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Fast and Effective Relief!

Advantagesquick to relieve pain, long lasting, easy to take, effective


"Anadin is a range of painkiller products. ===Liquifast=== Liquifast is available in 200mg and 400mg packets. Liquifast is a capsule painkiller which contains a liquid form of ibuprofen. Each capsule also contains sorbitol and potassium. Anadin Liquifast is designed to offer pain relief for up to 8 hours. Anadin mainly aim liquifast at those suffering with back and muscle pain but these capsules are also suitable for headache, period pain, fever, ..." Read review

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AdvantagesWorked for my unexpected problem

DisadvantagesDid very little really, expensive and I feel drowsy after taking them

"...told that they are indeed Anadin LiquFast 200mg Capsules 'Back & Muscle Pain' and that they contain Ibuprofen and of course that there are 16 liquid capsules within my box and there is a picture shown of a couple of the capsules too. On the back of the box other information listed includes being told what they can be used for, dosage advice and ingredients are given along with warnings and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Inside the ..." Read review

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Speedy pain relief

AdvantagesThe 400mg ones were fantastic at taking away the pain from my back ache

DisadvantagesThe 200mg ones were only as effective as paracetamol

"...mother used to insist on Anadin as she said it was the only pain killer that worked. As an adult I now like to try and go as natural as I can but if that doesn't work then I am not a martyr about it and I am quick to reach for the pills. I usually rely on paracetamol of which brand I am not fussy and normally just pick up the cheapest packet from wherever I am shopping at the time. Sometimes though I find that paracetamol just doesn't cu through pain ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Rosebudwit...


Fast worker, hits the spot - the anadin liquidcaplets - new experience

Advantagesfast acting, melt away

Disadvantagesbit bigger

"= Anadin LiquiFast = =Migraines= I tend to go through batches of migraines, then nothing for a few months, and I have tried different painkillers and there are not that many that actually do the trick of helping shift the migraine, but I am I pleased to say that this is one of the products that do. =The Tablets= Each tablet is a 200mg capsule, and they come in boxes of 16 tablets, they are liquid tablets, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1timlws321


Best painkillers/headache tablets on the market

AdvantagesAlways makes you feel better


"For me, Anadin LiquiFast 400mg Ibuprofen is the absolute best painkiller out there. You have to pay quite a bit for it Ė I think my last pack of 16 costs me just under £9 from Boots Ė but itís worth it. Like Iíve said in my reviews before, I donít mind paying extra for something if it ACTUALLY works and does what it claims to do. I suffer from bad, bad headaches sometimes and despite taking other well known parcaetamol, aspirins etc, they just didnít ..." Read review

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