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Odd Sod Joins Pod Squad

AdvantagesHigh-quality sound; long battery life; like the best radio station ever

DisadvantagesExpensive; headphones come loose, don't block out noise; slight impracticalities

"...first: I'm more loyal to Apple products than most people. Being a Mac user in a Microsoft world has made me defensive, if not paranoid. Second, I love music, but hate predictability. This prompted bizarre behaviour in the past. Don't tell anyone, but I used to compile cassettes of random tracks from randomly-chosen CDs, taping them with my eyes closed so I didn't know what tracks I would hear, or in what order. Little did I know that within ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Sonic4290


iPod Shuffle - A Small Bite Of The Apple

AdvantagesBattery life is strong; appearance; small and light

DisadvantagesNo screen; lacks a hold switch; 1GB memory is small

"== APPLE iPOD 1GB REVIEW == == INTRO == I absolutely adore iPods, and I'm a HUGE fan of Apple and their products. I have several iPods myself (check out my other reviews on the iPod Classic and iPod Nano 4G), but don't always get round to reviewing them all. When the iPod Shuffle first arrived on the scene, it was tall and white, and I remember it cost around £40. I owned one of these and thoroughly enjoyed owning one, but loathed the fact ..." Read review

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An Apple iPod Thats Affordable :)

Advantagesdesign, lightweight, small, plays high quality music, price, long lasting, battery life.

DisadvantagesEarphones broke easily, I prefer to use more modern mp3 players with LCD screens.

"...try to stay from the Apple brand I always end up going back to them and purchasing another Apple mp3 device. To be honest one of the main reasons why I tried to stay away from Apple was that a lot of their mp3 players seemed quite expensive, however when I realised that some of the Apple mp3 players were actually quite cheap now, I decided I would go ahead and give into the Apple mania and purchase an Ipod Shuffle. == PRICE == I purchased mine ..." Read review

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Community Level 6killiefan


I love to shuffle

AdvantagesPerfect for exercising with

DisadvantagesMaybe not enough storage for some

"...out and bought myself an Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB. Having owned, and enjoyed using, a previous version of the iPod shuffle a few years earlier I believed that it would be a safe choice to plump for this iPod to help me with my training and keep me motivated. ==HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST?== My iPod shuffle 1 GB cost me £40 to buy but I have had it for a while now. Although this version still retails for about the same price, you can now pick up an ..." Read review

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Shuffle Deals a Great Hand

AdvantagesPerfect whilst exercising to music

DisadvantagesBattery indicator a little unreliable

"...volume levels in the traditional Apple circular theme on the front, with volume up and down on the up and down parts of the circle and skip forward and back on right and left, with play/pause in the middle. When I first got the Shuffle home, I found setting it up to be really simple, although it did help that I'm not entirely inexperienced with gadgets and already had iTunes installed on my PC. For those without iTunes, this will need to be downloaded, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Jordan2493


The Ipod Shuffler!!!... Review with images

AdvantagesSound Qaulity and Very Interesting Features!!!...

DisadvantagesMaybe a little to low a memory to store all of your tracks!!!...

"...my iPod , there were apple stickers with the apple logo where i stuck one of the two on my nice little box where i kept my small cute shuffle in for safety. As I explored quickly through the small plastic box, i found my white apple earphones to equip to my shuffle. The white earphones were arranged in a small, plastic transparent bag, wrapped around the wires of each ear plug, tied round with a small grey wire to keep them safe. As i sorted through ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ice_pink


Just when you think it couldn't get any better...

AdvantagesQuite inexpensive, hard wearing, attractive, tiny, good quality

DisadvantagesOnly comes in one colour, doesnt have usb connector attached like older model

"...shuffles brand new from the apple site for just £55, and they will even engrave your name (or anything you want on it!) free of charge. Ebay are selling them slightly cheaper so always check before you buy to make sure you're getting the best deal. If you're after the old style however, these are now available for around £40 from ebay for a 1GB version. To conclude… ~~~~~~~~~~ The new generation shuffle is in my opinion great stuff. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazzaolear...


Where Do You Hide Your Toy's???

AdvantagesSmall and Great Clip

DisadvantagesSong Selection Random

"...own the Ipod Nano from Apple but I really didn't like the idea of using it whilst out running as although it's small its still not ideal so I decided to invest in an Ipod Shuffle the next best thing but a lot smaller in size and much more mobile than my Nano. I bought a 1Gb Shuffle in blue from the Apple website for £55 and even had it engraved with my name for no extra cost. After placing my order it arrived on my doorstep the next day which I was ..." Read review

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Size isn't everything

AdvantagesInexpensive, perfect size for carrying, clip belt to carry on clothing, picks music randomly

DisadvantagesSome might like more songs, and to choose their music

"The Apple iPod shuffle is the most simple and consumer friendly introduction to MP3 players you could ask for. My husband has own one for many years, and it is currently in my possession for my daily commute to work. Although I have my own MP3 player, I find this shuffle to be the most convenient for my trips to work because (a) it takes up next to no room in my already overloaded handbag (b) it’s tiny yet sturdy, so I don’t have to worry about ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sifair


It costs to much

AdvantagesTiny, stylish, clip on

Disadvantagesoverrated, costs to much, lack of features, itunes

"...a slightly longer battery life. The Apple iPod Shuffle is tiny and has a little clip on it so it is easy to put it on your trousers or your shirt. This makes it a doddle to carry around, the player is so tiny and you will probably forget it is there because it is so small. Also it will not drag on your shirt as it only weighs a tiny amount. Basically the shuffle is great for just putting anywhere on your body as the clip is just about the right ..." Read review

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Community Level 3petebrolly


iPod iPoem Review with images

AdvantagesSmall, cheap, cheerful

Disadvantages1Gb isn't that much these days, no screen

"An ode to iPOD (Shuffle 1GB) ...So, I thought since I have some time, I'll write a review that's also a rhyme. So here we go, without further ado, the iPOD shuffle is what I'll review. The iPOD shuffle: mines is in blue, it also comes in silver, green, purple, and also pink too. There are other colors, to suit whatever your mood, and I have to admit, that they all look quite good. The storage capacity is one gigabyte, which isn't too ..." Read review

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*Insert eye-catching, creative title here*

AdvantagesCan clip onto clothing, good basic mp3, small size

DisadvantagesNo screen, less features

"The Apple shuffle is a tiny mp3 player, with simple features that would allow you to listen to music easily. I received one of these as a gift. It comes in many colours (silver, blue, green, purple, red). I got the blue one, which I think cost around £50 then. A quick look on the Currys website tells me a 2gb one is £39.50 and so a 1gb would be cheaper then that. The shuffle comes in an clear plastic box which has a clear lid where you can see ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Paula_23_uk


The Apple of my Eye

AdvantagesSmall, stylish, light, holds approximately 240 songs

DisadvantagesNo LCD readout or radio.

"...been a big fan of Apple but I have to say this thing caught my eye, even if it is tiny. With measurements of 1.07 inches high, 1.62 inches wide and 0.41 inches deep, this surely is an example of the proverbial good thing and small package. For all you metric people out there that’s approximately 2.71cm (h) x 4.11cm (w) x 1.04cm (d). It also only weighs 0.55 oz or 15.6 grammes ((approx). The ipod shuffle is sleek and stylish and comes in silver, ..." Read review

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Made for Fondling as well as Shuffling

AdvantagesLooks good sounds good

DisadvantagesLightweight and no screen

"My experience with the iPod shuffle has been a truly positive experience. Listening to music on the move has never been more natural or more comfortable. I've found it really is very easy to use. Furthermore, it looks good; it's a cool little device to pull out of your pocket at the bus stop and say hey dude look at me, I'm one cool cat with tunes that will make you shuffle all day long and throughout the night. OK so the nano has now come along and ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sk0680


I Shuffle faster with my new iPod!

AdvantagesSmall, relatively cheap, light, easy to use

DisadvantagesLack of features compared to a more expensive model

"...It is the classic white Apple design, with rounded edges and a clear plastic lid so the product is visible. The iPod is attached to the packaging by a clever little plastic clip - which I threw away in my excitement at getting to the new toy! Behind the iPod are: the earphones, the dock (more about that later), instruction cards in various languages, a quick start book, "important product information" guide and some little white apple stickers. I ..." Read review

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