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Community Level 5hollywoodmum


Retail Therapy

AdvantagesGreat colleagues, great discount

Disadvantageslack of communication betwewen management, can be boring

"...in Radcliffe since October 2007. ASDA really tends to big itself up as great employer so I thought I'd write a review on working there and you can make your own minds up. A Brief History Asda was the brain child or butchers and dairy farmers from Yorkshire wh's dream was to create a place for one stop shopping. The planning and initial stores began in the 1920's but it wasn't until 1949 that Associated Dairies was born. By 1970 Asda had 70 stores ..." Read review

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Come and join the team............



"...I do. I came to asda after my maternity leave ended, and I decided to leave my old job. My reason for leaving was slightly unusual. One of the regular customers of the bakery where I used to work was a very handsome doctor. The same very handsome doctor who had to stitch up my poor battered lady bits after I had forced a 9 pound six ounce baby into the world. Theres no way I could have faced handing him a sticky bun while wondering where his hands ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kimp123


Do You Fancy A Workout?

AdvantagesFlexible employers. Varied jobs on offer.

DisadvantagesBright green uniform!

"...collect an application form from Asda Superstore. After completing a pretty standard form, I returned it to the store and waited…… Just two days later I received a phone call asking if I could attend a group selection process. I was pleased to have made it passed the first hurdle, yes it is only a supermarket, but when you have been stuck at home with children for a while, you do lose your confidence slightly. It took ages just deciding what to ..." Read review

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Community Level 4grapesoda


Happy to help!

Advantages10% discount, cheap staff grub

DisadvantagesShoddy managers, bad pay, useless sick pay system

"...his very uninformative training week. Asda work by a old style clocking in system, there by, clocking in at the start of the shift, out at the end and the same for breaks. Sounds like a pretty simple thing and hub wasn't told anything different from this.... Only at the end of his first month with his very incorrect pay did he find out the stuff he wasn't told. So Asda's first thing is you are entitled to a 15 min break for 4 hour shift and half ..." Read review

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Community Level 4beckle_82


Pimp yourself instead it is easier and more money

AdvantagesGreat social life and people

DisadvantagesNo managment or people skills

"...worked. Applying: To get a job at asda you need to fill in an application form - this is available from the personnel department via writing, or from the customer services desk. To get to the next stage you will need to satisfy a points quota. Just so you know if you put "Asda", "Team" or "Teamwork" you will get one point for each mention! Plus I think you get a point for filling out your name and address correctly. And best of all it is multiple ..." Read review

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Community Level 5fabfrog5



AdvantagesDiscount and an insight to latest trends

DisadvantagesIt's tiring and the grief you get off customers

"George at ASDA - full extensive review im afraid! # George? I currently work for a new movement project in supermarkets. The project was to open a stand alone store that is part of ASDA but not a supermarket. The store for which I work is a clothing store and so far ASDA's project of opening a non food development has been highly successfull. The George clothing label is sold through ASDA but is the first in its kind of supermarkets to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5chrissiepops


A Good Ship to Sail On

Advantagessee text

Disadvantagescould be a bit more flexible

"...move, had moved over to Asda a few months before and told me that there was a job going on the Deli counter, 5 mornings with weekends off. Wow, would suit me down to the ground! Just one snitch though. In the unofficial rule book in most companies, it is frowned apon that spouses working in the same company. Friends and family are more than welcome but its feared that favouritism can become an issue for others. As I was working under the Fresh ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Luce1986


The most boring place to work.. ever..

AdvantagesA job's a job

DisadvantagesMind-numbingly boring!

"Okay so I am a student studying in Newcastle, and I decided to find a job to earn some money, so I could enjoy the luxury of eating once again. Living about half an hour out of the city centre, there wasn't that much around, except for a few supermarkets. I decided to try asda. I went in and got an application form from Customer Services. It's pretty basic, Name, age, qualifications, interests, references and then a short questionnaire.. (to check ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chowman123


A night colleague.

AdvantagesGood rate of pay at night , staff discounts , share save scheme ,uniform

DisadvantagesUniform , too many chiefs

"...read a few reviews about Asda and can say that I enjoyed them. I started at Asda 31/2 yrs ago. Firstly the interview was like no other I've had before . The interviewers made you feel very at ease . Not like some companies when you feel like a lamb to the slaughter . They're a bit like playing games - but don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds . When you are first employed it's on a 12 week trial . At the end of this period if you get kept on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Pan-Tink


Asda are we happy to help?

AdvantagesThe discount card and meeting new people.

DisadvantagesNot enough workers on the departments so continually understaffed.

"...all the bad things about Asda I enjoyed some of the work there, most of the customers where lovely to serve and always got a smile, the discount card was great to have as it let me have my shopping cheaper, other members of staff were brilliant to work with as well, it just seemed a shame that most of the departments were so understaffed. I handed in my notice after my last shift as it was just so busy...well it was a Saturday evening after all, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1doppelgang...


If you are really desperate.....

AdvantagesFolk in certain departments are fantastic

DisadvantagesManagement are incompetent and the whole system sucks!

"...have now been working for Asda for just over 6 months and I hate every single second. Like a lot of people, I had been out of work for a while (I had relocated from London) and was really excited when I got the call saying that I had been selected for an Asda Magic session. Little did I know that myself and another girl (who also still works for Asda) were the only two out of 12 folk that actually gave a toss about being there. One guy even said halfway ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GINGER-TAZ


Re: Asda



"...is only a supermarket, Mmmm, Asda is a community within itself, everything you could need is under one roof, (well almost) very helpful and friendly colleagues to both customers and other colleagues, a lively and intersting place to work providing a first class service to the general public. If you are lost for employment then I say give Asda a shot, (Ok even if the interview technique is a bit doggy) I had to advertise and demonstrate a Xmas santa ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RetailManiac


Dont shop at ASDA Unless your a Shoplifter!

AdvantagesStill claim to be cheapest in Britain

DisadvantagesVery poor restructuring programme, poor hygienge, Bad management

"Things have changed at ASDA since alot of the reviews of the company have been written so I thought that I would give you all a quick update. Walmart have now owned ASDA for about five years and I joined the company 10 years ago. I steadyly worked my way up the ladder from shpfloor colleague through supervisor and into a Managers position. After 2 years in this role ASDA (or WALMART!) have decided to make 2500 managers redundant. Now you may just ..." Read review

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As Asda employee's POV of the bad home delivery service

AdvantagesCan be good

DisadvantagesCan be bad

"As an employee of an Asda Home Delivery dept in the UK - I thought best to give the disgruntled reviewers as best an explanation as possible for the problems that they have experienced whilst using the service. Because I can understand how when the service and overall experience of Asda home delivery isn't what you would expect - then you automatically think - how and why? First of all, asda delivery drivers are paid £6p/h - the same as a check-out ..." Read review

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Community Level 1grayso

Quick review of Asda Group

"All supermarkets are killing the small businesses we should all boycot these kind of places for at least one week and see what affects it has...Tesco's by the way are worse they sell everything forcing numerous buisinesses to shut shop..Not all small shops want to take over the world they just want to make a living...

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