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Community Level 4anniehiccups


A Cure For Over-Indulgence

AdvantagesWorks Quickly

DisadvantagesTastes Foul

"...which turned out to be Andrews Salts. The front of the box stated that the product provided fast and effective relief from upset stomach. I hastily skimmed over the product label and discovered to my relief that it was also suitable for those with indigestion, excess acid, upset stomach, constipation and thank goodness the symptoms of over-indulgence. The box itself is constructed of thick white plastic with a blue pop-up lid which I was pleased ..." Read review

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A Christmas must have

AdvantagesWork quickly to relieve stomach problems


"...Christmas must have == Original Andrews salts are something which I have grown up with back in the day when they were still called Andrews liver salts. This white powder which is available in chemists and supermarkets up and down the country is a bit of a British institution and with good reason. They are marketed as a cure for indigestion, upset stomachs, excess acid, constipation and the wonderfully vague symptoms of over indulgence. I always ..." Read review

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For the morning after the night before

AdvantagesWork quickly, effective for numerous ailments


"I refer to these as Andrews Liver Salts as that is what I remember them being called when I was a child and we always had a tin of these in the house. They are just called Andrews Salts now which I suppose makes them sound a bit more appealing and they are now in a plastic container with a small blue spoon in the lid so to make it easier to dispense the correct dosage. There is a foil seal which you need to peel off when you first use them which helps ..." Read review

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Community Level 6belinda9


A great pick me up

Advantagesquick relief


"I have been using Andrews Liver Salts for as long as I can remember. I remember finding it in my mum and dads bathroom cabinet and thinking " I wonder what this tastes like". I had stomach ache and really wanted to see if it worked. All you need to do is pour yourself a glass of cold water, then add 1 or 2 teaspoons of liver salts to the glass and wait for it to dissolve. Give it a quick stir and watch it fizz. This is called Effervescence, drink ..." Read review

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Community Level 7offy


It could have you running for the toilet

AdvantagesEffective for bloatedness and indigestion

DisadvantagesVery laxative if too much taken

"Andrews Salts is an old fashioned ‘digestive discomfort’ remedy I always have in the house. It comes in a small blue and white tin and is full of fine white powder that would probably get you arrested if you were to bag it up and take it through customs. There are up to 20 doses in this 113g tin. UPDATE: 11/03/01 - I've just seen the new packaging in Boots. It is now in a neat plastic oval shaped jar (still blue and white), with a free ..." Read review

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Andrew's Salts

AdvantagesHandy, fairly cheap, not chalky like some antacids

DisadvantagesTaste, not the most effective for indigestion

"I used to be a massive fan of this product back when I was a child. I actually used to just add the powder to water and drink it as I really liked the taste. I remember when I was a child, it came in a small round tin, which I had to open with a spoon and then use the spoon to add the powder to water. I'm not sure of the health benefits of drinking this, but it never did me any harm! Fast forward 20 years and the packaging has changed. The 'liver' ..." Read review

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A dose of salts.

Advantages: lovely relief, settles the tum, lasts a long time, effective, cheap, nice.

DisadvantagesNot for those with serious long-term health issues, little plastic spoon often goes missing..

"Andrews Liver Salts are an excellent remedy for problems you might have with dyspepsia, stomach cramps, buildup of excess stomach acids, constipation, general stomach ache and that sort of thing. You can get a 150g tub for around £1.50 - £2 in all local chemists and drug stores, as well as supermarkets. They are a really effective liver salt health item that combat all less serious stomach ailments highly effectively, apart from things like diahorrea, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6fuzzibear


nostalgia trips

AdvantagesPortable, easy to take


"...with the product and Original Andrews Salts on it in blue. I vaguely remember them being called liver salts, although not sure what that had to do with anything & why the name was dropped. The free measuring spoon is a good idea though, it means no running around for a spoon, and also makes it more easily transported. Upon opening the jar, you find a white powder with a similar look to flour. It has no smell at all. The instructions on how ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MJA88


The classic 'on the fly' stomach reliever.

AdvantagesQuickly and effectively relieves stomach upsets. Gives you the most relieving and satisfying b

DisadvantagesPowder tends to clump up and go hard if it is stored for more than a few months.

"...sleeping but one dose of Andrews will calm it down. Also, sometimes if I've had a really fatty meal close to bedtime, I'l wake up in the early hours, with a massive bloated stomach, on the verge of being sick. I really really hate being sick and I'l do anything to avoid it. After tossing and turning for ages, sweating and scared to be sick, I always eventually manage to hobble downstairs, barely holding it in, then make myself a dose of Andrews. It ..." Read review

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Andrews - If You've Got A Hangover Read On.....

AdvantagesIt really does work

DisadvantagesQuite Expensive

"...always keep a tin of Andrews Salts in my bathroom cupboard for such an occasion, because one thing you can be certain of when all your friends say, "I told you so" you can always rely on Andrews to be your friend in your hour of need. So what are Andrews Salts? Andrews are made by Glaxo-SmithKline-Beechams, based on an old anti-indigestion remedy. It is available from chemists and large super markets and comes in a very distinctive blue and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1martin99

Quick review of Andrews Salts

"I've been using Andrews for years to great effect. But, like another reviewer, my wife finds it makes her vomit - and I've known a few other women for which Andrews produced the same result. So, is this just a female thing? Or do some men react badly to Andrews also?

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Community Level 5janharper


Tastes foul

Advantagesnone for me

Disadvantagesmade me vomit

"Andrews Salts are sold to relieve stomach dicomfort and constipation. They come in a little blue, oval shaped, plastic container and looks like fine white powder. You get a free measuring spoon with it. You just put a level teaspoon full into a glass of water and it fizzes up. Then you drink it and it helps release trapped wind and get rid of that bloated feeling. I think it tastes really foul and don't find it 'sparkling and refreshing'. At ..." Read review

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andrews salts

Advantagesideal for constipation with an increased dose


"...give me a dose of andrews every week.i could not understand why because nothing happened.but much later on i tried andrews salts again, recently i bought some at boots the chemist for £3.99 in an oval shaped container.I took 2 teaspoonsfull at bedtime next day nothing happened until evening time, when i had to go for a sh-t ,but i was that bunged up it was mainly wind,So that evening i increased the dose to 4 heaped teaspoonsful,next morning nothing ..." Read review

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"Andrews Liver Salts 150gm"

"Andrews Liver Salts 150gm"

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Andrews original salts 150g

Andrews original salts 150g

Provides fast, effective pain relief from digestive discomfort. Original Andrews Salts ... more

refreshes and revitalises your digestive system
quickly and effectively relieves upset stomach,
indigestion and symptoms of over-indulgence. At
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