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Shopping in the Jungle Review with images

AdvantagesFast delivery

DisadvantagesSometimes difficult to follow product descriptions

"I have been a customer with _Amazon_ for quite some time now; as they sell a wide range of products at affordable prices and they are often cheaper than other retail outlets so they are usually my first choice when I am looking for something. The interface looks a little cluttered as there are a few suggested items that _Amazon_ might think you are interested in or there are items that are currently on offer to tempt you into buying. From the homepage ..." Read review

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AdvantagesShopping from the comfort of one's own home, avoiding the crowds.

DisadvantagesNone for me so far.

"'''As I often say''', I'm not computer literate (although I'm improving) and not at all technical. I'm of the age when, at school, computers weren't really heard of. Any whisperings was like hearing of something that wouldn't happen for decades. When I worked in quite modern offices, there weren't then, computers. The most technical thing contained in the last office that I worked in was a fax machine. I wasn't familiar with this. But all of my ..." Read review

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Have you shopped at Amazon?

AdvantagesHuge selection, good prices, fast and efficient, free deliver

DisadvantagesDelivery not always free and can be expensive, Items not always cheapest

"Started off as a small American company selling books, but now it's the world's biggest online mail order company. They've expanded from selling books, to music, videos and DVD's, to electronics, toys, to software and computer bits, as well as offering DVD rental services and much more. Needless to say, their selection of products is huge for each category! THE WEBSITEThe website looks very professional ..." Read review

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AdvantagesWide choice and easy to use

DisadvantagesWishlists disappear

"...who would not know what Amazon.co.uk is, but, on the off chance... Amazon.co.uk is a website that started originally as an online book store. Now over the years it has grown and developed to sell a whole range of items. Including, Electrics, DVD's, CD's, Appliances, Toys, Games and many more. Layout and Navigation ---------------------------- Amazon.co .uk has an orange/blue and white theme throughout; it's clear and well laid out. There ..." Read review

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Amazon through your letterbox

AdvantagesAmazon Marketplace - cheap as chips

DisadvantagesDelivery Costs

"...really find a lot about Amazon.co.uk but from what I have found on their website, they were launched in 1996, as an independent book store Bookpages, which was then acquired by Amazon.com in 1998. Over the years Amazon have branched out their online stores to include France, Canada, United States, Germany and Japan. They became famous for selling books but they now stock many other items such as Electronics, things for the garden and toys and games. ..." Read review

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Fabby Amazon!

AdvantagesEverything for me!

DisadvantagesCouple of things never arrived but it was sorted out very quickly so I can't moan

"Thanks to writing reviews on Dooyoo.co.uk I receive rewards for writing which I really enjoy. I usually opt to cash out when I get up to £20.00 and receive an online code via my email to tap in and spend on Amazon.co.uk. What Is Amazon?: Amazon is an online store which pretty much sells everything you can think of from socks to power drills. The beauty of this site is that although you can buy new and unused goods most of the time you can purchase ..." Read review

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My favourite ...


Disadvantagesshipping could be cheaper

"Amazon.co.uk one of those rare animals - a really successful dot com enterprise. The reasons for this are simple. It's a well-planned, intuitive site, it almost always works and they make it easy for the customer to get what they want. I've been using Amazon for more than 5 years now to buy books, DVDs, music CDs and toys, and in more than a dozen orders I've never been disappointed with the goods or the service. That seems like a pretty good record ..." Read review

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Fetch my hat I'm off to the Amazon! (Amazon.co.uk)

AdvantagesWide choice of products, competitive prices, holding account for vouchers

DisadvantagesSearch facility that needs an overhaul

"Amazon is one of my favourite shopping websites - E-bay is number one, but Amazon probably falls a close second. One of the main reasons it's become such a favourite with me is that a lot of cashback sites & survey sites offer Amazon vouchers as a form of payout, and with Amazon it's easy to put your nicely earned gift vouchers into your account on the site and save them up for when you want them. I do this quite a lot and then have little spending ..." Read review

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Walking through a forest of choices.....



"Introduction Today I've decided to write about one of my favourite websites. Itís already got tons of reviews, so mine will probably get lost in the crowd, but who cares. The web site in question is Amazon.co.uk About the Store Most of you will probably have heard of amazon already, either through using it yourself, or through the extensive advertising throughout the Internet. For those who donít know, Amazon is an online store, but where ..." Read review

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Shopping for Books (AGAIN!) on amazon.co.uk

AdvantagesSells lots of books including out-of-print and limited editions; can't find it? Ask! Free SUPER SAVER DELIVERY now applies when purchase over £15 of "eligible products"

DisadvantagesI forget passwords and their re-verification proceedure is bewildering; items can be expensive; must CHOOSE Super Saver Delivery to receive it; SUPER SAVER DELIVERY you WAIT FOREVER

"...are surprised to realise that Amazon.co.uk is now MUCH MORE. As my TITLE clearly states that I am discussing the purchase of BOOKS on AMAZON, I will be discussing THIS in much more detail. However, it is worth noting that AMAZON have been expanding their range, so I will include brief details of what is available. The website has a brand new featured category link (featured in turn as you change pages) in the top corner of the page to entice ..." Read review

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Amazin' Amazon

AdvantagesGreat price comparison; prodcuct reviews, easy to use; cheap deals

DisadvantagesNone for me

"I do all my online shopping from Amazon, mainly because it's cheap, affordable and comparable. Amazon is basically an online 'catalogue' website of all different stuff to purchase, either brand new from Amazon and alternative sellers or 'used'. ****** Registering with Amazon *********** What I love about Amazon is that it remembers my previous orders or stuff that I've recently looked at. When you register (which is really simple) you can ..." Read review

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Amazon, An excellent site for your on-line shopping

AdvantagesHuge selection of goods, competitive, reliable, good after-sales service.

DisadvantagesAmazon prime does not cover marketplace items.

"==Introduction.== I have been using the Amazon UK site for a couple of years now, mostly to buy CDís, DVDís, games, photo equipment, books and a few household odds and ends, here is a description of the site and my experience of using it. '''A brief history of Amazon.''' Amazon was first started by Jeff Bezos in 1994 from his garage in Washington USA, originally as an online bookstore, after a slow start and then a couple of large investments ..." Read review

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Exploring the Amazing Amazon

AdvantagesVast range of products | Free delivery over £15 | Wish list

DisadvantagesNot always cheapest

"One of the first online shops that I discovered was "Amazon" and I found myself regularly buying from them, thinking that as they were the original they had to be the best. When I first starting using it Amazon basically only sold books and DVDs, but recently the range has become enormous, with them selling almost the equivalent of an entire High Street. Although I know now they're not always the cheapest, I still find myself regularly returning and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2NeilBowick


What do I think of Amazon?

Advantagescheap, easy to use, loads of info

Disadvantagesnot fantastic customer services

"Introduction *************************** I first discovered Amazon just after Christmas a few years ago. I'm not the kinda person who would actually leave the house to go shopping when everything I need can be ordered from the discomfort of my study chair. So I ordered by books and a few CD's and all was good. Since then I've spent stupid amounts of money on the site, which is very odd considering I never seem to have any...maybe that's why. What ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jemzoid


Amazon - Best online retailer

AdvantagesQuick, easy to use, fast delivery, loads to choose from,cheap


"Well ever since I can remember using online shopping it has always been with Amazon, most of the time I'd have to go through my brother to get what I needed but with age comes power and since I've had my own debit card I've been buying loads more online rather than visiting shops. Cardiff is a fairly busy place with a population of around 300,000 but then you have to remember the rest of Wales is less sophisticated so a lot more come to the City ..." Read review

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