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I've Been Cloned

AdvantagesStart of the art funky MP3 player with add ons

DisadvantagesCocky oversites on Apples part

"...it. Personally I feel that Apple should allow for this by putting a protector in the box, or even a case to sit the Touch in. I'm not being tightfisted here, but the reality is that to buy a case is not an easy thing; being a new product now shops in my town had a case to fit the product, and ordering can take up to a fortnight, which in reality means a bit of a longer weight before using your new toy. There is no mains adapter, to charge your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ryanmorgan...


The iPod Touch does so much....MORE

AdvantagesThousands of Apps after Jailbreak, Super Cool Design, High Quality hardware, Easy to Use, Intuitive

DisadvantagesPoor Battery Life, Lack of Preinstalled Apple Apps, Easy scratching rear and easy fingerprinting glass

"...Quick Start Guides 3. USB wire 4. Apple standard Headphones 5. Small plastic stand 6. Dock Adaptor Thats it: BE WARNED there is NO AC adaptor to plug into a wall socket. SETUP - Setup is easy, you plug your iPod into your computer and start iTunes (If not present you must download it) you then tranfer you music, videos and photos through that. BE WARNED: If you dont have a music library in iTunes it can take some time to get right with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2clra2


The future of mobile devices

Advantagessexy, slim design; 3.5 inch beautiful, bright touch screen; sound/video quality; safari web browsing

Disadvantagespricey, looks fragile, no flash support, low memory capcity

"...couple of times at the Apple store and I have to say, it's one of the coolest mp3 (or is it an mp4?) players ever. I finally got one around the last week of December at Best Buy and I'm completely happy with the Touch. It's simply magnificent. The only complaints I have about the item are kind of minuscule overall but would definitely make the iPod Touch better. The iPod Touch features a beautiful 3.5 inch screen where you basically do all the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bestboots


A Touch Disappointing

AdvantagesDesign, weight, colour, widescreem wi-fi

DisadvantagesMemory, headphones, touch can be a little frustrating

"...personal opinion is the lame apple headphones. I would definately recommend upgrading to a decent pair to enable the ipod to blast out the music to it's full potential. Also I find the fact the ipod flips to an album cover almost as soon as a song has begun is slightly annoying, it needs a right side tap, and another flick just to skip to another song. The 16GB version doesnt come with a wall charger either, so should you take your fashionable little ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wileycat


The home of the music collection

AdvantagesEasy to use, lots of space, superb touchscreen

DisadvantagesHaving to use iTunes,

"The Apple Ipod Touch 16GB I purchased was my third Ipod I bought, the first I owned was a 512MB Ipod Shuffle and then a larger 60GB Ipod video. The huge upgrade for Apple bringing out a video playing ipod, and then larger another huge upgrade when they moved to touch screens. Has kept attracting me back to Apple and making me spend far too much money on their products. The Touch is so much more than just a music mp3 player, which is all iPods ever ..." Read review

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Community Level 3ShizzleDiz...


* Ipod touch *

Advantagesrange of features


"...the latest MP3/4 player that apple have realised and I think this is the coolest thing they have brought out as it has such a range of cool features on it . one thing that I love about this is when your flip the ipod on it's side so does the screen which is nice. * Design * ? This is so nicely designed , it has the silver backing with the ipod logo on the back and how many gbs it has. On the front is the big screen which I highly recommend getting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dottilotti


If you can't afford an i-phone then the touch is for you :)



"...in the typical clear plastic Apple ipod box with the ipod securely fitted in the front of the box also included in the box are the headphones (white), data cable, instruction leaflet and your apple sticker. All very basic and minimalistic as always with Apple, when my boyfriend got his i-phone it came with a plug to attach to your data cable so you can charge it through your mains and to be honest I was a little bit disappointed that the touch didn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 3slender_to...


A Capable Gadget

AdvantagesEasy to use, Many applications available, Good screen, Good battery

DisadvantagesSlow start up, Pricey

"...to mind is the legendary Apple iPod. Apple have released a vast variety of iPods, however the iPod Touch wipes the others off the floor with it's crisp and responsive touch screen and wonderful array of features. The iPod Touch comes in a cute little box, which looks very sleek. You will find the device in there with a pair of official Apple earphones, a charging dock and some brief instructions. Mine also came with a cleaning cloth for the screen, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mynameisrui


The Apple of my Eye

AdvantagesMusic, Videos, Wi-Fi, the list goes on

DisadvantagesBattery is a bit poor

"...brilliant piece of work and Apple have really outdone themselves on it. I used to be dead against the iPod Touch and the iPhone but now I'm all turned around on the subject. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rhynas1888


Ipod touch - The greatest mp3 players that has ever been built!!

AdvantagesNot just music, but an app store full of thousands of apps, wifi, video, photo and more!

DisadvantagesIt is hard to think of a disadvantage but the main one would be that it can occasionally crash.

"== Intro: == The Apple ipod touch 16GB model gives you enough storage to store tons of songs, videos, pictures and applications to keep you entertained for hours! This ipod also comes in a range of 8GB and 32GB but i am reviewing this specific one as i own this model. In this review i will speak about the many features and other things that have been included in this mp3 player that gives it such an amazing feel to it when being used. == Specifications: ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marv101


iPod Touch Review

AdvantagesVery slim design, superb visuals, built-in wifi with full web, jailbreak to increase functionality

DisadvantagesIsn't the BEST sound, but that's being very picky!

"...it is. How on earth Apple managed to pack everything in it is way beyond me. The first decent thing therefore is the packaging - nothing is wasted. The box is incredibly small so won't clutter anything. Now onto the main review. The Apple iPod Touch is one amazing music player. Unfortunately it still does not support OGG-Vorbis, but of course AAC makes up for this so you can still retain great quality sound with lower bitrates. The iPod Touch doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jammie1000...


Ipod Classic 16gb

AdvantagesSleek, Stylish, Great use of technology, Good sound

DisadvantagesCostly, Little hard drive space, dodgy touch screen

"...the ipod touch only cost apple $197 (around £100), less than hald of what apple are selling the touch for. The third and final fault with the touch is the hard drive space which is virtually non existent. Personally, I have a lot of music and videos that I would like to store on my Ipod but the small 16gb hard drive just cant handle the amount of music and video I want to put on it, unlike the ipod classic which can hold up to 160gb, 10 times as much ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gadget.Guy



AdvantagesSleek, good looking , futuristic controll

Disadvantagespoor battery life and recharge process, no DIVX,WMV,WMA,AVI

"...bit lousy. ( funny considering apple claim to be audio experts ) *Need to use itunes to transfer music to it. (pain compared to other media players) ==Video player== *Plays all the apple friendly filetypes. NO DIVX, MPEG 1-2, AVI or WMV. *Video quality is top notch. 10/10 *Screen size is way too small to emerse you in a video thats playing. *Need to use itunes to transfer video to it. (pain compared to other media players) ==Touch Controll== *Easy ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Baneat


iPod Touch 16GB. Flawed but brillant

AdvantagesTrendy cool factor, decent capacity.

DisadvantagesCrappy earphones low battery life and poor codec compatibility. High cost

"The apple iPod touch is great, but it has many flaws that users need to be aware of. One main reason to buy this is the ability to have a functional web tablet with a relatively good keyboard. But, using it will drain your battery VERY quickly, 2 solid hours of surfing takes my battery from full to zero. Also, if you are the type of person who listens to single tracks and has a shuffle button fetish, the fact you need to open up the interface and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jattdesi


IPOD TOUCH is worth paying for..........

Advantageslooks and it is touch screen

Disadvantagesnot so much distinguished in specifications from other ipods

"...format support - just AAC, Apple Loss less and MP3 for music and H.264 and MPEG4 files for video. There's no FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or WMA support, nor any for DivX or WMV, MPEG1 or 2.It's has very beautifully designed and fantastically thin at just 8mm, its actually size is little larger than a standard iPod, measuring 62mm wide by 110mm tall. And battery is about 22 hours for audio and five hours for video. Is simple touch screen really be worth paying ..." Read review

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