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Community Level 8daisyleex


iPhone 4S (32GB) Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesDoes everything anyone could ever wish for!!

DisadvantagesNo major disadvantages for me

"...is a phone made by Apple Inc (who also make iPads, iPods and macbooks). The iPhone has a touch screen and is marketed as a 'smartphone'. A smartphone is a mobile phone which has advanced features - for example it has access to the internet, is able to play music, has a high quality camera and so on. A smartphone is essentially a pocket sized computer with so many brilliant features it's almost unbelievable, after having owned an iPhone for over ..." Read review

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The apple of my eye! Review with images

Advantagesgreat fatures

Disadvantagesbattery life, no optical zoom

"I have had apple phones for the past five years and always like to have the latest model. I was pleased to see the new iPhone 4S feature an 8 megapixel 1080p HD camera and this was the main reason why I wanted the phone so much. Not only this, my previous iPhone was in need of repair, where the main button on the front of the device started sticking sometimes rendering it inoperable. I will try and write this review so it is friendly to readers who ..." Read review

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Best phone I've ever had

AdvantagesDoes everything I want it to and more

DisadvantagesiPhone 5 coming soon

"...you to video call other apple devices. This is great for keeping in contact with the family while you're living away, or keeping in contact with friends that live anywhere in the world! The video is crisp and clear, surprisingly good for a phone and better than a webcam which could be used for similiar services on, for example, skype. With the 4S's new 8 megapixel camera and 1080p (HD) video recording, you are sure to be impressed! Calling is simple, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pietro93


I Phone 4 Steve

Advantagesawesome features

Disadvantageslow battery life

"...on your computer, creating an Apple account, you will need to download the App, and connect the iphone. Once synchronized, ready for you to enter the magical world of apple. Now take a look at what is already installed: - Messages -> one of the things I like most is that by clicking on a name in history (which you can delete at any time) you can view the entire conversation, the messages sent and received. I did a little 'hard to get used to writing ..." Read review

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Great phone, not worth the upgrade though

AdvantagesAmazing Camera, App Store, Very Fast, Siri, Design is nice, Easy to use

DisadvantagesCosting £600 its very expensive, the phone is not very durable, battery life

"...in apps is the world-famous Apple App Store, which has hundreds of thousands of third-party apps for you to download whenever you want. Lets start off with the design, it looks very similar to the iPhone 4 with what I only notice as two design changes. Firstly there is no black bar on the top of steel band the iPhone 4S whereas there is on the iPhone 4 and instead there are two bars on the steel band above the original ones - confusing I know. These ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


My cool white phone

AdvantagesCamera, white phone


" My husband just upgraded my iPhone 2 to a iPhone 4S at the same time as he did his. We were out of contract with Orange and decided to look around for a better deal. He contacted Vodaphone who were willing to buy our old phones for about £70 each and then sell us the iPhone 4's for less than that so we actually made a profit on selling the phones back. We did have to pay a bit more to finish the contracts but Vodaphone were offering unlimited texts ..." Read review

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No need to upgrade your iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5 just yet!

AdvantagesGreat useability

DisadvantagesBattery life, price

"I upgraded from my Apple iPhone 3 to the 4S around a year ago and haven't looked back since. I absolutely adore the additional features, including Siri and the extra storage space that comes with the 32GB model. In addition, the camera also seems sharper and easier to use than the earlier model, and there are some wonderful apps available to improve the image capturing experience. Connectivity is through Wi-Fi, 3G or bluetooth and has been very reliable, ..." Read review

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An excellent Phone!

AdvantagesEverything you need from a phone


"If I had to sum up the iPhone 4 in 3 words it would be - WOW, WOW, WOW! This is because I never imagine in a million years that a phone could be this smart ... and make my life so much easier! It really is phenomenal! This is coming from a girl who was previously devoted to Blackberry and always turned her nose up at Apple's iPhone's. My opinion had been that they were a ridiculously expensive fad phone that was just the "cool" thing to have and I ..." Read review

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Iphone 4S

AdvantagesEasy to set up and use.

DisadvantagesDire battery and basic camera

"...tariffs involved. I've watched as apple have bought out new versions, updated versions and finally when the 4S came out I decided I could wait no more. I bought direct from apple so got an unlocked one which meant I was able to stick with contract I already had therefore saving myself a huge amount of money and when I weighed up the pros and cons of buying one outright as opposed to with a contract it really does work out cheaper. As a phone this ..." Read review

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Good but not flawless

AdvantagesGreat screen, great everything

DisadvantagesNot worth the premium over the iPhone 4

"...took the handset back to Apple confident that there was a warranty. The person at the Apple store resolved the problem by holding the home button and the lock button simultaneously which must have rebooted the phone. Anyway, the problem has not recurred since. For existing Apple customers, the interface should be very familiar so I won't go into detail with that. One of the big differentiating factors between the iPhone 4 and the 4S is Siri. I live ..." Read review

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Good phone but still problems

Advantageseverything you need from a phone

Disadvantagesfreezes alot

"...and my partner from the apple shop, it is by far the best phone i have had for the things it does, really good camera which i use alot for work to take pictures etc to put on my website so no need for a camera, always have my emails at hand have my personal and business emails from it, i also have alot of games on it so it is getting its full use,one main app i use is around me which pinpoints anything you could think, for example you want to no were ..." Read review

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Apple iphone 4s 32gb

Advantagesstlyish, powerful, fun, versatile, great media, HD video, built in ipod, voice recognition

Disadvantagesvoice activation limited to business search in the US

"...in the US. Something for apple to improve on. It responds well to most commands, sending emails, messages, looking up things on the web, scheduling and setting reminders. Its rather clever and youll grow to love it very quickly. Overall a great phone, from the onset. The use of icloud also provides greater power and accesibility wherever you are. Never losing your data is a must for anyone who's serious about technology these days. ..." Read review

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Apple iphone 4 worth it or not

AdvantagesApp for almost everything, good camera

DisadvantagesExpensive, doesn't have a good voice control

"...I wouldn't rely on it. Apple realised their mistake and made it a lot better in the new iphone 4s. The music application is very well done. You can shuffle and use genius. Genius is meant to show you songs like the ones you listen to but it never really worked for me. It would always say there isn't enough songs like it which is okay with me. You can make playlists and it keeps track of recently played song, recently added songs and top 25 most played. A ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lizi_ruddy


iphone 4s - pure brilliance Review with images

Advantagesgreat apps and new software, syncing to my apple mac ! GREAT TIME SAVER

Disadvantagesstill unpredictable battery life

"...a new I wish the Apple paradigm (new models each year) and the carrier paradigm (subsidized items, two year contracts, early cancellation penalties) were more in sync. ..." Read review

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Iphone 4s!!

AdvantagesGreat camera, great service, tons of space!

Disadvantagesbreaks easily, sometimes slow.

"The iphone is a great phone to have, i mean there is apps for legit everything you could imagine. Its not only useful but is fun. Everytime you get bored either waiting for someone or something, you can get it out and do anything from emails to games. It has many many great features, the camera being one of them, you dont need to go out and buy an expensive digital camera and hall it around with you (or get mad cause you forgot it) but you can use ..." Read review

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