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My Apple Ipod Nano

Advantagesgreat design, easy to work with the screen

Disadvantagesthe apple earphones

"...I decided to give the Apple brand a chance. The iPod nano was my first choice since the 8 gigabyte storage capacity was sufficient and the design beautiful. He also looked pretty solid. The Nano came in a very small box which includes earphones and a USB charger were included. A disadvantage is that there is no plug included. It must be purchased separately. If you don't want to buy the charge then you can charge the iPod via the computer. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nomadcelt


Excellent sound quality, good battery, screen good for photos

AdvantagesAttractive, intuitive with good battery

DisadvantagesDelicate screen prone to scratches, screen too small for video.

"...of a very high standard. Apple have somehow squeezed a lot of juice in to it. I use it almost every day for at least an hour and find I don't have to recharge it for approx 10 days.....that's close to 10hrs continuous play which I think is pretty good. ===Screen=== This is the problem area, in my opinion. It is made of a toughened plastic but is very easy to scratch, especially if you have keys, lint in your pocket. I would always recommend a case ..." Read review

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better than I expected it to be!

Advantagesresponsive touch screen, sleek design

Disadvantagespoor sound quality - standard for ipods

"...paying more for the name APPLE rather than the quality of the MP3 player. After my Sony MP3 player broke I needed a quick replacement that was cheap and I managed to get one of these on discount from work for around £37 - which was a bargain (although I do miss the sound quality of my Sony). Anyway, I was pleasantly suprised by the quality of this little MP3 player. The MP3 player itself is tiny and can fit in the smallest of pockets. It comes in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nemod1992


iPod nano - Always take your music with you Review with images

AdvantagesDesign, design, design, build quality, iTunes, camera I guess

Disadvantagesprice is a bit high, battery only USB rechargable

"=== My experience === I got my iPod nano as a gift close to 2 years ago, and I think it's safe to say I've "tested" it in almost every possible way. if you're looking for a stylish mp3 player, that can be used to keep youeself amused in the classroom as well as while trail running in the woods, you don't have to look any further. === Sound quality === The sound this little device can produce can be quite amazing. If you're one of those audiophiles, ..." Read review

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Advantagessmall size


"I got 1 of these for my Christmas present from my work last year. There was a choice of presents for me to choose but I have to admit that the reason I chose this was because I thought it would be easy to sell on e-bay. After all I have my iPhone for music and also an MP3 player if i'm on the move, although this looks nice then I felt it was an expensive thing that was not needed. Needless to say I changed my mind when I got this and still have it! ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rockinrebel


Very neat, stylish, functional... the list is endless...

AdvantagesCompact, light and attractive!

DisadvantagesPerhaps a little too expensive

"...which are supplied are the Apple headphones which do the job perfectly. If however these headphones aren’t to your standard, or you would like to hear your music in a higher quality any other headphones can be used. ~ Sports Usage ~ Are you one of those people that cannot exercise without their music? This iPod may be perfect for you. Not only does the iPod have an inbuilt pedometer and radio, it can also be used with the Nike running accessory ..." Read review

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The most convenient iPod yet! Review with images

AdvantagesSize, Battery Life, Assessibility, range of colours

DisadvantagesNo Lock

"When the iPod Nano (6G) was first advertised I knew instantly that it was the iPod for me, as I kept on seeing more and more advertisements for it, I decided to cave in and buy myself this product, and to my advantage I was not disappointed at all. The first obvious advantage of this iPod Generation is the size of it, for the iPod users who mostly keep it in their pocket it is the perfect size to fit in and also be protected but for the users who ..." Read review

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Community Level 1iGaia


Love It! Review with images

AdvantagesSmall, touch screen, battery lasts long.

DisadvantagesCan't watch videos.

"If you love to listen to music while you exercise, this is the perfect iPod for you. Battery wise is great, if you know how to conserve battery this iPod will play music for 12 hours straight. The size is perfect for those of us who like to exercise while listening to music. The clip on the back has a strong hold so it's comfortable to know it will not fall and break while you run or do jumping jacks. The look is great, very slim and tiny. The features ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AliciaHines


excellent ipod - ipod nano 8gb

Advantagesgreat memory

Disadvantagescamera doesn't take photos

"I got bought this product a couple of chirstmas's ago, at first I found it very hard to work and couldn't understand the instructions. Once a friend had explained to me how to use the iPod correctly and connect it to my iTunes on my laptop I found it very easy to use. Only once the iPod has crashed on me this was easily sorted by leaving the iPod turned on to drain the battery, once this had been done I charged it like normal and it worked as usual. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bethanyb


The ipod that never runs out!

Advantageshigh memory

Disadvantageshigh sensitivity and can get a little confusing

"I was given an ipod nano 8gb as a gift last year and although it is not one of the latest versions of ipod available to us it is sufficient enough and does its job perfectly fine. In my opinion the 8gb is plenty enough space for the songs that i want and the games and applications already available without downloads are good. As an ipod it is very robust as i have dropped mine many times and there are no sctraches or marks visible. I will mention ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BKowalski123


Good Product for the Price

AdvantagesGood for the price, easy to use screen, battery is pretty decent.

DisadvantagesPoor Headphones

"I have had this product for about 2 years and I still have it and use it every day. The selection wheel (touch wheel) has worn out and sometimes it doesn't recognize my finger correctly or acts "glitchy". It holds a good amount of music and the sound quality is good if you buy new headphones. I would not recommend the headphones that come with the device. I think the battery is also fairly good, with a charge lasting me about three days of moderate ..." Read review

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ipod nano worth it?

Advantageseasy to use,

Disadvantageslock button , not many features,

"The new ipod nano isn't as great as past "nano's". It isn't horrible, it has it's perks such as ease of use, it has a decent pixel output, and the images and text are large enough to view. Sadly after a while this nano takes a beating even when taken care of properly, the lock button gets stuck and the nano renders useless, also there is no camera in this nano almost like they downgraded from the last nano. If it was me and I was given a choice i'd ..." Read review

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