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Community Level 2m4tt_king


Aliens vs More Aliens vs Meat sacks.

AdvantagesRock, paper, Scissors gameplay. Get to play as an Alien!

DisadvantagesPoor controls and mechanics. No polish.

"...bring down 3 or 4 Aliens with one clip of Ammunition. Seeing as you move around with a few other Marines for most of the game, thats 2 to 3 Assault rifles. The power of these assault rifles is magnified due to the fact that alot of the combat can take place in tight, cramped tunnels with a few aliens attacknig you in a line. It's almsot like shooting ducks in a barrel at times, even on the harder difficulties. That's if the Aliens even show up ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TGO210


alien vs predator review

Advantagesgood sound, good alien campaign, gory stealth and finishing moves.

Disadvantagesfar to short, crap predator campaign and really crap game engine and it really shows.

"...Both the predator and the aliens have some really good and gory finishing and sneaking moves. I would usually talk about the graphics further but they are just BAD on ALL the character campaigns, and the engine looks over 10 maybe 20 years old. However it does have lots of great sound effects for all campaigns that match the movies perfectly. As a human you are a new recruit working for weyland yutani (sounds familiar it should itís the company ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AndrewRyan...


About as faithful to these cult franchises as anyone could want

AdvantagesVery faithful to it's source material

DisadvantagesCan be rough around the edges

"...round of ass kicking in Aliens vs Predator. Considering Rebellion made the first ever Aliens vs Predator game, which has been considered one of the scariest games ever made, itís hard not to be slightly excited for the 2010 incarnation of the sci-fi horror franchise. But as the recent films have shown us, anything can go extremely wrong with this franchise, so does AvP avoid the curse of this classic franchise or does it give us an elevator ride to ..." Read review

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Aliens VS Predator: Paper covers Rock.

AdvantagesMixed species team deathmatch!

Disadvantagesa little expensive, wait until the price drops

"Aliens VS Predator!!! Well, after a good few weeks of tentative waiting after the multiplayer demo i have finally bought and completed The single player campaign for all species in AVP. So... what to say about this game that hasn't already been whined about by let-down fanboys or spit on by FPS nerds? Not that much if I'm honest. Well this was a short review... ...Okay let's have at this with some structure at least; The story: I'm going to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ReviewGamer


Good or bad game? find out..

AdvantagesNot bad online multiplayer modes!

DisadvantagesPoor graphix & Single player modes!

"...mediocre, but that's unfortunate because Aliens vs. Predator is still a game you'll want to love. It comes from the developer of the beloved APC series, and like that game it features three somewhat different styles to play. Aliens vs. Predator aren't that much fun and while the multiplayer online is somewhat better its unlike to be your online go to shooter. Aside from its storied history Alien vs Predator as its main appeal is its three different ..." Read review

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Alien Vs Predator

AdvantagesGraphics are impressive, level of tension is adequate for the situation.

DisadvantagesControls are pretty annoying when playing the alien, especially when crawling across surfaces.

"I have to admit I was really unsure of what to expect prior to purchasing this game. I am a very big fan of both the Alien & Predator franchise's and I think thats why I wasn't sure how this would pan out in next gen graphics and gameability. First impressions when playing this game, where that graphically... it is impressive, especially with the lighting, which helps to set a level of tension when playing. The finishing kills are pretty graphic, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SevenAnts


GREAT GAME Review with images

AdvantagesPlay as Aliens, Predators and humans

Disadvantagestakes a little while to get used to

"Aliens vs. Predetor is a Great Game and an exelent Value for money, the controles are a little hard to get used but you'll soon get used to them, and a great story line and online experince, a great feature is that you get three seperate campains, one as aliens, one as predators and one as marines (humans) i love playing this game with my friends, there are a nice selections of maps to play on and some of the maps change as you play (Open and closing ..." Read review

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Aliens Vs Predator (avp) Game Xbox 360 Brand

Aliens Vs Predator (avp) Game Xbox 360 Brand

aliens vs predator avp game xbox 360 developed at rebellion by the team responsible for ... more

the original 1999 classic in the all new aliens vs
predator players have the chance to take the role
of the three infamous species the colonial marine
the predator ...

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