, cost, cleaning power,


"Aldi Magnum Liquid JJ! You hypocrite! You go around saying things like "You get what you pay for, on peoples reviews" so why an EARTH have you not bought Fairy, the premium brand of washing up liquid? Well I am here to inform you that my title is no word of a lie- Aldi Magnum washing up liquid really did make the headlines in August 2010/2011. I feel it my duty, therefore to explain why. I also wish to make it clear that we are a family who swears ..." Read review

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Not the tastiest Magnum but bloody good at pots.

AdvantagesCheap, cuts through grease, long lasting.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"...chance to go to Aldi. Aldi is not my usual supermarket so I was on the look out for good deals and bargains when I spotted a bottle of Magnum washing up liquid. I popped one in my basket as I had read a couple of reviews that told me it was good stuff. The washing up liquid is similar in design to most other brands in that it is in a clear easy to grip plastic bottle with a resealable flip top lid. The washing up liquid is a vivid dark green and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mickeydumv...


It's No Fairy This Aldi Washing Up Lqd

AdvantagesValue For Money

DisadvantagesNot Clear If Tested On Animals Or Not

"...at what percentage? Come on Aldi let's have some info! I tried to leave a message on the Aldi web site, but it doesn't allow that, so next time I'm in the store I'll try and speak to the manager. For some reason, I've got a bee in my bonnet about this. I'd never even have looked that closely at washing up ingredients, if it hadn't been for Ciao. "Oy, Dumville, get off yer soap box!" Finally on the label is a return to store warranty. Basically ..." Read review

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Washing up with Aldi on the cheap!

AdvantagesGreat quality and fit for purpose, a little goes a very long way indeed

DisadvantagesNone for me at all!

"...whilst I was shopping in Aldi and the shop about to close so I was left with only one choice and that was only Aldi's own brand of washing up liquid called Magum. I did have a choice of scent however and the choices were Original, Lemon and this one so I bought 'Pink Grapefruit'. I love the scent of grapefruit and liked the fact it is a light pink in colour so nice and girly looking for my kitchen! The Packaging: You can purchase this in a 500ml ..." Read review

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Move over Fairy – there’s a new kid on the block!

AdvantagesCleans really well, cheap

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...in I discovered my local Aldi store which is a great place to pick up some bargains, particularly on fruit or non branded items like milk and eggs. Browsing the aisles on one such trip I spotted Aldi’s own Magnum range of washing up liquid. Normally I would walk straight past and not bat an eyelid, however I could not ignore the bold advertising claims being made. This washing up liquid had recently been part of a range of liquids tested by independent ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Procumbens


Premium Washing Up

AdvantagesCheap, does not irritate the skin, mild perfume so does not taint the dishes

DisadvantagesNone found

"I always buy Aldi premium washing up liquid because of its good value for money and effective cleaning power.It is concentrated which means you only need a small squirt which is economical. It is kind and gentle to the hands yet at the same time definately does cut through grease and never leaves a scum in the sink when the water is drained out. There are 3 varieties including a Bacteriacidal but my favourite is the lemon coloured one Sunburst ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fftjes


Liquid Washing up

AdvantagesUse for all kind of wash


"I always buy the liquid washing up product of the Aldi. Why ? It is cheap and it is a good product, you can use it for white or colord wash. It smells nice and it gives a good result. You can use it for the 40 degree wash and for the 60 degree wash. It also get stains like chocolat and coffe , tea out of t-shirts and pens. And because it is in a bottle that is reclosable its very handy in the bathroom. It is a square bottle so also easy to store ..." Read review

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