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iPad: iHave, iUse, iLike. Review with images

AdvantagesVery portable. Great graphics. Helps me to stay connected. Good storage.

DisadvantagesScreen glare in bright light. No USB port. Sound is quiet.

"I have had the Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB since it was released in the UK on May 29th 2010. I remember the date exactly because it was my birthday and it was bought for me as a birthday present. I wanted one because I had bought into all the hype....it was a gadget that I probably didn't "need", but one which I really really wanted! And yes, I am spoilt and so what I wanted.....I got! ===What Is It?=== In case you haven't been on the planet for the ..." Read review

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Not an Eye dressing! iPad 16gb

AdvantagesPortable, quality, good battery life, brilliant for films

DisadvantagesNo case with purchase to protect it, no Flash player

" Well, Apple really set the standards in modern day technology and the iPad is definitely no exception! This tablet computer really started something and now many other top names are bringing out their own versions such as the Galaxy tab, Blackberry's version, and HP have recently launched their version. The iPad is really the ultimate in portable computing being less then a centimetre thick and weighing approx 1.5 lbs it's a solid, quality ..." Read review

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It's iMazing!

AdvantagesLooks great, super fast

DisadvantagesTakes a long time to charge, gets a little hot during use

"...review of my recently purchased Apple the new iPad 16gb in white. I am by no means a technology expert, so if you are looking for a review from one, look elsewhere! This review is simply of the iPad from my point of view. Why did I decide to buy the iPad? I decided to buy the iPad as my laptop is on its last legs, and instead of replacing it with another laptop I thought that the iPad would be sufficient to meet my needs. I basically wanted it ..." Read review

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Part toy, part tool - not quite both.

AdvantagesGreat fun, excellent hardware

DisadvantagesNot all that useful

"...one, there is a local Apple shop where I live, to try and be sure I was making the right decision. At almost £500 (and they can lose a lot of their value if you want to resell, good luck getting £300 for a box, good condition iPad if your not planning on selling directly to another customer) its a big decision to make and you want to be certain you are going to get a lot out of it. I wanted make sure it was a product I could use on the go, use at ..." Read review

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Community Level 2macmonkey


Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16gb

AdvantagesHD screen, multi-touch facility

DisadvantagesLack of iPhone apps converted to iPad size, quite pricy

"...a fan of most products Apple have released, I was very intrigued when they announced the iPad - what is seen by most people as their answer to the netbook niche of the market. Having an old PowerBook laptop which is on it's last legs and is mostly used for web browsing, I decided to find out a bit more and kept up to date with it's development up until the pre-order date I arrived. I decided to go for the entry level 16gb WiFi only model at £429. ..." Read review

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Apple ipad 16gb

AdvantagesEasy to use, great apps,

DisadvantagesQuite fragile

"...I suggest you visit the apple website. Although the ipad is really well made and of a high standard, it is still an item that would be very easy to break so I would highly recommend purchasing a protective case of some description to protect it from scratches and damage. I purchased my case for just £6.00 from Ebay and it is leather and has a stand at the back so you can stand it up if you wish. The screen is really clear with every detail ..." Read review

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An innovative device from Apple

AdvantagesMany useful features and easy to use around the house

DisadvantagesA larger screen than devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note

"...consuming. This is something that Apple need to address with newer models of the iPad. I personally think that the iPad is essentially a larger version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is another device which I own. Although the iPad may be better when your require a large screen to view things, my Samsung Galaxy Note is easier to carry around in my pocket and use when I am not in the house. I find my iPad useful and would definitely recommend ..." Read review

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Community Level 2marcellis


Try the iPad

Advantagesit is strong and light

Disadvantagesapps instead of programs

"When the Apple iPad was announced I didnt really want one as it did not seem to be able to do what a full computer did and because it cost about six hundred pounds it seemed like a waste of money. Luckily my work were able to get hold of a couple and now there is a 16 gigabyte version in the office. The design is amazing and it is incredibly thin and also easy to get started, there is no need for instructions as you are ready to go straight away. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gaquiss


iPad, a revolutionary tablet computer

AdvantagesReally quick and convenient

Disadvantagescan't think of any yet really!!

"...applications for the iPhone on Apple store, I think you can get the iPad equivalent at no cost if available. The OS is virtually the same as the iPhone so anyone who possesses an iPhone will immediately feel at ease with the device. Wifi enabled quick and reliable access to the internet. Reading articles and news feels just like using newspapers (or almost, since you don't have the annoying fact of the newspapers being too big or difficult to fold ..." Read review

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Community Level 2irachx


The Ipad - A great product, but is it worth the price?

Advantagesgood look and feel, portable, fashionable, useful, many applications

Disadvantagesexpensive, no usb port, prefer laptop

"...a HP laptop, many other apple products such as the Ipod Classic. I also have a Desktop PC, and so was a little concerned as to whether I would get full utility out of this product. Afterall, it is designed to be like a tablet pc, and has many applications such as email, word processing, book reading, music, etc. My top question to myself was, 'well what can I do that is different on the Ipad?' I took the plunge anyway, and with quite a big hole in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sarahmache...


Owning the Ipad.

AdvantagesPortable, easy to work with, screen moves vertical and horizontal with a simple turn, Bluetooth

DisadvantagesDoes not have webcam, Cannot download files without paid apps, Battery life is low.

"Before purchasing the iPad, there are a few things to think about. # One Do you work with a lot of websites with javascript and flash? # Two Do you type a lot of things for business? # Is this more of a recreational/entertaining device? For me, this was bought to temporarily replace my desktop computer. The iPad was definitely not the best for that because I had to download several paid apps to make the device function more like a computer. I even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RC-Addict


An enlarged ipod touch?

AdvantagesSlim, light, easy to use

DisadvantagesEasily scratched on back

"Is the Apple ipad really an over sized version of the ipod touch? In my opinion, the ipad is absolutely not just an over sized ipod touch, however, it does have some of the same features. The ipad shares some great features with the ipod touch, for example it's entertainment value. There are a huge variety of applications available to download, ranging from things such as children's games to news applications, to keep anybody entertained throughout ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AngelsShadow


The original iPad

AdvantagesGood operating system, great features and extra add-ons

DisadvantagesQuite bulky, not that portable

"...Software === The iOS software that Apple have on it is slick and easy to use, the keypad is much larger than the one used on the IPhone and the IPod touch, meaning that it truly has the capabilities that a netbook has as well as the features that an Apple device has, which is a great mix. One disappointment that I have is the lack of the ability to use Java and Flash based websites and applications while using the Internet. The software can be updated ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SarahRobbie


Apples Ipad is great !

AdvantagesLooks great and very fast

DisadvantagesThe screen gets dirty easily

"I recently purchased one of Apples latest products the 'Ipad'.I have to say I think the product is genius. Sleek, smart and very professional the Ipad is a convenient tool for business's. Its super fast and super convenient. However, this product is on the expensive side, I personally think that it's well worth it. I haven't encountered any significant problems with this product yet and hopefully wont. It's available in both 3G and Wifi. I purchased ..." Read review

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Community Level 1davidbennet


The Ipad - Great for families!!

AdvantagesEasy to use / Amazing battery / The appstore

DisadvantagesThe lack of webcam and multi-tasking

"Some people might call it an Ipod XXL, I will call it an evolution of modern computing. I imported it from USA in order to provide my grand-father, an easy to use, intuitive device in order to keep in touch with his family. Even so, we already made several attempts to push him to start using a computer, he never got used to the mouse and keyboard paradigm. Since we got him the Ipad, it all changed!! The fact that the Ipad is a replicate of natural ..." Read review

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