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Community Level 5Anfield


Cheap and effective.

Advantagesgood conditioning, great price.

Disadvantagesnone so far

"...the corner. We now have ASDA down the road from us, so it seemed logical to go and buy there. I have to admit I am amazed at just how cheap it is to do the weekly shopping for five people. The first time we went to ASDA, I put a lot of their own brand toiletries in the trolley, on the basis of; if it is no good, we can always use it for hand wash. Amongst a lot of new products to try, with a wide range of own brand, and an even cheaper version, ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Fruity_Tart


It 'asda' be cheap! hee hee

AdvantagesSmells lovely, dead cheap, lasts ages, gets the kids hair tangle free

DisadvantagesToo mild for my hair

"...at Asda. I've used Asda shampoo before and vaguely remember it being nice so I grabbed a bottle of their own brand conditioner in the hope it would be halfway decent. And it is. The first thing I noticed about it was the price (well, on a cheap conditioner hunt you've got to check it's cheap! lol) and decided that at 56p you can't really go wrong. If it's crap, it's crap and you've not wasted a lot but if it's good you've got a bargain! And I've ..." Read review

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Low Price for a Decent Product

Advantagesinexpensive, no animal testing, gentle on skin

Disadvantagesonly at Asda

"...I happened to be in Asda and my better half was waiting impatiently for me to get on with the shopping. I hurriedly grabbed a bottle of Asda's new Frequent Conditioner. It was only 74 p so i figured if it was terrible , it was no big loss. I chose the Frequent conditioner because I wash my haier fairly frequently, and I chose the dry/damaged hair variety as my hair is long and tends to get dry in the middle down to the ends. Also, I occassionally ..." Read review

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PAID OP, Tackle Those Tangles

AdvantagesCheap, good value, smells nice

Disadvantagesnot good enough to condition damaged hair

"Asda conditioner is one of the cheapest conditioners on the market, but - unlike many of the cheaper brands of products - it is well worth the money. Then again, Asda's own brand range is usually of a high standard, as well as being useful for saving money. It is only 68p for a 500ml bottle, which is especially good when you use a lot of it, for example when checking childrens' hair for nasty crawlies! Both conditioners state they are suitable ..." Read review

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For the Brunettes

AdvantagesIt's cheap


"I love this stuff. I buy ASDA's own shampoo and conditioner. I started usuing this brand because not having regular work being a freelancer, it fitted the budget. ====What "Flavour"==== I use the henna one for brunettes either natural or died. I doesn't smell the nicest in the world but it does leave my hair nice. ====Work?==== Yep. After a couple of washes, it made my hair really soft and I saw a noticable improvement in the overall condition. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3moonlightm...


This is brill for sensitive skin and hair.....

AdvantagesGood on my skin and hair, cheap...........


"...and so i went to Asda and found the coconut conditioner for permed, coloured hair. As my hair has just been coloured. Alot of conditioners irritate my skin when you rinse them off and it can also irritate my hair also. But this one didn't irritate my skin or hair which i was glad about. It is a very good conditioner, i didn't kmnow if it would be any good being a shop's own brand. But i was surprised when i saw how good it was. It is white in ..." Read review

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Community Level 3elle2


great stuff

Advantagesreally cheap

Disadvantagesleaves hair feeling and smelling great

"i have used asda products for quite a while and have found them all great. the asda conditioner is great it leaves your hair feeling great even after the first time, i will continue using it too. my hair has been better with me using this than it has anyother, its cheap and is really easy to use. you get instructions on the bottle that aresimple to follow and you also get what its made of. you can buy it for around about 89p at asda down the hair ..." Read review

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Community Level 3zoelou


Asda's camomile Conditioner

Advantagescheap smells good and works a treat!


"...sum of 88p from all Asda stores and is well worth it, there is also the shampoo with is 11p more (99p). Which is also formulated for naturally fair, colour treated and highlighted hair. The bottle says to leave on as desired, but I usually smear on and rinse out and it does the trick, but when I use this on holiday I tend to leave it on for a while, maybe up to 5 minutes. I would certainly recommend this condition as it is a bargain at 88p, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 5danniell


coconut delight

Advantagesgreat softness


"...at the moment, brought from asda for less than a pound it is realy good value for money. The conditioner is in a clear bottle so you can easily see when it is running low and is very thick in concistency, the bottle has a flip lid which has quite a large hole to dispense the conditioner through so there are no problems getting it out of the bottle untill you get near the bottom when you will have to sand it on its lid for a few minutes wholst you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ermg



Advantagescheap, smells good


"...is better and i saw Asda Conditioner Jojoba flavour and had to try it! Package - Normal not to ladeda frosted bottle with a flip open lid. nice picture on the front of jojoba plant and just plain Asda Conditioner Jojoba on the front. All other info on the back. Consistency - Not to thick and gloopy just the right texture to blob ont the top of your head and rub in down to the tips. Smell - I dont know how many people have tryed any Jojoba ..." Read review

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Community Level 11innocent2k5


no more knots

AdvantagesSilky hair


"Asda Conditioner This lovely conditioner makes your hair silk and shiny and it makes your hair free of knots and tangles so it is a lot easier to brush after use. You can get this conditioner in a variety of flavours e.g. peach and apple. It smells delicious and remains on hair quite strongly even after washing it out. it is soft and gentle on your skin, Asda conditioner is especially good for people with sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate ..." Read review

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Enhancing Henna & Plum: amazing bargain

AdvantagesCheap, leaves hair glossy, pleasant scent, enhances natural colour

DisadvantagesOnly for those blessed with brown hair

"Despite having incredibly fine hair that splits easily, I have often been complimented on my hair - from how shiny & glossy it is to the smell, I think the time has come for me to share my secret with all the other brown haired people of the world (and it is an absolute bargain) Like the shampoo from the same range, this conditioner is astounding value for money (last time I bought a bottle it was only 99p) and I can honestly say that no other ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Dscousehouse


Thank you Asda for my great hair

AdvantagesGreat value for money

DisadvantagesUse it alot

"...to think before I tried Asda conditioner. Its called Asda Dry hair Conditioner. It comes in a 500ml great value bottle and costs 68p you can get if for all hair types and it comes in a range of fragences. I like the apple one best and I use the apple shampoo that is available with it. It makes your hair feel really soft and it stops all those nasty tangles, I have no dandruff and washing and drying my hair takes less time what more do you want ..." Read review

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