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Community Level 5grown_up_g...


Enhancing Henna & Plum Shampoo

AdvantagesCheap, smells wonderful

DisadvantagesHenna is for brunettes only!

"...by the way, retails in Asda for £4.28 for a 125ml bottle). I really had a single option…. That was to start all over again! I blanked my memory of every experience I had ever had of all the shampoos on the market - both branded and supermarket own brands. My aim was to simply work through each product, brand by brand, itch after itch, to the point where I would hopefully find one that was affordable and MOST importantly suitable for my sensitive ..." Read review

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Sniff my hair. Review with images

AdvantagesCheap. Glossy well behaved hair.

DisadvantagesSo popular it can be tricky to get hold of!

"...Boyf and I go to Asda and it was here I remembered I had to buy shampoo. The shampoo aisle was packed full of people opening bottles and sniffing the contents so after waiting patiently for a short while I gave up, stuck am arm through the masses and grabbed a bottle of Coconut and Milk Shampoo as after dancing around trying to view the bottle I saw it was suitable for dry hair, lobbed it in the trolley and went off to pay. ~ What does it look ..." Read review

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Sorry I'm washing my hair.

AdvantagesInexpensive not tested on Animals


"...Benzyl Alcohol,which most shampoos contain.As asda funds research into alternative ways of testing products,vegetarians and vegans note-this product is safe to use!! The Asda's security;Complete satisfaction or your money Back is stated quite clearly on the back. So there you have it. A good all rounder,doing its' job-good for all the family... And CERTAINLY good enough for me! You what? What's that you say..a night out?? Sorry,I'm washing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MizzSoko


It's citrus, It's cheap, It's Asda

AdvantagesThe smell and the price

DisadvantagesA tad too much detergent

"...same time?' Easy. Use this Asda shampoo and smoke (they hate that). Even before this recession I had to scrimp but now even more so. My own economic crisis is depriving me of famous brands and forcing me to budget to be able to afford crisps. So let me tell you a boring little story: I've run out of shampoo and I'm needing some more. I'm in Asda, down the hair care aisle, and I'm spending literally ten minutes mumbling to myself in a state of indecision. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4anniehiccups




DisadvantagesITS VERY RUNNY

"...or coconut shampoo from either Asda or Tesco whichever store I choose for my weekly shop. The product that will review here is Asda Family size Apple shampoo. The Product This particular shampoo is from the budget range of essential health and household items that are sold by Asda unfortunately I can't remember its exact price however it is around the sixty pence mark for a 750ml bottle which I think is an absolute bargain. You can also ..." Read review

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Natural Highlights

Advantagesleaves hair soft


"Being on a tight budget, I discovered this product becuase of its low price. For the prupose of this review, I will be looking at the henna shampoo. ====What Smells Does It Come In?==== I use the henna one which is for natural or coloured brunettes. There's also a tea tree, citrus, one for blondes and one for red heads. So whatever your hair colour, you're sure to find one for you. ====Does It Work?==== I think it does. After a couple ..." Read review

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Community Level 4carpathian


Cleans the silver and the gold.

AdvantagesFrequent use, not tested on animals


"...use at the moment is Asda Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1. This shampoo is designed for frequent use and was £1.38 for 500 Ml. Being an anti-dandruff shampoo it contains floculents to float the dead skin off the scalp and out of your hair, this also carries off the grit and grime that lies lodged at the base of your follicles, leaving your scalp nice and clean. For those pedantics, you need to wet your hair then apply the shampoo, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pennii


Asda Purify deep cleansing shampoo

Advantagesgorgeous smell that leaves your hair soft

DisadvantagesMore expensive than other Asda shampoos

"...Ciao, I'd better use the Asda one'. I should start up a support group called 'life entirely ruled by a web site anonymous'. Anyways, this particular brand is called 'Purify' and costs £1.69 for a 250ml bottle. It's a whole quid dearer than Asda's cheapest shampoo, and 70p more than their mid price bottles. The latter lathers up too easily so has too much detergent in it and leaves my hair feeling brittle and haystack like. So I dug deeper into ..." Read review

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Community Level 2CFG1985


Asda Sea Vitamins & Minerals Shampoo/Conditioner

AdvantagesSoft, silky, manageable hair - one of the best!


"I've never used one particular brand of shampoo. I'm actually one of those tight-wads who generally buys whatever is on offer at the time. My hair doesn't appreciate being messed about like that, and tends to respond by going all sulky (sulky hair, by the way, is a nightmare.) But for the past six months, there's been one brand and one brand only - and that's Asda's Sea Vitamins and Minerals. Shamefully, I only bought this shampoo (and the conditioner) ..." Read review

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Apple juice for hair!

AdvantagesCheap and oh so very cheerful

DisadvantagesNone at all

"...was late night shopping in Asda when I spotted this shampoo on offer at 49p instead of 99p a bottle and knowing I was running out of shampoo I decided to grab a couple of bottles from the range to try out! The Packaging: The bottle is white slightly white frosted plastic with a flip top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole and on the front of it we are told that it is Asda Essential Care Apple Shampoo and that its for normal hair and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1djej123


Asda Coconut shampoo and Conditioner- WOW!

AdvantagesLeaves hair soft and shiny. And the lush smell!

DisadvantagesNone It's SUPER!!

"...mane instead. I was in Asda with my mum two days before our flight with a hat on looking in the shampoo section for holiday supplies. And amongest all the discustingly priced celebrity Shampoos and Conditioners there was Asdas Coconut Shampoo and conditioner, they were an absolute bargin at only 83p each! The Bottles are 300ml bottles and are a pale white/cream colour and it says it's for dry or damaged hair. They also have the lovley picture ..." Read review

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quick results for glossy hair

Advantagesgreat value for money and smells good


"...a long debate i chose asda henna and plum shampoo. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Asda enhancing henna and plum shampoo is for dark and colour treated hair. It says it enhances colour and shine, gently cleanses and leaves hair soft and silky. it also contains a uv filter to protect your hair against effects of the sun and enviroment. INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Sodium, Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Glycol Distearate, ..." Read review

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Henna & Plum shampoo : a bargain at 99p

AdvantagesCheap, leaves hair glossy, pleasant scent

DisadvantagesOnly for those blessed with brown hair

"Being a student & a mum I'm always having to keep an eye out for good quality shop brand products and this (along with the matching conditioner) must be my favourite. I must point out, though it is obvious, this product is for brunettes only (well, blokes with brown hair can use it too, but why should we let them in on this little secret?) Blond(e)s should opt for the chamomile range The first noticeable quality is the gentle, pleasant aroma, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3daisyleee


Certianly worth your £1!

AdvantagesCheap, smells and looks nice, works!


"We all like to save a few pennies, don't we? & with the current economic downfall, it's important we all cut back atleast a little bit. With the price of shampoo and conditioner averaging at £2.50, i decided to purchase some of the Asda's own brand 'gloss and shine' shampoo, at £1 for a decent sized 400ml bottle. The bottle itself is a lovely baby pink colour and it doesn't look like a cheapo product in the slightest! This shampoo aims to help ..." Read review

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Community Level 1helloiamki...


Asda Coconut Shampoo and conditioner

AdvantagesThe price! Only 83p! The fragrance, and the way it makes my hair feel.

DisadvantagesDoesn't come in big enough bottles! Need to use quite a lot for lomg or thick hair.

"...Product: I always use both the Asda coconut shampoo and conditioner. They smell of lovely coconut (which I suppose you either love it or hate it, but I love it!). They is for dry or dmaged hair, and come in bottles, sold for 83p each. Good points: I was so impressed with this shampoo and conditioner, I have long hair, which has been dyed a few times, so tends to get dry and slightly frizzy, but these products have really helped. They made my hair ..." Read review

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