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A Book You Shouldn't Refuse! Review with images

AdvantagesWell written, easy to read, great story and characters


"...none of the characters have an unbelievable ending and the whole thing wraps up nicely. I found the ending satisfying and wasn't left disappointed at all, thank goodness! Nothing worse than finishing a book and thinking "Is that it?!". So would I recommend it? I certainly would! Although this is my first outing into a Jill Mansell book, I am a convert to her writing and I am going to be hunting out more of her books to read, and I just hope they ..." Read review

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What's Your Price?

AdvantagesGreat characters

DisadvantagesComplicated in places

"...she says - she has an offer for Lola: leave my son, let him go off to uni and don't follow him, and this cheque for £10,000 is all yours. This was the first point in the book where I gained a real respect for Lola, because despite being a poor 17 year old in a dead-end job, and despite being reasonably sensible and able to see that for the most part first loves don't last forever, initially she still doesn't even consider taking the money. Still, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


I'll give you an Offer You can't Refuse with this book!

AdvantagesGreat read with good characters! :)

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"== Jill Mansell: An Offer you Can’t refuse == == Introduction== I bought this book a while back from the book club which I use. I started reading Jill Mansell books a while ago when I read two of her books, _Millie’s Fling_ and _Miranda’s Big Mistake_, both of which I fell in love with, and although not the type of books I “couldn’t put down”, they were great reads and lasted me a good week or so to finish, meaning I wasn’t sitting up until 4am ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jessicaaasx


would you refuse?

Advantagessuch a good read


"...in 3rd person, making for an easier read, falling straight into the plot so you are hooked instantly. An Offer You Can't Refuse is a very heart warming tale. It is a story of Lola Malone, a beautiful 17 year old girl who is completely besotted by boyfriend Dougie - despite their differences in social status. Dougie's parents offer Lola £10,000 to split up with her lover and never speak to him again. Lola finds her step dad Alex to be in a lot of ..." Read review

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A book you can't refuse!

AdvantagesBrilliantly written


"...manager of the store. An incident quite early on in the book brings her back into the path of her ex-boyfriend and his mother. She wonders how she could get back into her ex's good books, but realises that this probably not likely to happen. The book has just over 400 pages in it, and 56 chapters - each chapter is not too long, so you could get through quite a few in one sitting. It is a really easy book to read, and very addictive. This story ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sfxartist


Happy Chick Lit for the Thinking Woman

AdvantagesHappy, warm and satisfying

Disadvantagesguilt for not doing something more productive

"Another classic outing for Jill Mansell and her very accessible and likable characters and plot. Reading one of Jill Mansell's books is like eating a bar of Kinder Beuno. It's light, fluffy, whole heartedly enjoyable, and makes you feel just a little bit guilty for having indulged in something you know is not good for you. It's the half way house of chick lit. The characters are sharp and witty, the plot curves not so outlandish that you can't ..." Read review

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