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Never say Never... Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesBuild Quality, Functions it has to offer, User friendliness, everything really!

DisadvantagesExpensive, Few Niggles which can annoy

"...you would expect from the Apple brand. There's nothing to fault about this addition and its inclusion can only be seen as another positive aspect of owning this particular phone and of course it means that if I'm out and about and want to listen to some music I no longer have to carry a separate device as I have everything I need on one piece of equipment. The phone has iTunes installed onto it as standard and accessing the iTunes is easily done, ..." Read review

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Smart phones and children do not mix! Diamond review

AdvantagesEasy to use plus has a range of features.


"I have had my iphone 4 for a while now, and after recent events I thought I would review it. I have the 16 gb version which I received as an upgrade from my contract, but there are other memory sizes available. ==Setting up and style== The phone is very easy to set up it only takes the matter of minutes, and I found that synching it with iTunes was the best option as I was able to keep all my appointments, contacts and other important information ..." Read review

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I love this beast :) Review with images

AdvantagesLooks Lovely! Has every feature that you could ever wish for.

DisadvantagesSharp to hold without a case - About it!

"All of my friends and associates seemed to have iPhones, and I once used to watch with jealousy as they browsed the internet on the move, so it was time to take the plunge and off to my local Network 3 store I went to pick up my new and shiny beast. I had already decided the colour I wanted before seeing it and that was the newly released 'White' iPhone, everyone I knew at the time had a black one and it's always nice to be different! ..." Read review

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Don't Believe The Hype

AdvantagesEasy to use, good navigation, internet works well, Apps are great, MP3 player is good, great camer

DisadvantagesWorks badly as a phone, battery life is awful, text writing is frustrating

"...but does require a computer. Apple operate on a plug and play mantra and this applies to the iPhone which you can have up and running in no time. The phone itself is lightweight and a decent size for a pocket or bag (4.5 inches tall/ 2.3 inches wide/ 137g in weight)). The screen size itself is ample at 3.5 inches and the clarity of picture exceptional (but I believe outclassed by the newer 4s which is HD). The general operational hub of the phone ..." Read review

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Wouldn't be without one now

Advantagesquick, easy to use, great screen, perfect apps


"...the proud owner of an Apple iPhone 4GS 16GB. I will warn you now and say that this will be a long review, as there is so much on this phone and so much to say about it, so please be prepared to be here for a little while. I got my iPhone 4GS on Orange, and the phone is black with a silver edging, and a silver Apple logo on the back, as well as the word iPhone in silver too. The back of the iPhone 4GS is made from a toughened glass, which is ..." Read review

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iPhone 4 U

AdvantagesIt has good storage and apps

DisadvantagesThe signal gets lost

"...Iphone 4 is designed by Apple who has been producing Iphones for a while now and every year they make them better than the year before. The Iphone 4 is easy to identify due to the way it appears. The back looks huge in terms of depth but the phone is black (well the one I have) and you have this huge 3.5 inch screen which is a touch screen. The screen is large because it needs to be able to do plenty of various tasks you set it. When ..." Read review

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iPhone 4 - smooth and sleek, easy to use

AdvantagesEasy to use, lots of great apps, maps and lots more

DisadvantagesProblems with the signal strength indicator

"...and logical. Attention to detail from Apple seems to be very good, whether using the keyboard, when the iPhone senses you are looking at the screen horizontally and flips it, and so on, it's a very easy piece of kit to use, but is powerful enough to meet most peoples' needs. In terms of price, I paid 90 pounds for mine via Vodafone, with a monthly contract. They are much more expensive to buy unlocked, and expensive to buy on a pay as you go. If ..." Read review

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Love/hate relationship with this phone!

Advantagesa fast working, addictive phone!

Disadvantagestoo many faults, and I genuinely don't think it is designed to last longer than the 1 year warrant

"...took 3 visits to the apple genius bar for them to agree it was faulty and issue me a new one...Very annoying when you just want a phone that finally works and they keep telling me to go home and try restart it or to back everything up AND then come back if it still doesnt work. arrgh! This second phone did actually work perfectly fine. However the screens are absolutely useless and shatter with just the slightest contact with the floor. My daughter ..." Read review

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Once you use an iphone.. you never go back!

AdvantagesUser friendly, easy to use, slim, many uses and a variety of things to do on it

DisadvantagesBattery needs recharging often, can be quite pricey in total compared to other phones

"Having just reviewed an App (Words with Friends) for the iphone, I thought I should put up a review for the iphone itself. I bought my iphone 4 just over a year ago and it was the first iphone I have ever bought/tried. After using many phones over the years and being a pay as you go user.. I never felt I needed a flash phone or to spend much money topping up on it as the free texts were enough for me. That was until all of a sudden I was seeing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2shoequeenr...


I couldn't live without my iphone!

AdvantagesIt can do almost anything

DisadvantagesPrice, have to buy ringtones, can't connect with other phones via bluetooth

"My previous phone was a samung tocco which i got when it was first released as I liked the idea of a touch screen phone and couldn't afford the contract on the iphone 3G as I was still a student at the time. Then last June, just as my contract was up for renewal the iphone 4 was launched and I decided I wanted one! Due to all the hype around the new iphone, it took me around 3 weeks to be able to get hold of one but eventually it arrived...... The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2princessta...


This phone should come with free bubble wrap! Review with images

AdvantagesReliable, good looking, quality product

DisadvantagesEXTREMELY fragile, over priced

"Apple is renowned for being a quality, reputable brand - and for good reason. The vast amount of features provided on this phone are arguably superior when compared to that of other leading competitors such as Blackberry. Having been an owner of both phone brands, I will say now that Apple in my opinion wins hands down in terms of providing quality goods. Not only is the Iphone a phone; its a storage device, ipod, tv, satnav, camera...the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2patw2000


Iphone 4

AdvantagesBrilliant to use, everything you need included

DisadvantagesSignal Problems

"...button to the right. Apple have developed the technology for the screen and have included what they call retina display. This makes colours more vivid and text clearer and sharper. When you first use it, it doesn’t seem like much of a difference to older models, but when you compare them side-to-side you immediately notice the difference, especially on 3D games and photos. One of the differences between the iPhone 4 and the last 3 models is that ..." Read review

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I can't be without it!

AdvantagesAbility to personalise with apps


"I'll start by saying that I am not massively technically minded, but I just wanted to give a review of this phone because I cannot be without it! I upgraded to the Iphone 4 from previously owning an Iphone 3G and have been loving this phone even more then its predecessor. For starters, I got the 16gb version of the phone, which was double the memory I had on my previous Iphone. 16gb seems to be sufficient for my needs, I currently have around 40 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SarahHed


I would not and could not live without it...

AdvantagesSmooth, polished, beautiful - and I am only describing the appearance.

DisadvantagesBit pricey, on a £35 a month contract and had to pay in excess of one hundred pounds!

"==Why I decided on an Apple Iphone for my next phone== Over the past few years I have had a large collection of different phones, some that were good (Nokia N96), some that were not so good. But as an overall trend I have religiously stuck with Nokia as a manufacturer as I thought that their software was easy to use and functioned well. This year however I decided that it was time to have change the rather monotonous yet functional Nokia software. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2supertrade...


Fantastic multimedia device but with some niggling problems!

AdvantagesGreat look, performance, ease of use, reliability, app market, battery life and wide range of uses

DisadvantagesPoor antenna design and signal reception, horrid screen problem when calling someone and expensive

"The first Apple product that I had bought was the iPhone 3G and it was my third hand, in the sense that I could not go anywhere without it and it helped make everything so much easier. I then decided to wait until my contract came to an end and wait for a few months and upgrade to the iPhone 4 instead of the 3GS under another long term contract. What a great decision that was I must say! When I received the parcel containing my new iPhone I felt ..." Read review

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