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Shopping for Books (AGAIN!) on amazon.co.uk

AdvantagesSells lots of books including out-of-print and limited editions; can't find it? Ask! Free SUPER SAVER DELIVERY now applies when purchase over £15 of "eligible products"

DisadvantagesI forget passwords and their re-verification proceedure is bewildering; items can be expensive; must CHOOSE Super Saver Delivery to receive it; SUPER SAVER DELIVERY you WAIT FOREVER

"...are surprised to realise that Amazon.co.uk is now MUCH MORE. As my TITLE clearly states that I am discussing the purchase of BOOKS on AMAZON, I will be discussing THIS in much more detail. However, it is worth noting that AMAZON have been expanding their range, so I will include brief details of what is available. The website has a brand new featured category link (featured in turn as you change pages) in the top corner of the page to entice ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Martin81


Amaz-ing site or not

Advantagesaray of features, navigation around site, range of stock

Disadvantagesmixed quality of service

"I am a relatively new user of Amazon. In the past I haven't felt it offered anything in terms of music and books that I couldn't get for less elsewhere. That was until about three weeks ago. Why you may ask this sudden conversion you may ask. Well its all to do with stock availabitilty and price as far as i'm concerned and the two sites I have traditionally used for my music and book purchases seem to have failed me somewhat just recently. streetsonline.co.uk ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGood offers, quick delivery, good customer service

DisadvantagesConditions of delivered items, site navigation

"I have just recently found buying online to be more than I expected. First of all it is the convenience of not having the pressure and intimidation of buying in a busy store (I hate going around a busy HMV store) and having the world and his wife watching you (the security guards at the door are so off putting). Most of all it is the ease that online shopping brings, type in your credit card details and your done, no rushing about and so on. The only ..." Read review

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How much is delivery to the Amazon?

AdvantagesGood customer services, generally good prices.

DisadvantagesSome long dispatch delays, delivery charges.

"There are a lot of reviews singing praises for Amazon so I would like to get that out of the way quite quickly. Amazon.com has fantastic customer service; the website is well renowned as a legitimate retailer for a huge number of items; that have expanded the variety of products massively over the past few years. Their layout is quite attractive and functional. Apart from that, there's really not many nice things that I can say about this website. -Website- The ..." Read review

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Community Level 6milleniumz...


Amazon, a jungle of red tape.

AdvantagesAmazon themselves have a good choice.

DisadvantagesWatch the sub-contractors

"...I received. “Thank you for contacting Amazon.co.uk Marketplace with your concerns. We have researched this seller and I can confirm that although they have recently received bad feedback on Amazon.co.uk they are a well established and successful seller on both Amazon.co.uk and our American website Amazon.com. We have been advised that Greatbookprices are currently experiencing problems with their delivery agents which has led to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5joannahudson


Great choice but poor service

AdvantagesAmazing choice

Disadvantagesexpensive P&P Can take ages to receive your goods

"Amazon was the first website I went on when I got the internet. I thought it was brilliant that you could buy such a vast variety of music, books and video’s all ‘under one roof’ so to speak. I used to go on Amazon all the time; I loved looking through all the classic movies they have available and all the weird and wonderful books. I ordered several items from them and I was always pretty satisfied with the service. After ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Clurbur85


Jack of all trades... master of none?

AdvantagesThere are lots of different products available.

DisadvantagesPostage prices can be high, not everything comes directly from Amazon.

"Amazon is a website I've only recently got to grips with. I used to always use play.com, but then I joined Dooyoo and started cashing in my miles for Amazon vouchers. I have used the site on a number of occasions now and I have formed certain opinions regarding particular aspects of the website and the Amazon service. ************** Site navigation ***************** The Amazon website is very easy to navigate and when you search for an ..." Read review

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Community Level 3father_jack


Amazon's Shame

AdvantagesFirst in it's field- huge range- good concept

DisadvantagesPoor service, delivery times and prices (in general) compared with the likes of Streets Online and BOL

"They're not really that bad- but it seemed like a catchy title! Amazon was one of the first online retailers and brought us, in the UK, products at prices far lower than we could get elsewhere. I used to place many orders on Amazon because of this, they were the cheapest and easiest way to buy books. However, after ordering a CD that said it would be delivered within 24 hours, and waiting a month for it, and not getting any apology from customer ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Multtinems


Amazon get lost in the Jungle

AdvantagesLots of Choice, Good Prices

DisadvantagesSlow Delivery, Fib !

"This isn't so much a review of the site so much as an account of our experiences with Amazon, I'm sure there is plenty of satisfied customers of this company. We unfortunately aren't one of them: After purchasing a Pentium 4 pc my partner wanted a nice 17" TFT LCD Monitor . He'd browsed several sites on the internet and looked in various High Street stores. Most Places the prices started at £299. We then checked out the Amazon website. We'd heard ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sarahjaner87


Popular, Competitive and Easy!

AdvantagesOften the most competitive prices out there

DisadvantagesDelivery charges on orders under £15

"Amazon is perhaps one of the most well-established online stores, particularly in the UK. It was certainly the first online store I ever purchased anything from, and as such it does have somewhat of a positive reputation. If you were to ask anyone where you can buy CD's, DVD's or Books from on the Internet for example, I'm sure the large majority of people would name Amazon first before any other retailers. The site itself has been recently redesigned ..." Read review

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Community Level 5begum


Excellent site pity about the prices

Advantagesread text


"...go I would have visited amazon.co.uk for almost all my books. However, recently I have found that there’s better, cheaper sites on the net, with the same efficiency as amazon.co.uk. But, I always end up coming back to amazon.co.uk. I have used it many time and I feel rather safe with it, since I have ordered and I have never touch wood experienced any problems. Amazon.co.uk is a excellent organised site, it’s easy to follow and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cyberlina


Let down by service ethic & procedures

Advantageslarge selection, easy to use (mostly)

Disadvantagesdifficulty resolving problems & contacting by email or phone

"...regularly, both from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (I live in Greece). I was very happy with the selection, ease of use and service. In fact, because I am in business and follow what Amazon does from a business prospective too, I was so favourably impressed with their website, their offerrings and the level of service I had experienced, I was an Amazon advocate and evangelist. With the disappointment I had recenely, while I would not say I will ..." Read review

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Can be a jungle out there

Advantagesloads to choose from, wishlist

Disadvantagesprices aint the full prices

"i have been a member of amazon for over a year and over that time, i havent had many problems with the site, it is extremely handy as now you can have an app on your smartphone so you can buy on the go. The site is very easy to navigate around on and find what you want, and also has a brilliant extra, called the wishlist, i use mine to work out what i'm getting my partner and the kids for christmas, and seeing as you can use gift certificates on this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1helenj


check your shipping costs

Advantagesgood range

DisadvantagesVAT on shipping cost

"Amazon may look good , but far too often you can find exactly the same book cheaper at a different site. And the most disappointing part about using Amazon is that some of its costs only appear when you get the final bill. I'm not sure when it started, but I recently noticed that it had begun charging VAT on the shipping costs. Every other bookstore, music store and video store includes the VAT in its shipping costs, but Amazon sneaks them in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kdelioncourt


The good the bad and the downright frustrating

AdvantagesMainstream books/music/dvds/etc can be bought for less than in the shops

DisadvantagesHigh postage, some items difficult to get hold of

"Purchasing more popular/mainstream products from Amazon is simple enough, although I find myself ordering several items at once in order to take advantage of the free shipping offer - without it, the high shipping prices often make it no cheaper than buying from a highstreet shop. However for lesser-known products, such as manga and books from smaller-scale publishers, I've come to realise that it's much better to buy these from other sources than ..." Read review

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