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Community Level 1Wraith_Rider


8 months of Gilera DNA 50cc:

AdvantagesAppearance, fuel economy, helmet storage space.

DisadvantagesLack of speed, lack of wind protection, prone to rust easily.

"...was manufactured. From 2007 onwards, Gilera opted to go with 'streetfighter' style upright handlebars, as opposed to the previous sporty ones. I have owned a 2008 'streetfighter' style DNA for a period of 6 months, and I found it to be very comfortable. The bike has a low seat height which is suitable for shorter riders. The seat on the 2008 model remains unchanged from previous models and is quite comfortable over long distances. Coupled with the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1m1spw


A great first bike!

AdvantagesGreat little bike, easy to ride, good value for money

DisadvantagesHeavy depreciation, but thats about it!

"I bought my Gilera DNA 50 at the end of August 2005, soon after my 16th birthday. The first day I saw it I fell in love - its looks amazing in Dragon Red with 2 white stripes going all the way across it! The purchase price was £2065, which broke down as £2000 purchase price, including registration fees and the £15 years road tax, and £65 for my CBT. The first day I saw it out of the showroom was the day I did my CBT. It rides extremely well, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Diceof2


Gilera DNA 50

AdvantagesSpeed, Reliability, Appearance, Value

DisadvantagesSmall Petrol Tank,

"...grammer mistakes. Price... I bourght a Gilera DNA 50 Brand new, from a local Motorcycle Shop for a Tidy £1700. My insurance was £120 Fully Comprehensive Along with my Tax at only £15. Total = £1835 Overall, This bike takes a Staggering 9/10 for Value Once On The Road..... The bike Struck up 1st time on both the electric start and the kick start. I decided to take the bike home through a few narrow windy roads and then onto a main road. ..." Read review

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Community Level 11989rh


gilera dna 50cc

Advantagesfast acceleration, great handling

Disadvantagesgussles oil a bit

"i've had this gilera dna for just over a year and its been the best of my life. i love this bike!!!!! i've just bought dunlop front and back tyres for this and jesus, it sticks to the road. i always manage to get my knee down at high speeds. the accelaration is superb, beating of most peds. beware though it slows down a bit when de-resticted. the top end speed is restricted to 25-30 mph which in my mind is dangerously slow. i de-restricted mine ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SCHOUGH4


gilera 50cc

Advantagesgreat for beginners ,quck round corners ,over all reliable

Disadvantagesslow on main roads (45-50mph),no gears

"this is great lil bike and has great potentional .i bought mine bout 3 months ago now and never had a bad thing to say about it . it sticks to the road and erges you to push it to the limit.mine does between 45 and 50 mph which for a 50cc is very impressive .i also liek how it is easily ridden for beginners for it has helped me thro my fear of drivin .even tho i have had a few falls(3) the bike is still in perfect condition .one one problem i find ..." Read review

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