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Community Level 2beardstew


Beans over udders

Advantagestasty, healthy. lasts long time. no nasty additives

Disadvantagesseparates in coffee unless left to warm up

"I am currently on a strictly non-dairy diet and a few months ago I switched to soya milk to use in hot drinks, cooking and on cereals. I did try rice milk but was not impressed. Alpro Pro Soya is the tastiest brand I have found in the range. I buy the regular version which is slightly sweetened. It certainly tastes good on cereal (I actually prefer it to cows milk) and in cooking and baking, I have not noticed a huge difference. Drinking it with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LadyHGG


Better than some creams

AdvantagesSmall boxes that store well in fridge or cupboard.

DisadvantagesOther than it curdling in boiling liquid, perfect.

"...really special. mix with custard and/or Alpro Soya Dark Chocolate dessert to use in trifles great for banana custard. Mix with mayonnaise, soya yoghurt, soya milk, garlic and chopped herbs (fresh or dried) to make a lovely salad dressing. makes wonderful cold soups - watercress etc. makes lovely smoothies and ice coffee too. I have yet to try to use it to make soya ice-cream but I will report back if successful. And we now can recycle ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gailcarter


Alpro Soya Light Dairy Free a tasty alternative to milk

AdvantagesA great healthy non dairy alternative to milk. More tasty than milk and just as versatile.

DisadvantagesCurdles in hot tea.

"...The best I found is Alpro Soya Light Dairy Free. This product is so tasty a real creamy almost vanilla like taste. I use it on cereal, in cooking and to make fruit smoothies...it really is great. The only thing I've found so far is that I can't use it to make a cup of tea unless you wait quite a while for the water to go off the boil - not ideal if like me you like your tea hot. To be fair to the makers of this product do advise you of this on the ..." Read review

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