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Easy yeast makes easy bakes

AdvantagesEasy to use, reliable results, and time saving, use in breadmaker or in hand baking

DisadvantagesMay need to adapt the recipes in some books to use it correctly

"...I prefer to buy is Allinson Easy Bake Yeast, which in any case seems to be the easiest available. Yeast may seem like a simple product but this type of yeast is realy easier to use than others, as well as quicker. '''WHAT IS EASY ABOUT EASY BAKE YEAST?''' The yeast is created to be as simple as possible to use. If you are using other yeasts, you tend to need to mix or cream the yeast with warm water and sugar in order to activate it - which leads ..." Read review

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The designer yeast for the owner of a Breadmaker.

AdvantagesExcellent product, developed specially for breadmakers, foolproof and leaves no heavy aftertaste in the bread.

DisadvantagesSachets available most places, but economy packs currently only in the larger supermarkets.

"...Just for Bread sachets that Allinson also make – and these you will be able to get easily (no yeast, but you can get the optional extras… yes, well…). These are for what Allinsons call times when you feel like making something a bit different but haven’t got the home ingredients or you just don’t fancy trailing out to the shops – or you have just hears the breadmaker bleeping for the ‘add ingredients’ ..." Read review

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Allinson Easy Bake Yeast 2x 7g

Allinson Easy Bake Yeast 2x 7g

Founded by Thomas Allinson in 1892; The fast, easy way to successful bread making; FOR ... more

BREAD MAKERS & HAND BAKING; We make our yeast to
be quick and reliable for all your bread making.

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