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Community Level 8Collingwoo...


One Amazon Mastercard...And You're Done Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesEarn Amazon gift certificates, Easy to manage your account online, Card widely accepted

DisadvantagesUnsuitable for anyone who can't pay off their balance in full each month; Quite low cashback rate

"You can view credit cards in one of two ways: (1) they make modern life easier by removing the need to be forever looking for the nearest cash point, providing payment flexibility and offering a way of managing your money, or (2) they are instruments of evil that tempt us into purchases we otherwise wouldn’t have made and help us rack up huge levels of debt, which the card companies then charge us painful amounts of interest on. As the sort of person ..." Read review

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Don't go too close to your limit...

AdvantagesVery competitive APR

DisadvantagesCredit limit reduced without warning

"I was initially very satisfied with the Amazon credit card, which is administered by Halifax of whom I had no prior experience as a bank. I frequently buy books and sometimes household items on Amazon's website, so it was an incentive to earn loyalty points when using their own credit card. As time went on, I found that the rate of interest on this card was lower than that of most other credit cards, so I began to use it more and more for balance ..." Read review

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Community Level 5getscenic


the boys from brazil have a credit card for you

Advantagesloyalty points, backed by halfax, 0% offers.

Disadvantagesonly useful if you buy from amazon

"After years of playing the credit card merry go round of balance transfers, 0% offers, and free gifts, it was time to cut down my credit cards. At present I have the Nationwide visa cashback card and the Amazon mastercard. The card was launched back last year on thier website, and I was attracted to the loyalty programe and the 0% offers. Without going into the fine print ,these are the main features:- Type of card Mastercard Card administration ..." Read review

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Amazon Credit Card Review - Free Vouchers!

AdvantagesRewards, use worldwide, provided by Halifax


"...and more. I jumped onto Amazon.co.uk to look for a book which was recommended to me by a friend and staring at me was a banner on the front page saying "Amazon Credit Card - Rewards" I clicked in it and found the answer I was looking for! If you would like to signup for the card, the simple direct link is www.amazon.co.uk/mastercard Amazon Card ########### The Amazon credit card is actually provided by Halifax. When you are taken to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2HellyP


Decent interest rate, and Amazon points

AdvantagesLoyalty points that convert into Amazon Vouchers

DisadvantagesNot the most competitive rate at present

"I switched to the Amazon Halifax card earlier this year, when I was looking for something lower interest - 12.9% at the time, however I believe this is now 15.9% APR. The first six months were interest free for balance transfers, and I believe this still applies. Other features: There is no annual fee. Fees for late payment, over the limit spending, or returned payment is £12. APR for Cash withdrawal is 22.95%. Interest free period up to 59 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Maria151

Quick review of Amazon.co.uk Mastercard

"Have had a really awful experience with Amazon credit card. - It took months to get the card after being approved. - Their statements get 'lost in the post' and you end up having to pay a late fee, when its not even your fault! - I found their customer service reps to be very rude. - Their system often seems to go down causing you to have to ring back again and again on an 0845 number. Getting this card has cost me more money than its worth. DO NOT GET THE CARD.

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Community Level 1alvinlwh


The card for a bookworm

AdvantagesFair APR, Amazon points

DisadvantagesNo further offers after introduction offer, difficult to set up internet account

"The Amazon.co.uk credit card is my real true credit card (I got a Vanquis one with only £250 before), and I got it during my student days; that is before I had any real income or job. I just filled out the application to 'try my luck', and I was told online that I had been approved for a £1700 credit limit! So that is how students get into deep debts. I got the paperwork quickly, and I just needed to sign and return it. The card arrived just days ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Victorcrazy

Quick review of Amazon.co.uk Mastercard

"The card is ok but like all big companies, the customer service advisors are hopeless! 8 calls & 3 emails to them and they can't be bothered to reply. Somebody found my card after I had lost it. This person phoned Amazon Credit Card office and they couldn't even bothered to get the persons identity and even worse, they didn't even call me to tell me that it had been found.

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Community Level 2deanmoncas...


The most difficult company to deal with.

Advantages Rewards for using it

DisadvantagesImpossibility of improving your account

"I have been an Amazon card holder now for over a year and they set the limit very low. I have tried to have this limit increased 4 times and each time they come back with some bull shit reason as to why they cannot set the limit higher. I have 4500 limits with Virgin and LloydsTSB Platinum cards and am classed as an excellent credit risk with LloydsTSB and can get any loan I wish. However when it comes to the Amazon card I have never had such ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Elaina18


Amazon Credit Card

Advantages0% Balance transfer for 9 months - no transfer fees

DisadvantagesOffer is only for 9 months (if only they can't they make it longer!!! :-) )

"Not much to say about this as I have opened this account for balance transfer offer. Most credit cards offer you an incentive to get you to apply. I found the card by an internet search Advantages - If you require a 0% balance transfer card but do not want to pay any transfer fees, this is one of the few cards left that is worth applying for. - it is worth getting if you wish to carry out a balance transfer for 9 months with no fees and 0% ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dange0222

Quick review of Amazon.co.uk Mastercard

"do not take this credit out ie amazon master card if you are say one day late ie the payment was due on 3 jan and they get the payment on 4 jan they will slap a late fee charge of 12 pounds what a rip off

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Community Level 1mags3003


beware of hidden charges


Disadvantageshidden charges

" took up offer with amazon for their credit card last year and have used it reasonably .today I received a statement for a purchase of £5.00 with an interest charge of £1.00added, on checking this was also on last months statement. I have read and re-read their conditions and no where is this mentioned. When I rang to query they offered to refund this. I have refused and cancelled my card. How many people pay this unaware? What percentage of interest ..." Read review

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Truly terrible online system

AdvantagesNone, compared to other cards

DisadvantagesShockingly poor web interface, ZERO privacy with additional cardholders

"Of all the cards and bank services I've used, the Amazon Mastercard (operated by Bank of America, by the way) is absolutely the worst. The online interface is atrocious; I mean, shockingly bad - it looks like something from 1993, as if they haven't quite grasped the idea of usable interfaces yet. My main complaint, however, is that *your additional cardholders can see all of the main cardholder's purchases*. This is in contrast to other major card ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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