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Community Level 6bandcamp


I've had better things in my mouth Review with images

Advantagescheap, no artificial nonsense, 100% chicken breast it claims

Disadvantagescalories, taste leaves a lot to be desired, not very filling

"...in the country's food habits, Asda have rather let the side down with this substandard offering. Part of me suspects though that this is due to the uber-company cutting out the artificial colours and flavourings and not bothering to find suitable quality replacements. Imagine that! Another problem I had with this was that it cooled down very quickly - and I'm a fairly fast eater (a pig, some would say) so it's quite unusual for me to encounter ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mjthebabe


Lips a tingling and a lovely flavour

AdvantagesCheap, quick ready meal

DisadvantagesI always make a mess

"...This time I was in Asda and thought that I’ve got a bargain. I do like bargains and I do like chicken curries. I was in the shop with my daughter as I needed to make sure that she and my son had food in the house because I was going to be away for a few days with friends in France – Lucky me. Well there in the frozen department, where of course was a natural place to end up in the supermarket were duh the frozen foods and the ready-made meals. ..." Read review

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Asda Chicken Curry with Rice

AdvantagesQuick easy meal if you want to be lazy. Good way to diet if you don't care about being healthy

Disadvantagesthe look, the taste. nutritional value.

"...just write, I'm pretty sure Asda have let their standards of these "ready meals" go down hill because the rice always seems to taste sloppy and soggy no matter what, it's never fluffy and just feels quite mushy and it never used to, so Asda must of changed something. The curry looks edible, the curry itself is an orangey red colour and the chicken comes in small lumps sometimes and bigger lumps other times, it's never the same. Presentation ..." Read review

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Community Level 4pantyliner


Tasty Little Treat for One

Advantagestastes good and cheap and easy to heat


"...I decided to try an Asda Ready Meal the other day. It cost £4 and I picked the Chicken Curry with Rice (you can get them in prawns or beef) but I thought that if it was naff I could always feed it to the cat (and he prefers chicken). It says it has less than 5% fat and has 400grams in a box so I thought as it only takes 8 mins in the microwave, this sounded just the job. It was quick and easy to heat - just pierced the lid with a car key and shoved ..." Read review

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