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Community Level 1Eveline123


Latest Apple Gadget - A Must Have!

Advantageseverything you could ask from a tablet PC

Disadvantagesdoesn't play all videos online

"When I got the Apple iPad as a Birthday present I really wasn't 100% sure yet if I would ever find any use for it. I gave it a go, though and guess what, I fell in love with it. This amazing little thing (sadly) turned into my best friend quickly. From social networking to writing e-mails over downloading exciting games or calling my grandma through Skype, I haven't found anything the iPad doesn't have. Well, to be honest, there is one thing - ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kerry56


The Apple Ipad 2 Wi-Fi plus 3G more affordable and compact

AdvantagesThinner, faster at processing, dual cameras

DisadvantagesRear-facing camera not great, front-facing camera not HD, no Flash support, no earbuds

"...cameras and FaceTime video chat. Apple definietly composed the Ipad 2 to function with some fantastic applications and accessories such as the trendy smart cover and the fun packed GarageBand music application. In my opinion, the A5 chip permits speedy processing of graphics and overall performance. This fancy piece of electronic innovation allows customers to use HD video recording and stills. The enhanced design of the Ipad 2 ultilises hidden magnets ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eitreb


Apple iPad 2 3G + Wifi

Advantagespowerfull, good looking, well built.

Disadvantagescan be seen as expensive, someone could argue the use.

"I got my ipad on contract from vodafone, it included a mobile internet deal, i get 2GB a month which is more then eough, ive only used 3GB of mobile internet 3 months ive had it. As expected, it feels well built and very sturdy. The big advantage that the ipad has over its rivals is the APP STORE, its has way more content the the android equivalent. The cameras aren't brilliant for photos but as for video the 720p quality is very good. The forward ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jamesd84


A replacement for the desktop PC

AdvantagesGreat battery life, lots of apps

DisadvantagesNo flash support, apps that only have iPhone versions

"...If you have an Apple TV you are also able to stream to that as well. I use it everyday when travelling on the tube as I have a one hour commute each way, longer when the tube is having trouble, and it helps that the capacity is large so many TV shows and movies can fit onto the device. The reception for 3G also seems to be better than an iPhone. The other useful thing is because it does the above things so well and so quickly that there is no point ..." Read review

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Community Level 1charrison


an excellent product that is easy to use!

AdvantagesSimple and easy to use, good screen size, portable, sound and picture quality is very good

DisadvantagesWill have to download apps, not a huge selection, also asks for apple id for access alot

"After my dad purchased this item a few weeks ago, I had my concerns. Would he be able to use it easily and keep up with this modern technology? After all, he had failed to comprehend a touchscreen phone. However, with this item I was pleasantly surprised. As well as an entertaining 'photobooth' app and internet services, the good screen size provides a portable tv where youtube videos can be viewed anywhere. it is also simple to download apps via ..." Read review

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The best way to buy an ipad

AdvantagesSlim, sleek design. Beautiful, responsive screen.

DisadvantagesExtremely delicate. Stands out in a crowd. Can occasionally freeze.

"I was at my friends house two weeks ago where I first had a feel for the beautiful machine known as the ipad. At such a high price I never thought the ipad quite cut it, but with just 5 minutes I had fallen it love. The ipad was so fast compared to my laptop, jumping from one application to another was just a breeze, but i still felt it was overpriced. Then I had a look on ebay. Now the thing about the ipad is, they seem to keep there value very well. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nwilko


Excellent tablet, with one or two downsides

AdvantagesEase of use, portability, app store.

DisadvantagesNo flash. Camera lacks quality.

"Brilliant machine, writing my review on mine now. It's got the apps, the speed, the look and the feel. Doesn't play flash :( but then we all knew that from the iPhone. Very good for business use, social use and personal use. Charging can take time with the plug from the iPhone but charges well with the right iPad plug, will not charge from my laptop, only sync. The battery lasts a good amount of time, I constantly watched movies and played games ..." Read review

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