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Peace of mind?

AdvantagesGreat sound quaility, nightlight, effective movement monitor

DisadvantagesCan't switch movement monitor function off, can rely on it too much

"...reading reviews I chose the Angelcare AC401, which cost me £59.99, and Iíve now been using this monitor for eight months. ==Out Of The Box== Setting up the AC401 was a fairly simple affair, I did read through the clear instruction booklet, but when I moved Freddy from Moses basket to cot I didnít bother to re-consult it. The first thing that needs to be done, is to place the sensor pad under the mattress. Now the instructions state that this needs ..." Read review

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Community Level 3pinkprince...


Angelcare AC401 - peace of mind

Advantagescomplete peace of mind


"...got rid and purchased the Angelcare monitor from Toys R Us which cost me £89.99. I believe it is often on offer at £59.99 or less, and obviously less on eBay. It was essential to me that the monitor I chose had a motion detector as I am over-cautious with regards to cot death. Not only that, but my daughter was premature and very small (still is) so I have always worried about her. The monitor comes in a square box which includes: parent unit, docking ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lulu2004


Our Guardian Angel Review with images

AdvantagesSensor mat, not *too* expensive, no interference

Disadvantagesyou do forget to turn off mat when lifting baby out sometimes

"...bedroom so we bought an AngelCare for our daughter. It is the newer version- I will include some pics at the endÖ please excuse the mess in my home! My little girl is still in her Moses Basket but that doesn't stop me using the monitor when I am in a different room from her. It's not ideal but it will suffice until she gets into her cot. I love the reassurance of knowing she is moving around. My daughter was born by emergency section slightly before ..." Read review

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peace of mind with this angel

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"=== cot death === Before Baby B came into our lives Mrs B had a very trying pregnancy with threatened miscarriages and plenty of hospital stays. This lead to her being quite paranoid and she began to believe that she'd never be lucky enough to have the baby born in one piece... Baby B was born in one piece but she was then paranoid about cot death which I think is pretty understandable especially seeing as how much the health visitors and midwives ..." Read review

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Hush little baby.....

AdvantagesReliable, can be used as a sound only monitor

Disadvantagesno talk bck feature, no lullaboes

" When I was pregnant I was fortunate enough to receive a BT 100 Baby Monitor for free, great I thought until it started to have intermittent problems. We managed for 6 months until I said to my husband that I wanted a movement sensor monitor with our son now going into his own room, just for peace of mind. He agreed and set about researching the best product on the market and he came back to me and advised me that this was the best buy after reading ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Angel Care

AdvantagesGood monitor

DisadvantagesDon't use the sensor pad

"...one was chose was the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor. The monitor comes in two parts. There is the nursery unit which is the part that obviously, stays in the nursery. This is what will pick up the sounds that the baby makes. This section somewhat in the shape of a angel, hence the name and has a nightlight in the shape of a halo around the top of the monitor. The nightlight is blue and has quite a glow to it. It is not amazingly bright ..." Read review

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Total Peace of mind, even for a neurotic first time mum!

AdvantagesTOTAL peace of mind

DisadvantagesForgetting to switch it off when you pick your baby up!

"As a first time mum, I went a little bit crazy pre-baby and thought I needed ABSOLUTELY everything that had been designed for a baby. This was near the top of my list, although more expensive than other monitors (compared to non sensor-pad monitors) I thought that I definately needed a sensor pad, and unlike 60% of the items on my list, I'm very glad we got one of these!! I think we bought ours for around £99.99 from Babies-R-Us and think there pretty ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nomadcelt


A piece of mind from the outset.

AdvantagesVery sensitive, great sound quality.

DisadvantagesHave to keep movement sensor connected, not two-way.

"...many recommendations we choose the Angelcare AC401. With a movement sensor that sits underneath the mattress we immediately had our fears allayed on that front. We tested the mic sensitivity (which could be adjusted!) and could hear a tiny whisper even though the unit was 6 feet away from our daughter. On a few occasions the alarm has sounded and we've rushed in to find that nothing was wrong and that either we had set the movement-sensor sensitivity ..." Read review

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Angelcare Monitor

AdvantagesPeace of mind.

DisadvantagesRemember to turn off when lifting baby out of cot

"...so I invested in the Angelcare monitor with movement sensor mat. The set includes a 'baby unit', 'parent unit' & movement sensor mat. The mat is placed under baby's mattress (if like mine, the base of the cot is slatted, or you're using it in such a moses basket, then you will need to place the mat on a firm surface such as a piece of plywood under the mattress), & is so sensitive that it can detect even the lightest of breathing. The mat connects ..." Read review

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Angelcare AC401 was an amazing investment!

Advantagessensitivity of the sensor pad, versatility of the handheld monitor


"I purchased three different baby monitors, and this was by far the best. I worried about all the things new mothers worry about...SIDS, choking, and basically being able to meet my son's needs. I found it hard to rest at night, going in to check on him constantly. With the high-needs of a newborn, and the daily activities I needed to accomplish, I was wearing myself thin. It only took a little while before I began to trust this monitor to do as ..." Read review

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Worth the price for peace of mind!

AdvantagesNight light, portable, peace of mind


"I cannot recommend this product enough. We had no 'need' for it, we are just paranoid people but this left us, (first time parents) not panicking that our baby would stop breathing when we nipped to the loo or went to cook. There are three parts: the parent unit, the baby unit and the sensor pad. The sensor pad connects to the baby unit and goes under the mattress. When no movement (breathing) is detected after 20 seconds an alarm rings. It starts ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eblonde


Reclaim your sanity with this amazing quardian angel

AdvantagesLets you get on with your life when babe is asleep


"This monitor is one of my complete favourite buys for scrumpy. At first I thought it was ridiculous and screamed out 'nervy parent trying to throw away their money', but using it gives me such reassurance. It really is brilliant to stop that ridiculous paranoia that is 'oh my goodness, he has been quiet for at least 20 minutes, do you think he is ok, what if he has suffocated?' It creeps up on all of us at one time or another, even the most laid ..." Read review

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Brilliant for new parents

Advantagespressure sensor reassures your worry.

DisadvantagesProbably not needed for older child

"Being a father of two children i can say this product has been a godsend for putting our minds at rest. This product has last for both our children but it has been so reassuring when we had our first. The pressure sensor is what makes this product standout above other products. When you get your first child home you want to make sure they are always safe. You will have them in your room for the first few months, but as they grow they will be going ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sapphire2010


angelcare monitor. peace of mind.

Advantagespeace of mind. easily set up, easily transported.


"...there were products like the angelcare sound and movement monitor. i would lay awake watching my children breathing, i would often lay there for hours with my hand on the baby's chest, worrying that if i went to sleep something bad would happen and i wouldnt know about it til it was too late. i found out about the angelcare sound and movement monitor through a friend when i was pregnant with my third child, he is now almost 11 months old. when we ..." Read review

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Simple, Brilliant, Great

AdvantagesHelps you get a good night sleep without worrying


"We love our Angelcare (s)! My sister-in-law bought it for us before our little one arrived and I was pretty sure that we'd never even take it out of the box. How wrong I was. It's been out every night and it's gentle ticking keeps the good lady wife and I sane! Until you take on the responsibility for another humans life it's hard to understand why you'd bother with Angelcare, but I can't even imagine what life was like for our parents and other ..." Read review

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Angelcare Baby Movement And Sound Monitor Ac401

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Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor

Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor

Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor

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