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Community Level 5kthdsn


Alice Cooper

AdvantagesGreat music, dares to be different

DisadvantagesSome stuff may be a little shocking

"My sister is obsessed with Alice Cooper and having spent so much time at my house over the last year she has roped me in too and I have to admit to thinking he is pretty amazing. I couldn't decide which of his albums to tell you about so I figured why not just review the man himself. A bit of background first. Alice was born Vincent Furnier in detroit in 1948. In the 60's he formed a band which was called "The earwigs". They changed their name ..." Read review

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Community Level 1snow_fairy


The Alice Cooper Show

AdvantagesClassic songs, great live shows + Alice remains a ledgend

DisadvantagesSpecial forces, and a few other dodgy songs

"...to the macabre antics of Alice Cooper. Simply put, this pioneering rocker wrote the book on shock-rock by combining the creepy imagery of classic horror movies with a thunderous, energetic hard rock sound. He also brought this sonic spectacle to life in visual form with a theatrical stage show that threw every kind of visceral horror imaginable at the audience. In the process, he created a new set of rules for how to scare people with rock and roll ..." Read review

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Community Level 1M_A_A_B


A man called Alice.

AdvantagesThe original evil-looking guy in make-up!

DisadvantagesOften imitated and tame by todays standards.

"Alice Cooper is an original legend! While Marilyn Manson was still in nappies, Alice was already covered in make up and spreading controversy everywhere he went. His stage shows consisted of lots of blood and snake action while big hair and outrageous face paints were a must. School's Out has been an anthem since it's release and although still a classic it seems tame by todays standards of shock-rock (Marilyn Manson/Trent Reznor etc). Even though ..." Read review

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