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Community Level 1leedsgirl2...


The Best Ipod Made!

AdvantagesHolds up to 40,000 songs. Simple to use.

DisadvantagesAbit to big and thick. Sometimes freezes if don't keep it up to date

"...your ipod using an optional apple component (which is very expensive) or a composite av cable. (which i recomment about £6.99 in asda).Technical Specifications:Only come in two different colours. Black and grey.Height: 4.1inches (103.5mm)Width: 2.4inches (61.8mm)Depth: 0.41inch (10.5mm)Weight: 4.9ounces (140grams)Display: 2.4inch (diagonal) colour LCD with LED backlight320 ..." Read review

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Must Have The Precious Review with images

AdvantagesMassive Space, Brilliant Sound, Easy to Use, Appearance, Weight, Screen

DisadvantagesFreezing, iTunes, Noisy, Volume

"...any other alternative. Being an Apple product, its always going to look like a clean, modern bit of tech and you can be pretty certain it won't be made from inferior materials, more like unicorn hooves and dragon teeth at such a high price, but still reliable. Its often reported that many have dropped their iPods, only for them to appear undamaged, something reassuring, but still a reason to purchase a leather or silicone case (Recommended). Upon ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Up-High-Do...


Apple iPod Classic 160 GB

AdvantagesRange Of Features


"Apple iPod Classic 160 GB The iPod Classic is the best once so far with many features. There is not much you can't do on your iPod Classic and with 160 GB of memory you cant go wrong. When you used to have the 2 GB iPod Nano you was always worrying about how much space you had left but now everything is going to change. The iPod Classic is very durable and is practically unbreakable. The battery life on the iPod Classic is excellent. You can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ICE-COLD


Apple iPod Classic 160GB Silver

AdvantagesEasy To Use, Lots Of Memory, Many New Features


"Apple iPod Classic 160GB Silver The Apple iPod Classic is a great mp3 player. With 160GB of memory you wont have to worry about how much space you've got left ever again. I paid about £220 for my iPod classic and it was well worth it. With the iPod Classic you can browse you music in many different ways. The newest feature to searching for music is the cover flow feature. This is where you can browse all of your albums by the front cover and you ..." Read review

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Community Level 3davy246


ipod in black

AdvantagesEasy to scratch

DisadvantagesVery easy to scratch

"...is one of the few apple products I have in my home there good products but I just haven't got round to getting a Mac yet. I had and do still have my little iPod classic with a 60GB hard drive but sure enough I filled it up after a year or two even low I was told by the man at the store it would be all I would ever need. So I bought a new one a bigger and better one then out came the iPods touch just a short time after I got the iPod now I will ..." Read review

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More storage than a fleet of removal vans

AdvantagesEasy to use and tons of memory

DisadvantagesNot cheap

"...small screen compared with other apple products like the touch or more importantly the ipad which is where I watch video content. For us I can see that I will download audio books however I have never got into the whole podcast thing. There are two colour versions, classic white or black, I opted for the black front and both come with a steel back, it is advisable to get a protective cover otherwise it will show the scratches. In the box you also ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cmatt


Ipod Classic - 160GB

AdvantagesSize, Workmanship, Functionality

DisadvantagesZero support for some old peripherals, crashes car stereo , Bit heavy!

"... Opening any product made by apple is a joy in itself - one does wonder how long they deliberate over the pretty box! Getting over the box design, the IPod is neatly presented - with the contents kept in individual packaging. Once I tapped the play button, the usual setup menu was a welcoming sight and I continued the usual setup process. However you can setup the IPod by hooking it directly to the laptop and launching ITunes. Synced the IPod ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jamsa123


Carry Everything in your collection, Everywhere.

AdvantagesSimple easy to use interface with lots of available accessories and high storage capacity.

DisadvantagesEveryone seems to have one!

"...quite fill mine! Quality Although the included Apple Ipod earphones are not high standard, with the purchase of some decent headphones you most certainly will not be complaining when it comes to sound quality. The ipod can hold music files in all different kinds of quality and you are not just restricted to the 128-Kbps that most music files come in, so if you want to listen to that Mozart really loud or the intricate melodies of Guns 'n' Roses ..." Read review

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The iPod Classic 160gb is the best iPod out there. Review with images

AdvantagesGreat design, good capacity, practical, quite slim, easy to use, fast.

DisadvantagesEasy to scratch, expensive.

"I bought the iPod Classic a couple of months ago, for full price. And I was really pleased about it. It has a 160gb capacity, which is more than enough to hold all my music collection, it's a great plus there. It's fast, easy to hold, easy to use and the best music device out there, end of story. Sound Quality- It pumps out fair enough sound, with lots of customisable EQs, adding bass, treble, or even reducing them etc. It's volume limited to 100db ..." Read review

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I wouldnt get one of these again!

Advantageslarge storage capacity

Disadvantagespoor sound quality, unreliable, quite chunky

"...not a massive fan of Apple Ipods, but I have owned one of these twice in my life (both times bought for me by someone else). Both times I have had countless problems with them and they have broken and completely givn up just outside the years guaruntee. This particular ipod retails for around £190 - £200 depending on where you buy it from and comes in two colours - black or silver. It comes complete with a set of apple headphones and a charger/link ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rockinrebel


Your whole music collection and then more...!

AdvantagesNo need to compromise on music.

DisadvantagesMore fragile than the flash memory iPods such as the Nano or Shuffle.

"Do you ever wish that you could hold 40,000 songs in your pocket? It sounds unbelievable but the iPod Classic 160GB makes this reality. It is amazing to think that this iPod is physically so much smaller than the first iPods yet it can hold more than double the music. The iPod Classic is currently available in Silver or Black and is smaller than a CD case. The iPod has all the standard features such as video playback, a basic collection of games, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2CRF88


Sooo Powerful!!!!!

AdvantagesLarge Memory, Great Picture Quality, Coverflows, Additional Features!!

DisadvantagesHeadphones Are Very Poor They Crackle When Bass Is On.

"...there when i first heard apple was releasing the ipod classic 160gb i was like wow that will fulfill the needs of us the customers buying into this type of market. Apple took this one a step further when producing the ipod classic to this amount of memory on something so small allows the users to fill their entire collection of music on their ipod and still have the space to upload a their best movies or tv shows which can be watched on the ipod classic. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dirtybassdj


Your Life, Your Music all in the parm of your hand!!!

Advantages160GB Storage space aprox 40,000 tracks, Easy updates with I-Tunes

DisadvantagesQuite costly to purchase new, quite bulky in comparison to other versions

"...device does come with original Apple headphones which are of good volume and sound clarity. The 160GB edition is priced between £175 and £200 which although may seem quite steep to pay outright could be classed as a worth wile investment to the right user. This review is also published on Dooyoo.co.uk http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/portable-mp3-player/apple-ipod-classic-160-gb/1609694/ ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JJGEight


The best iPod yet!

AdvantagesMusic, Photo's, Video's and Customization

DisadvantagesTakes a while to convert video's to MP4

"The Apple iPod 160GB Black Classic is one of the best way to listen to your music, take a look at your photo's and watch your videos. Music: The iPod Classic is proberly mainly used for music. And I can see why! This iPod can hold up to 40000 songs! Your music is displayed in an easy to access way with clear cut menus that come in artist, song and playlist form so you can access your favourite songs quickly. You can also use the new cover flow ..." Read review

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I didn't like Apple.. But i'm pleased..

AdvantagesNice looking, price dropping, iPod quiz, Cover flow

DisadvantagesLag, iTunes, Potentially useless in 18months!

"...badly made products. I resented Apple and everything they did and had had some bad experiences with customer service etc... That is until I bought this iPod. Okay, Okay... I'm a hypocrit! I've always had an MP3 player and after my Creative Zen finally gave up after nearly 6 years I looked around for an alternative. Some friends told me to get an iPod others steered me clear. I finally decided on an Archos and I LOVE that bit of kit and recommend ..." Read review

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Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Silver - 7th Generation

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Silver - 7th Generation

The new iPod classic comes with 160GB of storage in the same compact size, making it the ... more

take-everything-everywhere iPod. It's available in
quintessential silver or striking black. iPod
classic also has plenty of battery life (up to 36
hours of audio p...

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Apple Ipod  Classic 160gb Silver,4th Generation Model,brand

Apple Ipod Classic 160gb Silver,4th Generation Model,brand

The Apple iPod 160GB Classic that digitized music. This classic mp3 player from Apple in ... more

its  6th Generation has revamped the face of music
and itself. With album art scrolling, the new
Genius Bar that lets one buy related music, TV
shows that can be s...

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Postage & Packaging£6.95

Apple iPod classic 160 GB - Silver, Silver

Apple iPod classic 160 GB - Silver, Silver

Discover an exciting world of entertainment with the 160 GB Apple iPod Classic in silver. ... more

With a bigger and better capacity, this iPod
Classic now has an enormous 160 GB space to store
your music, movies, photos and more. That's up to
40,000 songs, 25,...

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Postage & Packaging£0.00
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Apple iPod Classic 160GB Black ( Classic 160GB Black )

Apple iPod Classic 160GB Black ( Classic 160GB Black )

Classic beauty 160GB of storage to hold up to 40000 song 200 hours of video or 25000 ... more

photos Play iPod games Click to enjoy with the
easy to use Click Wheel Vivid 2.5 inch display
makes video come alive

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