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Community Level 1Yido88


Iphone 3GS review

AdvantagesLooks amazing, millions of apps

DisadvantagesBattery life

"The Ipone 3GS is a great little phone. If you require a phone that has the power of a PC but the portability of a mobile, this is the phone for you. Although the phone itself has been out for a few years now it still runs the most current operating system available from Apple. Resistant to scratches and a full range of exciting and cheap apps from the app store this phone is worth the price. The best feature of this phone has to be that it successfully ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Llucy100


The iphone 3gs 8GB: Good and bad

AdvantagesHas so many amazing features. Has an ipod on the phone, and has a game store on the phone.

DisadvantagesThe phone takes a long time to turn on and shuts off by itself sometimes.

"The iphone 3gs is a good phone. It is probably one of the best. I like this phone because of its great features and all it is capable of. The iphone can do so much more than any ordinary phone you get at a cellular store. Like the app store, itunes, ipod, and so much more. On the app store you can type in any game or entertainment type you can think of. On itunes you can download songs from your favorite artist and put it directly into your ipod. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nikaylapar...


The Rise and Fall of Apple's Most Prized Invention

AdvantagesHolds your music, ability to multitask, built-in GPS, unlimited app space

Disadvantagesunrealiable when downloading/uploading data, apps fail to load, exits apps without warning

"...all of the hype that Apple has endured for this phone, you can still be checking your email or searching for a restaraunt on Google and the phone just exists out of the app for no apparent reason. I also have a feeling that even if you're paying for unlimited data/internet usage, if you go over the desired amount of time AT&T (and most other cellular companies that offer the iPhone) the pages take longer to load and sometimes the URL just outright ..." Read review

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what you think to iphone 3gs 8gb???????????? Review with images

Advantagesgood qaulity for apps, internet usage good, sat navigation easy use.

Disadvantagescan easily get damaged, sometimes got poor signal, freezes if dont update it with itunes.

"I got this phone on vodafone contract for 24months. Which i got for £25 a month which came with 600mins, unlimited texts, 2gb of interent usage a month. Which to me in my own opinion this is very good deal. You have to have internet usage at home to be able to use this phone due to a brand new one, you need itunes linked to the internet to be able to set it up. You have to have a itunes app store account to use this phone too. I did love this phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joenlee123


Easy to use, iPhone 3GS 8GB!

AdvantagesEasy to use, fast internet browsing, suitible for all ages.

DisadvantagesValue for money, Large, Easy to scratch.

"...experience,''' I have now had my Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB for 6 months, and my iPhone is still in perfect condition, as I have droped it many time's. But I highly recommend you buy a case and a screen protector with your iPhone as without these it scratches very easily. When I first got my iPhone, it was extreamly easy to use, even though I didn't have any experiance at all. Although in my opinion it cost too much money. The iPhone is very good for all ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mecalleddan


A fantastic phone just pipped by the iPhone 4

AdvantagesWifi, 3G, Emai, MSExchange, App Store, Full Web Browser (Not WAP)

DisadvantagesPoor Batttery Life, No Front Facing Camera

"Whilst the 3GS doesn't boast all the features of the iPhone4, however it still likely the second best smartphone in the marketplace. The 3GS runs the latest iOS 4 software and is promised to run the new iOS 5 later in 2011. With access to the largest mobile App store every conceivable application is available to download at your fingertips. The iPhone set the standard for other manufacturers to copy and is the easiest to use smartphone on the market. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1aidankalel


My Review on the 3GS

Advantageslonger battery life than the older iphones and very fast surfing the web

DisadvantagesCan sometimes freeze on you

"Ive had this phone before and its really cool its really light and it does'nt get as hot as the older iphones. you get a huge variety of apps like the other iphones but the apps run a lot quicker on the 3gs and does'nt take much power. It is really quick surfing the web and loading videos and games from the app store, the video quality is high quality and its great when your either at a concert or a club to remember a good night which you have recorded ..." Read review

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