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Efficient service - all items delivered - no damage

AdvantagesAll staff friendly, helpful, careful and diligent

DisadvantagesGoods delivered one day late due to breakdown

"I moved from Newcastle upon Tyne to London in January 2013 with approximately half a Luton van's worth of goods. The removal was conducted as a part load, sharing a truck with other people's goods. KEY DATES Date of contact: 10/Dec/12 Date a Pickfords representative visited my home to assess the move's requirements: 13/Dec/12 Date of quotation: 14/Dec/12 Date goods collected: 4/Jan/13 Scheduled delivery date: 9/Jan/13 Date goods delivered: 10/Jan/13 ADMINISTRATION i) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1unspecific


More like "the careless movers" Review with images

AdvantagesWere willing to negotiate on price.

DisadvantagesOffice staff untrained & unhelpful. Packing staff slow & incompetent. Zero customer service.

"I used Allied Pickfords to move from Bristol, UK, to Adelaide, Australia. Pick-up was October 29th 2010 and delivery was early February 2011 (over a month late). I got 5 quotes for the move. Pickfords were the second-dearest (John Masons/Wridgways being the dearest). I searched for online reviews of all 5 companies before deciding - John Masons/Wridgways were the only company to get only good reviews (that I could find). Unfortunately I had a fixed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moaning1


Not a pleasant experience whatsoever!

AdvantagesThe so called #1 mover in the UK

DisadvantagesDoesn't live up to expectations

"...read the previous review on Allied Pickfords. Seems a couple of lost boxes seems to be not such a rare occurence after all. Perhaps its time for Pickfords to wake up to the fact they are not as perfect as they think. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1synctime


Allied Pickfords - the careless movers

AdvantagesSame company at both ends

DisadvantagesLarge organisation - chaotic

"I used Allied Pickfords to move my houshold belongings from Australia to the UK. The price quoted by Pickfords Australia was not the cheapest, but I choosed them because they would be the same company at both ends, and I thought Pickfords are 'careful movers'. (I had a quotation from an Australian company for less money, and for a full container.) After my belongings were taken away in Australia, I had a call from the salesmen for more money, because ..." Read review

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Community Level 1California76


Do not use Allied Pickford


DisadvantagesCompetence of people that pack your goods is abysmal

"...to the U.S & used Allied Pickford. We had just been married six months prior & had substantial delicate wedding gifts. We chose Allied even though it was more expensive as we wrongly believed they would be the most capable in moving our things. We couldn't have been more wrong. The way they packed our items was shocking, to the point, where the Allied unpackers in the U.S asked us whether we had our packed the things ourselves because they had never ..." Read review

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Community Level 1surfer-bob


The worst removalists in the world!

Advantages Absolutely none

Disadvantages Breakages, losses, damage to house and no customer support,

"...from Melbourne to Sydney with Allied Pickfords Australia and it has been a decision for which I have consdierable regret. It all started so well. Their sales rep was good at her job and even though they were slightly more expensive than another quote we decided to put our trust in them. From this point if went downhill. I was amazed at the lack of respect their "packers" had with our personal posessions. After remonstrating with them I felt ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dollie2008

Quick review of Allied Pickfords

"I moved overseas with Pickfords from Edinburgh to USA, the move was perfect from start to finish, it was a company relocation and we had to have 3 quotes the representative who visited with us was a fountain of knowledge, we chose not based on cost but service, the move coordinator in the office was first class, she spent time explaining the paperwork, insurance and destination services then when we arrived in the US we were contacted by Allied again and all explained, they cleared our goods at customs and delivered everything intact. I could not rate them any higher - They made a stressful live changing move enjoyable and I do not think you can rate them higher than that!!

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Community Level 1Ludwig44


Pickfords move - but not always to your new address

AdvantagesEasy to find in the phone book

DisadvantagesEvery aspect of their service judjing by our experience

"Like many we chose Pickfords for our move from Scotland to southern England via storage based on reputation and the assurances of their rep. We knew it would not be easy but little did we know how much stress, heartbreak and anger it would generate. Briefly, the all-container pack we paid for didn't happen and on day 2, despite our protests, our belongings were loose packed into the van to be packed into containers at the depot! When our belongings ..." Read review

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Pickfords? The very worst moving experience ever!



"I used Pickfords to move house in March 2008. The four-man team that appeared looked and behaved like a crowd of ruffians. Although I'd booked the packing service they did not bubble-wrap everything, which resulted in minor damage to several items. When I arrived in the new house I discovered that a valuable item had been damaged in several places and I reported this to Pickfords. Later that day a neighbour who had seen the item concerned being moved ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joonas


Pickfords to be avoided at all cost

AdvantagesNice website and advertisements

DisadvantagesTemperamental packers, very expensive and unreliable

"I recently moved to Finland from the UK. After having been given a low price and assurance that care would be taken with our musical instruments we accepted Pickfords quote. On the day the instruments were all left unwrapped and put loose into wardrobe boxes with sports equipment. Once things were removed and in their warehouse, the price increased by 50%, then lowered at great lost to them (I was told), only to be finally increased again as they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1loz8899


Worst moving experience and service we've ever had!

Advantagesvery few

Disadvantagesdamaged furniture, they (effectively) stole our money (i.e. no refund for terrible service)

"We had previously used Allied Pickfords over the past 25 years for about 5 moves across three continents. Very happy until our most recent move In July 2011, in Perth Australia. It is hard to write this review without getting emotional or rude but I can say that it was one of the worst experiences we've ever had. In very brief, just a few of the issues we had: they were late, they didn't have enough people for the job, the truck was too small for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sueocallag...


DO NOT USE Allied Pickfords...they are APPALLING.


Disadvantagesunreliable, do not meet deadlines, lie, no customer service, no complaints procedure, no come back

"...appalling service as provided by Allied Pickfords. I chose them because they said they were pro-active and would guarantee a delivery date in NZ if I paid extra fees which I did. The shipment was 2 weeks late, many pieces of furniture damaged, they had not forwarded customs requirements nor did they at any stage let me know what was going on. I made dozens of calls which were not returned, dates were not met and the management were nothing other than ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ccsa


Pickfords Edinburgh

Advantageslocal company

Disadvantagesno control of the team that shows up.

"I chose Pickfords because of their size and their apparent reputation for taking care of their clients goods. However, this move by far was the worst move ever. They didn't cover the carpets as agreed as part of their standard service. They didn't do what they said they were going to do with regard to packing and unpacking each day for 4 days. The teamleader didn't even turn up with his tool box. We were only moving 5 minutes away from our last home ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jkminer


Allied Pickford the movers from Hell

AdvantagesThey really like to take your money and then not deliver

DisadvantagesUnprofessional, overpriced, late and don't take your thoughts into consideration

"We used Allied Pickford to move from NZ to Canada. This is our 3rd international move, and we had never considered using Allied Pickfords in the past. 1st of all our sea container mysteriously ended up in Singapore. It showed up over 4 weeks late. We were told our sea can would be taken from our residence in NZ and delived to our residence in Canada. The office in Vancouver decided for us that they weren't going to honour that. Half way through the ..." Read review

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Advantagesupfront customer service

DisadvantagesThieves, over priced, broken items

"...nothing. We went with Allied Pickfords because it would be the same company both in Singapore and in the UK. Would never recommend this company with all the international moves we've done this has been the worst company. WIsh I had looked at these reviews before employing Allied Pickfords to carry out our international move. ..." Read review

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